Why don't you make a 7/7 stone? It can't be that bad?

  1. Knew someone that lucked out on quallity and had each at 75+. He'd randomly message at some point asking why I don't upgrade my quallities. Meanwhile me spending 250k+ on a 64 quallity weapon just to finally see success to 65

  2. I feel you bro, 65 quality weapon owners here, used all chaos stones I’ve gotten every week farming legion commanders since they were released. Somehow the luck will even out I tell myself

  3. Lmao my friend did yesterday his first quality upgrades ever and 2 tapped his weapon to quality 91 his pants to 97 and his shoulders to 86. after that he upgraded his wep to +21 with fused leapstones. And I failed the last 30 quality upgrades or so and all expect my chest and wep is green lol

  4. Yea I'm quite lucky with most things but quality is not one of them. My relic weapons are between 50-65 quality and no amount of spent stones and gold can change it. Then I check random people in my raids and nearly everyone I see is atleast blue quality and often purple..

  5. It really is. I lost like 300k cutting adrenaline/ambush master stones (56 of them) for 7/7 and then I two tapped +25 later on in the day

  6. I had the same experience a couple times with similar stones before I got the 7/7 at the end. Sorry to hear about your rough facets as well!

  7. I just went through 20 stones right now. This thread is making me feel exponentially better. The amount of 8/6's in my inventory is infuriating. Fuck stones.

  8. One of the biggest mistake I see people making when cutting stones is only going for the 7/7 rocks. 9/5 or 5/9 are just as viable and by having 3 cutting options you improve your chances of hitting a good stone significantly. Instead of a 4.81% chance to hit a 7/7 stone you then have a 7.37% chance to hit any of the 3.

  9. i remember i bought crystals from the lvl50 package just to get a 7/7 stone,which is like around 300 pheons?also i was going adren/kbw stone,which is like 1.5k-3k each.

  10. I spent $80 on card packs yesterday (3+1 package) and got 1 Sane Kakul Saydon lol. I feel embarrassed even typing that…like you said it is what it is. I tell myself the card xp is good so I can sleep at night.

  11. I remeber early days when i was bashing bdo for no pity enhancing (still huge fan of pity honing dont get me wrong) but ability stones? Biggest casino ever. Ive spent like 300pheons on stones (got 9/6/0) on my main only. I consider it omega lucky drop since my friends cant even get decent 7/7 since launch. Idk man like Lost ark „wont” downgrade your progress but hinders/stops for an unkown period of time. Devs are really greedy with this one ngl didnt expected much from f2p mmo but this shit unreal

  12. Bracelets are way worse than stones and on top of that cost several hundred thousands of silver per attempt instead of roughly up to 50k.

  13. Experience it and I’m thankful I did. This would make us stronger in the longer run.. And yes I did had mental breakdown since farming gold in a week and just to to blew one good 7/7 stone sometimes nothing..

  14. As awful as it was for me to hit 6/6 stone way back when Argos came out, I got a 14 success stone on my main(9/5) in two tries. I don’t even attempt to go for anything past 12 success on alts most pf them are 7/5 with one random 7/7.

  15. Same boat here. It makes some sense maybe if you're a one-character player who is using free pheons that you're swimming in, but these posts are always filled with people complaining about spending gold on pheons.

  16. On my Machinist alt I cut a 7/7/3 stone first try. I have 6 more chars, total stone cutting for everyone is around in the 150-200 numbers. (I don't like cutting stones, so as soon as I get a 6/6 stone I stop) So the very first 7/7 I cut after about 200 stones went to my alt. My main still rocking a 7/6 stone. RNG sometimes is a bitch.

  17. Why do people cut 7/7 instead of 7/6 if i may ask? Cause i just went with double books for all of my 5x3 chars and can’t wrap my head around how you save gold with 7/7 if you don’t cut it by accident

  18. 7/7 lets you go 5/3 on 2 pieces of jewelry for that stone rather then having to go 3/3/3 if it was 6 so you can save incase one of your other pieces of jewelry, say neck, has to be class+another good engraving, you could just go class+junk and the right stats which can go from 100k+ to maybe 5k gold

  19. My wd only uses a level 1 l class engraving. My ring was 50k. Grudge, CD, raid captain, adrenaline all cost more than 50k. Uses one leggo book. It was also my main and you generally do whatever is fastest for your main.

  20. People go 7/7 because they think not getting 1 book is saving them a ton of money, when in practice it might be the case that going 7/6 or 8/6 (as often rolls way sooner) and getting a few big accessories missing a point or two can save more gold than avoiding a leg book - especially if that book is used across multiple characters.

