Are my pets lazy, or.. malnourished?🥲

  1. It takes like 3 days and 6 hours to fully restore their moral while it takes like 8 hours or so to use up the full 14400 moral so you're not doing anything wrong, you can't keep the whole thing on 24/7 rotation without feeding them Vitameow

  2. Yeah I found out about that after I bought the 1k Pet Exp and boosted my pet to 100k. Didnt know that I need the chest where it could be that I get the coins I need to upgrade them.

  3. Imagine thinking 24-hours is already long enough 😅😅😅 if I’m not mistaken, they also offer card-packs? 🫠🫠 I guess I’ll let them relax for a couple of days first. Thank you!

  4. If you want to train some special pets you have to feed them vitameow, otherwise you will need 15-18 epic pets to keep it going 24/7 (roughly with my math). I have 11 pets where 2 is rare and all my pets went out of energy before they could recover 100%.

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