Smol vykas rant

  1. When people are too scared to say anything, I just leave. Bless my heart that I’m a support and don’t have to put up with that nonsense. Find another group in a heart beat.

  2. Yeah, had a group pull a fast one in normal mode the other week. Lobby name was title run, come to find out the bard for my party was a first timer.

  3. The best thing about vykas is that ppl can't keep you hostage, you can fuck up their experience so bad. My favorite would be taking the cleaning pads from the start and watch them not notice until the end.

  4. I don't even look at gear, engravings, etc. If you have succubus or incubus, you can join. Ez one shot all gates GG

  5. I bet people without titles don't even know if you get all g1 gates, everyone go to secret spot during g2 statue and no one fail the type test in g3 you go to secret map.

  6. Lol clown release is next patch but it seems he has infiltrated Vykas hardmode. There are many many "reclear" clowns who've been carried/bussed enough times to have a 6p and now they form groups themselves to form a circus.

  7. I know a guy who's 1510 and shit you not he haven't done Valtan or Vykas once without paying, he refuses to learn or show interest in anything that's not creditcarding to push Ilvl. Hes lvl 13 SH, around 100 roster. I bet he's under 350 skill points. But yeah he's there 6p relic and 1510 and he'll be probably doing the same for Kuku.

  8. Huh I don’t get it. Why not leave when you know they can’t do it? It’s easily to tell after a couple pulls. No point in sticking through it because it’s a waste of time. Vykas normal shouldn’t take more than an hour.

  9. As I said I am open to teaching new people and sometimes I want them to learn mechanics or at least be able to clear the raid, but the irritating thing from this incident was that no one was speaking up about being clueless. Maybe I'm being too nice by wanting to help.

  10. Look at the guild name and stronghold name lmfao, this is enough to tell you that their brains are actually just smooth.

  11. I stopped joining/accepting people at or above 1460 for vykas normal and it's been so much smoother

  12. As someone that has 2 1460 alts with their relic sets, I can see why but it's also annoying. I can do every mechanic in nm Vykas with my eyes closed at this point, but I just want to save time and don't feel like trying to sit in 2h of lobbying to find a pt that'd take a 1460 DPS.

  13. I've been doing that since Valtan. There are some people who have decent reasons for choosing to do NM instead of HM but in the vast majority of cases it's just people who can't do any of the mechanics.

  14. Funny as it sounds, it's 100% true. All my 1445 dps alts are oneshotting vykas with 1430-1445 ilvl groups. Yesterday I joined normal with couple of 1470s and 1490s on my bard and after 11 wipes in G3 I just left. Oneshotted it 20 mins later with 1430 grp.....

  15. You can try speaking up with a less passive aggressive way. Like asking a question, instead of using assumption that someone is bad.

  16. Genuinely curious, how could I have approached it better? I feel like in almost every scenario I would come out as the "negative guy" from your standpoint because if I ask if someone doesn't know mechs, I'm calling that person out/putting them on the spot thus making the situation uncomfortable regardless. My wording I thought would allow for people to voluntarily come forward (didn't think it was passive aggressive at the time but I suppose it could be)

  17. Honestly, 1475 here, i choose to do NM because the headache for PUGing HM is not worth the time. I do have to explain myself when i get accepted but i get it.

  18. 1460 here, never done Vykas. No time to prog because of other obligations. Worried I will never get accepted in NM when I’m ready to try it out.

  19. I reject 1460 and above 99% of the time from normal vykas gate 1. I'm tired of ppl joining, clearing gate one and leaving to do hardmode.

  20. Why are you stick to these group when you are a support you can just ditch them and you'll be able to find another group in no time.

  21. Had something similar happen to me this week. Joined a “reclear, know mechs” party for Vykas HM. There was a Sorc in party 2 that kept dying in gate 1 even with a Bard on their team or failing mechanics. I was going to point it out but noticed they all were in the same guild so I decided not to open my big mouth. We got it a few times after that but gate 2 is where the nightmare got worse and we wiped so many times because too many people from that guild including the Sorc were dying too early. Luckily enough we only took 2 tries on gate 3 but by then it had already been a 2-3 hour ordeal. At the end, I decided to ask if it was actually a learning/teaching run and they all admitted to it with one of them even mentioning how they used the lobby title as bait 😐.

  22. Vykas has a lot of shit going on and people might only be doing it once a week. I'm on my 3rd week of vykas, do I know the mechanics? Definitely. Do I forget the mechanics without discord callouts? Frequently. I think it's one of the best things in this community that people in the group finder scene are usually willing to try really hard to make it work and carry in raids even if some people aren't doing very well. So, yes, you are being kinda toxic, not that you should have to stay and be the carry in that situation, but that the correct thing to do is say "sorry guys I got to go, glhf" if you don't think the group can get the clear or don't want to grind attempts. Being polite is free.

