As someone who likes to consume Lost Ark content via Twitch, I can't believe every streamer currently broadcasting is bussing.

  1. I mean, the alternative is watching streamers gather a full 8-man party of their i1500+ friends and plow through Valtan/Vykas like a .50cal bullet through tissue paper. Is that your idea of entertaining…?

  2. Plus if it's all you can find amongst the top view channels that means most of the audience is clearly happy to watch.

  3. This is actually how our group started getting into it. By the time everyone knows the raid for Valtan and Vykas, if we did gather our strongest mains together it's just another homework run. I'm not sure if anyone wants to see that. Instead, the more people to drop from the party (to add passengers), the more fun it becomes especially in Vykas, where you're trying to figure out how to juggle Gate 2 Orbs to make it through. I prefer to bus since it's a chill thing to do with friends, still learning how to 3-man Vykas.

  4. Why would people, who are trying to be in the top 5% of players, not bus? It just makes sense why so many of them are doing it. Plus people generally love to watch busses. It's either some high level gameplay or great content when people wipe/crash the bus.

  5. He can be against it because he uses wallets to gain the progress. Easy to ignore half the progress highway when you are not playing the game.

  6. I don't see the appeal of watching lost ark streams, or mmorpg streams in general, for the content itself. Unless there's new content like a new raid or new continent, the stream is going to be a glorified just chatting stream with mainly dailies gameplay in the background, which in lost ark is doing chaos dungeons +guardian raids + lopang on every character they own.

  7. I agree mmos are fun to play but hella boring to watch. Rather watch something with more action

  8. Bussing is sadly part of the endgame for high gear score players to acquire additional gold on obsolete and or lower tier 3 raid content.

  9. Different folks different strokes but I do like watching streamers that involve their community/chat mostly learning parties and those that genuinely do pug raids. Those that always do static raids with juiced up demon's roar dudes are just boring lol.

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