Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - September 23, 2022

  1. What is best to open from chests? I usually timestop, pancea, phero, ww, destro, blue pots, sleep bombs. Maybe corro and dark nades sometimes. I stopped opening flares because they're easy enough to craft and most my alts are on deskaluda or fox that don't really need them

  2. Are there many players left on NA Shandi? First time playing/new to the game and all I see are players (bots) with really weird names and they're everywhere. I have heard of bots being a problem but I thought I'd run into maybe 1 person at least.

  3. There won't be many players doing leveling content anymore. The majority of players will be in endgame zones or doing daily events. You'll start seeing more people when you get to Feiton and Punika.

  4. Is the Wealth rune bonus to specialty gauge generation multiplicative with runes that also affect specialty gauge gain? Or is it additive?

  5. I'm not sure if I can follow your question, as you can only equip one rune per skill and there's also only one type of rune, that increases your specialty gauge (wealth).

  6. I have mine down and to the left of where the quest turn in is. There's a spot where two guys can spawn, and then to the right is a building where the last guy can spawn. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you have to run around a little bit. But the change where you can see them on the map has made it pretty painless

  7. Looking to downgrade my db striker alt's gems. Which isn't necessary to have at lvl 7? Assuming all lvl 7 bis for db

  8. Based on ATK's Mintroll interview with some tweaking by me (her TE gem is way too high) I think this is the play:

  9. I've noticed guides don't suggest using a CD gem for Hypergravity in Gravity Training builds. The tooltip indicates it affects the cooldown (I assume attack speed) of the basic attack, is this not the case?

  10. I've never seen that, but you're right that in the gem reroll window it says Hypergravity Cooldown gem "targets: Hypergravity Basic Attack" as well as the Z skill (Vortex Gravity).

  11. Grudge is the best investment overall and given the current price not a bad deal. If you're planning to 12x grudge & cursed doll for your equipped engravings you may find yourself paying premium trying to hit level 3 on your class engravings. Unless you're a class build that can do just level 1 then this is perfect. Bite the bullet on one 5x3 class/combat engravings accessory.

  12. Grudge is the most universally useful damage engraving, and is used in every optimal damage build because it gives more damage than any other combat engraving.

  13. Is it worth trying to get those spec potions for spec classes (how you get those stat potions from Una’s etc)? Or is the differencd pretty negligible?

  14. It's definitely worth collecting all of them. There's 5 in the game for 20 spec total (+4 spec each), which is the difference between a relic/ancient ring being 50 quality and max quality.

  15. In a good mood! I spent 90k gold to get my main to 1492.5 and three alts to 1430. Great honing session. A very backwards way of going about it for sure, but I'm glad I can finally start ignoring my main and focusing on alts.

  16. Hey guys! So we are gonna be doing Clown next raid to get the level 2 relic set bonus. Anyone know if we can skip clown raid and go straight from the lvl 1 we have now to the level 3 set bonus from next raid? Or do you really need to have lvl 2 to get to lvl 3?

  17. Lvl 3 set bonus comes from Kayangel, Elgacia Abysss Dungeon. So even if you're able to skip from 1 to 3 (which I highly doubt), you're going to be stuck on lvl 1 for a long time.

  18. How do you see FPS in-game? Nvidia overlay just says N/A, and steam doesn't show anything at all.

  19. Steam => Settings => In-Game => In-Game FPS Counter => choose where you want it to appear in game (top right, top left, etc.)

  20. I'm not currently at my computer but I'm pretty sure there's an fps counter option in settings

  21. Without additional context I'd say level 1 Mayhem is pretty bad unless it's a 5x3+1. It's just free damage. Like if for whatever reason you have to choose between 4x3+1Mayhem or 4x3 with Mayhem max, then yeah, the extra level one engraving is much better, but if you're getting something equivalent to 5x3 then I don't know how you justify leaving it at 1. I don't think it would be massive difference either way, but there's no reason to not max it if you can.

  22. If ur thinking of using MT or cd as lvl2 it's still gonna be ~11.24% vs 16% (4x3+2+1 vs 5x3). Mayhem 1 is better for a 5x3+1 since there's no linear power scaling engraving like adrenaline that can fit in the +2 category. Up to you tbh as long as u get in to parties and can stomach using another set of pheons to rebuild stuff.

