Looks like my OCD is making me wait 4 days on (6 chars)

  1. Could be worse. I pre-made a scouter and while the guardian was at 100rested the chaos reset to 20. Aura was also at 20/50 so when the next day hit it gave me 24. Eff that noise

  2. My rested got ruined on 14 characters I run. Literally pissed me off. My chaos is now 20 below all my guardians and it will now be a pain in the ass to balanced it out again. I might just let it all get to 100 and say fuck it. Thanks for 2 aura potions though so now I can fuck it up again, and since I keep my rested even I won’t be even using them. Thanks AGS for giving me 2/14 of my chaos back!

  3. Mine simply didn't refresh at all, stayed at 0 due to the bug on every character so I got no chaos dungeons on reset day whatsoever across 9 characters.

  4. I wonder why that happened? All my 9 characters got 100/50 aura of resonance properly. I logged about 6 hours after servers came back up on the patch day. My characters are on NAE on Avesta server if that means anything.

  5. Dudeeeee ikr. I do that all the time. I have 6 chars and when I see the numbers not even on rest my OCD gos from 0 to 100.

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