Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - September 03, 2022

  1. 4x3+2 doesn't require legendary books, which you can set up for now while investing in legendary books. That's what I'm doing for my alts as a cheap option for now.

  2. I would go for Grudge first. Class books spiked in price because of upcoming Clown Raid, maybe they will stabilize few weeks after release.

  3. For 2 spender eso wd, is it okay to use a spec relic earring, or should I use a ring? Will the higher spec be useful, or am I gimping my swift too much?

  4. It's better to run Spec Ring over Earring, as that additional 100 swiftness really helps smoothening your cooldown and your awakening cooldown as well if you use dominion fang.

  5. What's the best way to try to win an auction via bids? Is it possible to just snipe it at the very last second?

  6. Any bid done before the end of the auction will reset the timer to 5m. If 10 or more bigs are placed before the end then it'll reset to 1m. The max time an auction can be extended is Registration Period + 20m

  7. Does anyone have any ideas on how to build artillerist 5x3 post KR balance patch? I have max FPE and Grudge books, just not sure what stone and accesories to get. I guess I'll be staying Crit/Swift?

  8. What size monitor do I need to play this in it's proper aspect ratio? Any chance there's anything in the $300-$500 range worth investing in?

  9. What happens if you dye a skin item on one character and move it to another of your own characters to use. Does it retain the dye changes? If I put it on the AH does it revert back to its original undyed state?

  10. Is there any way to switch relic set without conversion? I have 3 relic pieces and want to switch class engraving, which uses other relic pieces. Ik that dismantling a relic piece gives back the mats, but they r lvl 17…

  11. craft argos or demon beast gear, transfer your +17 on them, dismantle relic gear and recraft new relic set. Transfer +17 argos/demon beast on the new piece.

  12. Transfering your relic piece to another armor(even leg argos or oreha) will give you your base relic item back that you can then dismantle for the mats(minus chaos orb)

  13. You can craft new pieces and gear transfer, which may or may not be worth it depending how long you'd need to wait until you unlock conversion.

  14. My main is Gunslinger, I recently reached 1415 and bought accessoires crit with spec on earings and necklace to go the salvation path (4x3+1).

  15. yeah it gets a lot better, it won't feel nearly as bad once you have full set and your supports run yearning

  16. Yes it gets better since you said you’re going salvation and supports will have yearning? Always hit quick step before focus shot

  17. Quick Prep on Shackling Blue Dragon, since it bottlenecks your rotation. Once your rotation becomes too fast, youll go through every blue and red skill and then youll have to wait for SBD cooldown before going again.

  18. My 5x3 deathblow striker has ambush master, grudge, deathblow, adrenaline and KBW. Am I gimping myself if I don't run cursed doll over KBW? I just find the - 25% healing from cursed doll shit lol.

  19. it's not that bad. the difference is not that big so if you really dislike the CD negative then it's good to use KBW.

  20. Gimping yourself by a couple percent dmg wise if you have entropy but it doesn't matter that much. We don't need to juice out every point of damage in non hell modes, and if you can have higher DPS uptime due to not having -25% healing it'll make up for it anyways

  21. Even if you "gimp" yourself, it would be in incredibly minor percentages and you're still running a demerit engraving (KBW) it's just less visible as a demerit. People can minmax all they want but nothing beats comfort.

  22. Kbw with entropy is inefficient , dont know exact numbers but i think 12-13% dmg und cursed doll with adr is ≈15% so its not that bad in our state of game.

  23. For the south vern relic map you have to play the one sun song you got going through south vern to open the map.

  24. The map says you're at the entrance, so if you don't get the G prompt, then I'd try zoning out and back in. Seems like a bug.

  25. about conversion: once your character gets 55 bones from valtan and 55 wings from vykas you can change the set on you relic pieces for free however you want. i think there is also a short guide quest, but you need to equip them for that.

  26. Generally for all classes, it's very helpful to swap your gear set to Betrayal for chaos dungeons or Cube. It gives you very strong AoE effects that makes those content a breeze.

  27. hi was wondering if i can buy my powerpass and apply on my newly created male gunner, and wait till scouter released and then i go to trixion for advance class selection?

  28. A lot of people saying that you have to be 1490 5x3 by Clown release to do it week one. Is this just an exaggeration? Is 1475 4x3 acceptable or is the DPS check just that tight?

  29. I think it will be doable at 1475. the problem is and always will be that there are about 8 dps players for each support. so unless you are extremely overgeared or in a static, it may be difficult to find a party.

  30. Of course you could do it at 1475 4x3 but the purpose of recommending the 1490 is to help with survivability and the 5x3 to make the dps check easier

  31. damn LA is def not new to mmo players friendly. getting a friend in and trying to do guardian raid and he's so damn confused "need guardian raid qualification certifcate?? what's that?"

  32. No idea why you need to do it but I'm pretty sure it just means he needs to do the guide quest. For pretty much every bit of new content you first need to do a guide quest which just leads you over to the building where you queue for the content. Last tab on your quests.

