Out of Nowhere, when being a d**k is better than being nice

  1. i dont see the problem with giving some input. there was once a paladin who only used one purple blessed aura engraving slot and giving him lvl 1 blessed aura and never uses holy aura. i told his to use both slots to get lvl 3 and use holy aura. all i got was silence

  2. People just copy paste words or phrases they saw on the internet. I hate how people in real life say "Lol" instead of actually laughing.

  3. that`s sad.. i was really excited to log in after a long maintenance and this guy will just stomp you in the face with negativity lol

  4. Had some guy in kunga call everyone bots and proceed on a rant about how bad my sorc is built, guy went on his way to find my alt so he could keep ranting about how bad I am at the game while assuring me he was super chill and eating chips. What a pro

  5. I also had someone randomly message me saying “your sorc is shit I hope you wipe your team in clown like how you did in g2 vykas. F*** you you chinese bot” I’ve always done vykas w my irl friends so I had no idea where this came from 😭 I’m also in NAW

  6. Who goes around towns inspecting people? like sometimes I do sometimes stop to see some amazing characters & dye combinations, but gear? who gives a fuck?

  7. He is correct on that second point. My static is almost always a prison sentence however its more fun than 1-3 shooting everything in pugs that I do on all my alts.

  8. I mean the guy could be one of them naked +25 weapon berserks with rainbow stats and 3x3 but I mean, those are probably trolls flaming these idiots as well so we never know

  9. the weirdest message was some rando whisper me kekw your Roster lvl suck for 1400. I was roster 90 then qued up for boss rush and was in that area in Punika......just blocked his ass tbh

  10. Yeaaaah, i feel like people who do this don’t have much going on for them outside the game so idk.. just let them flex and move on i guess.

  11. There are legit basement dwellers out there. People with zero social skills because they never had a single friend in their life. Only playing video games. It's the same for my wife her little brother. It's sad honestly. He's a total piece of shit like this guy who dm'd you. Arrogant feeling superior above everyone else and their life only revolves around themselves.

  12. I mean I got 4x3 +1 and I don't think I will get 5x3 too hard and too expensive not to mention impossible to find accessories

  13. At first, I will still being nice to tell people, like some people dont even know they can equip stone, running mayhem and BT at level 3 at the same time, forget to equip card set for their alts, or basically just some advice/reminder.

  14. Reminds me of that 1 time in Guardian a guy trashtalkin me for havin a SA as my 5th engr. and I told him this was my build when relic was introduce so it was budget build, and I'm changing it little by little. He keeps talking shit and when it end I got the MVP and our supp just told him a "guy with SA beat his 5x3 build lol."

  15. I see too many people with a +21 weapon but full legendary accessories and 4x3 or less and too many people with +23 weapon and 4x3 relic but without any legendary books. Like either a lot of people onetapped their +21 to +23 weapons or just like trolling themselves.

  16. i have one +12 book , my bigest fk up was buying acce 1st before doing the stone , learned it the hard way to do stone first.....

  17. Guy is just Jelly coz he keeps pitying his hones. Don’t let it bring you down OP. He’s prolly a loner who likes over-gearing so he won’t get kicked.

  18. As a paladin i get this alot. I got a bit lucky with my weapon that it is +23. And i do content with 3x3 usual engraving. Every day i get 4 to 5 negative or nasty comments saying im playing the game wrong or stop wasting my time spending on my weapon.

  19. Just like middle-aged females on facebook trying to find posts to whine on; some ppl like to inspect ppl and find wrongs and errors or that they are just are jealous of you :)

  20. 3x4 isn't good, but it can still clear clown according to some posts in inven. PUG simply put the bar higher, because a lot of people are bad and there is no reason for them to carry lower-geared people whole making things harder. If you have static and they are all good, I am pretty sure that you can clear it with 3x4, full relic, all lv7+ gems with good trioods (with darkbomb and adrophine if you lack dmg).

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