  21. It’s less than 5% chance so stop crying if you decided to gamble on it. Instead, buy a legendary book, you paid here almost 100k in pheons alone

  22. Doesn't mean I can't share the pain with others who might have had just as bad time as me. If I was crying the post would look a lot different! Regardless have a great day!

  23. 5/6 is good enough for 5x3. Anything beyond that (short of 9/7+) is just letting you get a cheaper 5x3 until ancient accessories come out.

  24. I stopped trying to get 7/7 after i had spend about 40k on stones alone that were about 400 - 800g a pop. Back then 100g crystals were in 1000g ballpark. Never had 77 or better stone.

  25. I know you don’t want to hear this, but that really isn’t that bad compared to others I’ve seen

  26. Wait till you realize you're an idiot and you went with like tenacity and now need a new 7 7 for Brazil enjoyer. It was the biggest facepalm you could hear from space.

  27. 43 stones is still not that unlikely - approximately 11% chance of not getting 7/7 or better in 43 stones or more. It's comparable to getting +20 in two taps or less.

  28. that's not even impressive. I've gone through 63 stones on my alt and still have yet to create any 7/7/x. Hell, I'd take a 7/7/5 or 7/7/7 at this point.

  29. 450 pheons and a 6/7/4 is what i have to show for. Funnily enough I burned through my silver before wasting all the pheons. :)

  30. I didn’t realize how crazy it was to hit a 7/7/2 stone on my destroyer that was a legendary quality stone until my brother flipped out about it. Sure it’s missing some vitality but I’m not going to play stone roulette again to try for 7/7 on relic. I just wish I did more valuable engravings than supercharge and barricade since I was only going for a 6/6 to hold me over until 1415

  31. When I first hit relic gear lvls on my main a relic stone with same engravings and negative as I was wearing dropped and I one shot it for 8/7/2 and have been wearing it ever since. I'm aware how lucky that was however as I have 7 alts from 1415 to 1445 and they are pheons like crazy making stones.

  32. I purchased 10 stones in a row not realising they cost pheons, got 9/7 on my first stone, and ended up with 3 7/7s and a 9/7

  33. My friend cut his first stone as 7/7 as a new player and didn’t realize how rare it was meanwhile I’ve never cut a 7/7 and spent 250k+ gold

  34. I spent many pheons on my main to get a 7/7. Ima estimate maybe around 300 at LEAST (likely more)

  35. I ended up just getting legendary class and grudge cause I couldn't cut one after 20 tries. Settled for a 7/6...

  36. You know if you're getting both legendary engravings you can settle for a 6/7 stone and still get 5x3 with an argos accessory.

  37. I dont know if 7/7 is harder than 8/6, but I rolled 8/6 stone on all 6 main roster. I think 6 stones was my highest amount it took to roll 8/6 out of all chars. I don't know if I was really lucky, or people are not using calcs, and yoloing it.

  38. 8/6 is easier, and it also doesn't get people a setup they can single-book. IMO unless you're swimming pheons you'll never use, you shouldn't bother with 7/7 tho since a 7/6 or 8/6 will still save you a large amount in accessories by getting 3/3 and 3/4 ones instead of 3/5.

  39. You could have terrible luck. I have gotten 9/6, 9/5 on my main and alt with less than 5 tries each, all done by using the faceting calculator.

  40. The worst thing about this is that if you want to keep gambling on stones you don’t own, you have to use Pheons. (Lots of good or swipe)

  41. Rng in this game is bullshit. I mean it. I pity weapon all the way from + 15 to +21 except 17, the rest all pity. Think about the pain I suffered with mats and taps cost. All my friends were at 1490+ and I was stuck below 1470.

  42. My advice from experience..consistently getting shit nodes? Just stop for the day xD Your RNG god is not home

  43. That just depends on the day, I just faceted my 5 th 7-7 stone for my last alt today, what i’ve been doing is max facetin’ 3 stones per day. If you start to hit fails on 75 repeatedly just stop. Game doesnt want you to get what you want that day.

  44. I do this when honing too. I dont know why you got downvoted. This is like playing the odds, you quit early to minimize your losses and try again another day. Its usually the rage attitude that makes you spend more than what you aim for. Its not about finding a lucky a day to hone or facet, its about setting a limit on what you want to do for the time being. It is keep your sanity mostly.

  45. It hurts especially hard when you fail with 3k rocks and end the day with -250k and a bunch of trash 6/8 rocks :(

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