Early T3 upcoming rework in Korea

  1. That should be good, especially with removing gold cost for chosen gear. Even with the 100 gold a piece cost, I already recommend to global newer players who struggle with Argos or/and finding parties for it to use chosen gear to overlevel it somewhat (just stay below 1415 until at least minimally comfortable with Argos, to not set raid gold income to 0).

  2. They said all three gates will be 1385, but does that mean we can now clear all three at 1385 or will gate 3 still have a hidden 1400 requirement...

  3. Imo phase 1 should still be available to 1370's. Even if they can't enter G2 afterwards, that's not special because Brelshaza will act the same way.

  4. Thanks for compiling this, hopefully we see some of these in the western releases over the next few months.

  5. I can only assume Argos becoming 1385 for all gates means he's getting nerfed. I hope P3 becomes a tiny bit less of a shitfest, i hate it the most out of any encounter in the game.

  6. For some reason my brain wrapping around the fact that you need to get to 1400 on 3 pieces before doing Argos seems weird. But I like the change to gates might actually make teaching the fight doable now.

  7. Yes, I remember crafting Argos gear on RU, that was very obnoxious, you need 14 different mats. It took forever to finish

  8. They need to test something on us where the useless valtan & vykas normal mode mats can be turned into something like... GHL!

  9. You think people will stop bussing Argos? People get oreha carries right now even if everyone is on ilvl.

  10. Western release still needs buses for Argos since we can't buy our Argos gear like other regions. You need to do a full Argos run + HM well to continue honing on a fresh character. If you were to do Argos manually at 1385 you would need to buy accessories that you will throw away in 2 seconds.

  11. Interesting decision considering their express events go to 1460 but we had a lot of these changes on release. If only they tested the tripod update on us.

  12. Argos being gate based sounds great, as does iLvL 1385 for all three gates. If you can get in the raid you should be able to finish the raid.

  13. I'm sure they're adjusting it to p2 level. It's a single monster's attacks so there's not even a way for them to get this wrong, since they already know the exact attack/defense values for p2 and can literally just scale the other phases to have the same values.

  14. Nah. I know a lot of people with naked alts that don't have gems or engravings that just take a bus for the gold while they watch a movie or show on another monitor.

  15. KR has honing buffs to 1415 which makes it very easy to get there, about a month of chaos+una gives you enough bound leaps and shards. Buying accessories to make a proper build is a complete waste, it's much easier to just buy oreha/argos boosts to complete your set and get some extra mats.

  16. I think you are misunderstanding. Only the crafting of the gear piece doesn't cost gold, you still need to pay gold whenever you hone them.

  17. You will still have buses. People get bused in valtan normal when they first reach 1415 why? Because they have no gold for gear. People also don’t wanna waste pheons on legendary accessories it’s a waste unless you’re content with that and not going to buy any relics. So you’ll just get on ilvl bozo Alts in your runs. Buses will still be a thing

  18. I'm wondering why now for Korea? I can't imagine any new players in Korea at this point and I assume very few players overall worldwide will be affected by these changes except Argos busses.

  19. U have a very narrow imagination if u think the most popular mmo in korea is not getting new players.

  20. I mean it's very simple: They increased the ilvl in current endgame, so they need to shorten the grind in lower T3.

  21. From what i've read the devs know that the new player experience is not very good (all versions) so this is a step towards making it better i guess.

  22. We get the Koreans patch’s really fast some times even a single patch after some thing new comes out in korea

  23. We already have those earlier than kr. QoL stuff usually are given earlier to NA unlike actual raid content.

  24. Busses will just be paid before any clear, kinda like they do for legion raid busses. That or itll die in the west, people tend to not want to pay till after.

  25. I'm kinda sad that they will be removing sets. I know that we never got them, but I was hoping that it was just one of those things released later.

  26. You really should breeze through 1340 to 1370. This isn't like when the game originally launched. We have the honing buff now.

  27. In most cases this changes fk over the costumers; raising an alt to 1385 its an easy task but with Gates more and more busers will switch to pay before P1 lol. Then you'll encounter either scamers everywhere or useless bus drivers that can't do all gates.

  28. There is NO rework until they remove the gold from Honing. No coins should be used to upgrade your gear. Only Materials Mats 1 + 2 + 3 = %chance

  29. U won't enter G1 as 1370, you need 1385. If you have 1385 then you can do G1-G3 without bus, as long as you aren't potato. Basically he will be like Legion raids.

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