Did SG/Amazon just made the localization worse?

  1. yeah haha perhaps they had to deploy these fixes with urgency and a few things going wrong.. if it's just text, all good, we can wait next reset... but something tells me we're having some hot fix soon! ahah

  2. Highly doubt that SGR will hotfix this next week. Probably looking at a month or so. Remember server clocks?

  3. As a translator myself this makes me sad. I've worked with lots of software localization, so I can guess how these errors come to be, but it baffles me that they seemingly have no QA or review/control of the final product.

  4. You'd be surprised how little worth is put on QA in some game companies. I know Amazon has said they have their own QA team but by the time they get their hands on the build it's already too late lol. (Judging by the fact that they said a few months back they get the build just a day or two before it's deployed).

  5. I believe that is from your Poem of Salvation 2pc set bonus, you get that buff when your HP goes below 30%

  6. The issue is, Amazon is a book store-turned-into-shipping-company. They are not suited for games, or any sort of online publishing other than Prime Video.

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