  33. What would you pick for a 5th engraving on ESO striker running ESO, grudge, adrenaline, ambush all at 3?

  34. I don't think there's any class that just 100% shuts them down in 3v3 but any mobile melee class that can get in their face (wardancer, striker, shadowhunter, etc) will do pretty well. Shadowhunter in particular feels pretty good vs sorc.

  35. I haven't played the game much since a month or so after launch since I was getting burned out and my intended main wasn't even remotely close to releasing. Finally seems like Scouter is coming out sometime this month, so I have a few questions.

  36. No officially set date, as they generally never give us dates until they're absolutely certain the week of. However, they have said that the planned date is Sept 28.

  37. You need to do a different purple quest (I forgot the name) which is unlocked after you finished the punika story to get the punika pass. Scouter still has no official date yet but it's on the 2nd part of sept update so people assume it's on the 28th (where the free pass expires)

  38. Yeah, just run through the Punika story and complete the purple quests at the end. Should only take a few hours if you're already 1100.

  39. The main issue was dodging patterns while doing dmg with the boss that's 100% aggro on u. This will severely make ur dps/back atk uptime worse and ofc you have a pot limit as even p2 sun and moon boss will chunk a 1475/1490+ after multiple hits. The regular mechs are easy, hardest probably in the night phase of p3.

  40. Realistically for most classes if you want to provide a smooth experience you should be at least 1445 with full relic, good tripods, decent gems etc. The lowest I did it was 1460.

  41. is cursed doll a must on igniter sorc if want to go for 3x5? my problem with CD is the potions nerf i’m squishy already because of grudge and i feel like Cd will make my life miserable

  42. You can use adrenaline but if you want to perform as well it makes the gameplay a lot more complicated. You can also run precise dagger or keen blunt (or even ether predator) with the understanding that they'll be significantly worse.

  43. i want to know if i should focus on buying legendary grudge books or hone my alts, my main is at 1480 with alts being at 1400, 1385, 1370 x3. i would like to push one of my alts to become my main but i don't know how long that would take realistically. im on na east and grudge prices are like 9k last time I checked.

  44. Honestly it's really hard to say, 9k is pretty good but there's no guarantee it'll stay that price especially if we're expecting SG to do something about the bots/RMTers. The reason Grudge isn't more expensive right now is just because of bots farming Thronespire for books.

  45. Maxroll's guide is fine. Max out Half Moon, Wheel, Raging Dragon, Thrust, Red Dragon, Starfall. Shackling to level 10. Damage gems on all but Shackling, cooldown on all but Starfall and Wheel.

  46. No facewear can be dyed, same as instruments. Only the main skin slots (weapon, helm, chest, pants) can be dyed (if the piece allows it).

  47. Why didn’t thaemine just straight up kill everyone in feiton? From my understanding he is op as fuck.

  48. It does, just tested it. It immediately puts you back into magic addiction after using your awakening though, even if your mana hasn't fully recharged yet.

  49. There are 4 nodes in bellion (s Vern) that are close and mob free. You can farm those and swap channels to rotate spawn timers. Problem is there aren’t a lot of channels and they’re pretty contested.

  50. Don't do excavations until you have super armor on a tool. Only t3 excavating is good and punika/svern rotations are littered with mobs. Alternatively you can use a high damage big aoe to clear out a field before digging. Just pray you don't get griefed off-screen by archers.

  51. For G1 Valtan orbs, sometimes the entire health bar interface of the boss isn't there, and sometimes the health bar is there but the status effects aren't, which makes tracking orb status hard. What triggers those two issues?

  52. Blue crystals became impossible for beginners. My alts just empty cuz pheon is nearly impossible to obtain. My main is 1460 but I can't choose whether to buy pheon because blue crystal is rising or legendary book because both are rising fast. Any suggestions on what to do?

  53. If you havent already, buy the lvl pack in the shop for 1000 royal crystals, which nets you 2600? blue crystals. Can be only bought once per account, but basically gives you 300 pheons for $10.

  54. Pheons are a constantly inflating finite resources while Legendary books are good forever once you get them. If you have the gold, I would hoard as much pheons as you can before they go higher especially if your gold income is not that high. Get as much as you need for upgrading your next alts then go for the books.

  55. I would buy books while you can with the bots farming the bridge, but blue crystals most likely will only continue go raise with clown and tripod update so either way hard decision

  56. What’s the idea behind running Shield Bash on Red GL? Saw an ATK akkan video where he’s using it over Gunlance shot or CGL. It doesn’t benefit from Super Charge or Lone Knight. Extra movement?

  57. Possibly, extra movement is useful during prog and iirc he was saying Akkan is hard for front attack

  58. Hi! I want to create a few more alts that are easy to play and cheap to gear up. I want an assassin and a martial artist this time. And for context, I'm a mage enjoyer(bard main with bard and sorc alts). Any help is appreciated!

  59. Taijutsu Scrapper is a super ez, very cheap to gear alt because it has 2 viable accessory stat lines between crit and Swift.