  23. Hello, I have a Eso WD with Grudge, RC, MI, Adrenaline 2 Eso 1 and Awakening 1. Since I will complete legendary Grudge soon I can add another engraving cheaply. Should i go for Awakening 2 for better QoL and maybe more dmg since i can get more consistent 4 bubble spenders or Adrenaline 3?

  24. I would definitely go awakening 2, provided you have at least 1400 swiftness. I play eso wd as well and adding awakening 2 and not having to worry about tracking conviction/judgment cooldown was a lifesaver

  25. What are some of the one time gold options? Something like the masterpieces. Is there others that give like 1k+ gold as one time roster thing?

  26. My best possible team as blue gunlancer is with a paladin, deathblade, wardancer. Kaku requires some speed which makes it hard as a gl without swiftness robes. So a wardancer and blade help with speed and crit. But that's assuming they are good players. I would take any good player on any class over randoms with perfect synergies.

  27. If this is your first character you can go 2/2/2 argos/demon beast/relic for max power. For alts you might skip demon beast and go argos -> relic if they're leveling fast enough.

  28. What does pet customization token do? Can it change the color of the pet or can you only change it to other pets?

  29. Once applied to a legendary pet, it lets you choose any of your owned pets' appearances to apply to that legendary pet. You can swap its appearance as many times as you want.

  30. It's the offseason so only the most hardcore pvpers are queueing and they're mostly just queueing for their leapstone weeklies.

  31. Are basically all accessories with domination endurance and expertise worthless? Can I just set my auto dismantle to dismantle these?

  32. Technically some of them are useful for GvG but it's probably easier to just not worry about that and save yourself the time inspecting every single junk drop.

  33. Are you asking if Kakul has similar attack patterns to starfall pounce? Or would Kakul attacks interrupt starfall

  34. Bard has six core skills: Heavenly Tune/Sonic Vibration (Damage buff), Prelude of Storm/Wind of Music (Generators), Guardian Tune (Defensive buff), and Sound Shock (Mark).

  35. The seven skills typically used are heavenly tune, sonic vibration, sound shock, prelude of storm, guardian tune, wind of music, and rhapsody of light. Soundholic and rhythm buckshot are the flex skills for 8

  36. Not really, but its kinda useless before you get the awakening effect because its silver and card exp used for no gain really. I did awaken all cards for LWC/LoS but if you properly think about it theres no point beside looking better

  37. When does pistoleer damage take off? currently got 2 piece hallucination and am 5x3 doing 1.4mil dps scarecrow 2 mins. I know theres huge damage left till the rest of relic but it seems kinda lackluster.

  38. 2 piece hallu is incredibly bad and the set only really takes off at 6 piece. Especially for pistoleer where crit rate is incredibly valuable.

  39. What’s your 5x3 and stats? Do you have lvl 4 3 3 tripods? What’s your weapon quality? All of these things go into that.

  40. If I have the normal 5x3 pinnacle glavier engraving setup with MI , should I stick with 5/2 or switch to 4/3? I do not mind the penalty btw I already am used to it

  41. 5/2 is the more popular choice for MI as 5th, personally i think 4/3 is the better choice between the two Pinnacle builds even if you have MI, but red will feel kinda shitty.

  42. You can go either way. Main detrement of 4/3 is feeling slow on red stance but if you're already used to it then it's np. I believe a lot of hell mode builds with MI stick to 4/3.

  43. Hi all, I'm just trying out this game and I was wondering which server to start on? In the past months I read there were quite a lot of servers with long queues. So I would like to join a medium sized server in europe, with short queues and mid size population (if there is such a thing).

  44. If you have good stats, I would restore ... i.e. +% to basic materials and super armor ... you don't want to chance rolling another one with good stats. if you don't have good stats then craft new one for sure.

  45. Is there a way to auto dismantle tripods that aren't level 4? Basically I want any level 4 that drops and don't care what skill it drops for.

  46. Hi, does anyone know what the monthly spending cap for real life money is in the Korean version of Lost Ark. I tried asking around but no can or wants to answer this. Thanks!