  23. As a support player, you have the “right” and “privilege” to select the group you want to carry and those peasant dps players should be graceful to have you. Joke aside, I always speak up when something doesn’t smell right, if there is still no communication/recognition of the problem, I vote to leave or just hit my song if I am out numbered. Nobody should force you to play with them.

  24. Reclear and req. 20x or 30x Title lobbys are not meant to be "aww you failed 3x to run a orb in a circle with a simple fixed 5 colour scheme and matching it to the colour of the gate, hehe XD" lobbys. I want to go in and be out in 30min or n hour. Wipe 1-3 times due to fuck ups or what not but total and not on every single gate. It´s been months of vykas you probably do it more than once a week.

  25. Between my 6 main characters at least one of them has to quit a vykas or valtan run because the same people just keep messing up and I have limited time to get 18 raids done.

  26. Don't waste time on people who lured you into their trap raid. Just leave and look for another group. Especially as support, that takes you as long as your loading screens are.

  27. I assume that the ones who messed up were not randoms but friends of the guild leader. Why do I assume that?

  28. I play 4 bards and all of them got a static group fit on my schedule. probably you should try get a static group because it's definitely faster. the only bad thing about static group probably there won't be griefer content like this lol.

  29. They probably knew mechs but were trying to be try hards because they were the high levels and wanted to try to swing their dicks around

  30. Its always the people that dont talk that also fuck up every mech. No idea whats going on in their head.

  31. Had something similar this week, me and 2 friends usually pug a few raids together in a week. This week we joined some normal vykas with already 3 guild members, one was like 1470, just helping his friends alt no biggie.

  32. No, you’re not toxic. In fact, you’re being nice. It might be too nice if you say, “I can explain mechs.” Might save some time, but it’s not your job

  33. People in this game are too afraid of kicking/leaving. If you lie about your exp in regards of the lobby title you absolutely deserve to be kicked, and if they dont want to do it or act as the victims just leave the group yourself.

  34. If you see people that have the iLvL for HM on your NM runs, expect them to be bad at mechanics. There is no reason for someone that has the requirements for HM to do NM other than they are so bad at mechs that they need to go to NM where they are a little bit more lenient and end up getting carried by better players with lower GS/gear.

  35. Probably not the case in this situation, but when you're on your 5th or 6th Hard Vykas for the day you usually start to make mistaking from the fatigue.

  36. Better of leaving. There is some groups that will hold you hostage and flame you even after you told them you need to leave as a support.

  37. WoW LFG is a blessing in disguise you have that 1 random pleb using up peoples time just instant kick and instant replace. As toxic as this might be for that 1 person wasting everyone else's time not speaking up not knowing anything is probably the worst thing anyone can do. Hell I'd rather them be floor pov the whole fight than for them to be messing up crucial mechanics.

  38. 1460+ running NM Vykas is a huge red flag. With a few exceptions, i say by experience that most people who do this just dont know and/or refuse to learn what to do.

  39. idk, i know all the mechs but everything comes at you so fast. I constantly miss medusa. To be honest before the large giga long maint patch I never saw medusa.

  40. Thats why i always finish my weeklies before the weekends or atleast before Saturday. Not to mock a certain playerbase but something i notice is that the best players they i always encountered are always after weekly reset and everytime we always one shot legion raids.

  41. Out of my experience, it is better to just explain mechs, that you acknowledge going wrong. Questions like "who doesn't know...?" always have a grain of salt, as you first want to call out somebody (and somehow shame them). Also you did know, who it was, so what's the point in asking anyway (other than to shame them).

  42. Gear score means diddly squat. An RMT'er can literally buy an account and juice it to 1475 in a matter of hours (before they get banned), have a roster level of 40 and have no clue about how to do Vykas.

  43. the simple answer is that you joined a group of friends that dont want to call each other out because it would sour -their- relationships. they were probably in a discord lobby as well. it is a frustrating experience playing with friends, or especially friends of friends, that dont perform. can stay silent about it, try to make some jokes about it, blame the randoms in your group, or call them out and be the villain in the group of friends.

  44. I hope you're not insuiating a doctor of public health looking out for public health is a political figure. Simply because a television head told you to think this.

  45. They can be Chinese who doesn't speak English. There are alot of players in US West that just speak Chinese. Also it might be account that is bought as there are alot of people leaving the game with burn out.

  46. If you see some who is high enough to be in hard mode, and they are in normal mode, that should be an immediate red flag. Like fire truck red, with flashing warning lights and everything. 99.9% of the time that means they bought busses to where they are at, never learned a single mechanic, couldn't be bothered to do so, and think you should kneel in their presence for someone so high in ilvl gracing normal mode, even though they themselves are the problem. Your best option is to learn the sidereals yourself, lead your own lobby, and deny entry to the red flags.

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