  47. Do you guys think we are gonna get a new Ark Pass or a Story Express Event with Scouter? I heard somewhere that they would prepare something to make catching up with a Scouter faster, but i dont know how true that is

  48. Building a roster is a long term investment, it takes many weeks for an alt to pay for itself. If you've sunk all your resources into 1 character since launch, 1520 is pretty easy unless you've pitied your weapon. It isn't even unlikely that he's f2p. However, upon the next gear tier, they'll need to swipe heavily to keep up with others - especially against those with multiple 1490s.

  49. Yep, you don't even have to swipe, just (1) get lucky drops and (2) do all activities possible, including bussing. It's more than likely they swiped, though.

  50. Maybe he meant as in "his only char to do busses with". Maybe alts are not high enough, or he doesn't feel confortable with them for bussing.

  51. You have to transfer them to one of the 5 tripod inventories. Why are you holding on to the pieces?

  52. How do mass presets work? Why is it if I chance an engraving, it changes the presets for all of them and not the one I am trying to customize? How do you even have different presets set for different builds?

  53. When clown comes out and we get his material to upgrade relic set to lvl2, do we keep the lvl 2 upgrade when we switch sets? For example if I play 4 salvation 2 hallucination on my SH, if I upgrade salvation to lvl 2 but wants to switch to hallucination, will it be lvl 2 or do I need to upgrade it again because its not the same set?

  54. You upgrade individual gear pieces, for example you start out upgrading your gloves and shoulders. Since you can convert each individual gear piece at will, you get to decide what kind of set effect is upgraded. Once you get a piece to lv 2, you have it forever no matter the set effect

  55. I'm wanting to bump my 1460 Bard up to 4x3 (adding Expert). Is it worth looking for some high quality relic accessories or should I save the gold/pheons and just go for legendary?

  56. 6/6 stone and finish those skills with purple engraving books. All 5 accessories legendary or relic with +3 class +3 4th engraving. 4x3 right there.

  57. I would go mix relic/leg and plan for you 5x3 .. so you only need to replace 1 or 2 to get your 5x3 or 4x3 +2 +1 whatever you're going for end game. The extra combat stats really help.

  58. I'd go for relic pieces personally. If you want you can also keep 2 rings legendary with class engraving and go for +9 DS from book. The difference in stats on rings is small

  59. For budget options I'd finish off your class engraving with legendary accessories (one for +12 and two for +9), usually rings, and then try to finish the rest with relic. If you're only aiming for 4x3 then you can usually go for a high quality relic necklace for the stats.

  60. As far as I know ... nope. that's why you a lot of people go for the class leg book and class accessories sky rocketing in price.

  61. I have a char at 1400. I'm debating buying a full leg set to get 4x3. Is this worth it or should I just push to 1415 and start building a 4x3 using relics?

  62. You should check out the prices first from the auction house. You might not even be able to afford the pieces you’re looking for.

  63. What stone do u have rn? If you have a 6/6 already then sure. But if you don’t I recommend push to 1415 and cut relic stones. The chance is much higher.

  64. The way I've handled my alts is if I'm going for 4x3 then the intention is to use it until 1445 basically. For DPS getting into a group for Vykas HM can be annoying so if you're planning on aiming for 5x3 eventually then you might as well start working toward that at 1415.

  65. What's the best way to get value of excess stronghold seals? I've already got all the crew and runes that I need and am currently buying all the rapport items that go on sale.

  66. If you want gold, you can buy the stones (forgot the name) for green seals at the special exchange npc which you can craft into powder of sage

  67. For most cases in NAE they seem to sell for 1k ish but up to 3~5k for more important tripods. Some classes like destroyer seem to have much higher prices. Regarding reselling, personally I'm saving them until the tripod rework date is announced, at which I presume ppl will hopefully panic buy and the prices would go up a bit.

  68. Do you have the korean vo pack installed? If you do, make sure it is unchecked in your DLC on steam, or if its unchecked maybe check it. Also, have you validated your game files yet? I’ve heard that often people will run the validation after an update and find that several things were broken and needed to be reacquired.

  69. It sounds like the setting to disable sound when the application goes out of focus. I don't remember exactly what it's called though it should be somewhere in the audio settings.

  70. best case scenario 6 month. we have reaper, summoner and artist left. artist wont come out before the other 2 since they announced they focus on those first. we get a new class every 2 month so minimum would be 6 months unless they take a break after the next 2 classes

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