  60. For assassin, demonic impulse shadow hunter is a classic alt choice for cost and ease to play. Doesn’t require as many gems, power spikes pretty early compare to other classes, and gameplay is pretty straightforward. The couple caveats to it is that it needs wealth runes and a decent amount of specialization to really feel good, so probably ilvl 1370 in t3 or so.

  61. Does any other class use All-Out attack engraving? Gearing out 3x5 and bought some gold books, but realized Sorc is the only class I can think of that uses this engraving

  62. Once the balance changes come to NA/EU/SA, All-Out Attack will be one of the most recommended 4th/5th engravings for barrage enhancement Artillerists

  63. Hi, so I'm a very novice player. I powerpassed a character and then applied on this the hyper express. BUt theorically hyperpass orders me to do nacrasena but I think I don't have enough Ilvl to do this easily. Should I buy a provisional build?

  64. For RE i used Grudge RE SC Ambush and CD. KBW is not that great, normally you need like 60% crit which is already hard to get on RE Blade, and then you need even more since entropy 2pc adds more crit dmg (making KBW worse).

  65. Cursed doll, grudge, Ambush, super charge, lvl 2 adren lvl 1 RE is current best dps RE build by like 6-9% over RE3. Go lvl 5 maelstrom speed buff and you won't even notice the lack of ms from RE1 vs 3

  66. i'd go grudge, CD, SC, re, am... is my build and it feels great dps wise. but look for Good quality with Good spec.... next you should look for lvl9-10 gem of maelstrom (cooldown) and surge and blitzrush dmg

  67. Having a hard time deciding what to go for 6th alt character. Free power pass will come out in November so might as well make my 6th gold farmer now and utilize the event shop mats.My current roster is main mayhemzerker, alts: blue GL, igniter sorc,surge DB, paladin. I like the simplicity of my characters to deal dmg, however I feel like I wanna try something more complex like gunslinger, however it being my 6th alt I'm not sure if I will give it the love it requires. Shadowhunter seems like the best alt option but what I hear it is a simple as my zerker/blue gl. Scrapper seems to be meta alt nowadays but I heard changes are coming from korea so it if becomes potato dmg will have to drop it. Last option would be to go for bard to have easier time to go into groups and finally learn what bards are doing as buffs.

  68. I wouldn't worry about the scrapper nerfs its not really that bad. shock got a tiny slap on a wrist since theyre brain dead op and tai barely got touched.

  69. I went to Beatrice for rapport and she straight up just sent me the second awakening even though I never did it. Is this because i used the punika pass?

  70. Yes. Unfortunately, the questline gets autocompleted when you use a punika powerpass. So you miss out on that storyline if you didn't do it before. And since it's a roster quest, you can't do it on another character.

  71. Hey all, for Artillerist what skill do you replace for raids if you want to get Napalm Shot with the stagger bonus?

  72. If you're Spec Arti then Swing. You rarely need it outside of very niche situations and you also have to play a tad more safe with distancing.

  73. I use it in the same slot as Swing. Actually I default to Napalm Shot because I'm too lazy to switch but still the same slot, basically if I want more stagger/weakpoint or if I REALLY want a better counter.

  74. Decided to create a scrapper and tried to knowledge transfer and it says that i need North Vern Ealyn's gift quest 0/1

  75. I think you get a total of 9 Vern KTs. Have you KT'd and then deleted some alts? Mine for example says "Knowledge Transfer Count (7/9)" which sounds about right to have 2 left.

  76. It looks like you're trying to Rohendel kt. That mean the character you are using has not finished north vern. In order to kt, the character must have finished the continent before the one you are trying to transfer

  77. Swing is the preferred choice for counter and mobility. Napalm is the worst for counters but you can keep it at level 4 for the increased stagger. Forward barrage is only really used over the other two for firepower control (increased meter gain tripod).

  78. I did but that was also a time when everyone had a lot of alts parked around there so getting a raid together was easy. Wouldnt do it now. Although you do start getting nineveh cards there which is nice but still low chance.

  79. Lots of people still run these for cards so if you have a gold-eligible character might as well get 300g. If there are a couple of juicers who will skip all the mechs, it doesn't matter if a few low levels get carried.

  80. I did at launch but would absolutely not do this nowadays. Not even with my severely overgeared characters. It was fun when everyone was there and they were eager to learn and pass the dungeon, but now? Big pass.

  81. i want to build my alt arcana (1440 ilvl). Since there is the korean patch balance, how would should i build it right know? i dont mind building the best of the best way, just something balanced with good dps so I can enjoy late content with her. (so far i only got a 6x6 barricade/grude stone and a 7x5 adrenaline/grudge stone and the 12 nodes legendary cd book to work with. I also got a earring 5x3 adrenaline/cd, but i'm willing to sell/replace if needed)

  82. A while ago, possibly within last 2 weeks, someone over here posted a massive infographic with loot from different chaos dungs 1370+, possibly GRs too. Can't find it tho, can anyone lend a helping hand?

  83. I know which one you're talking about and I don't have it saved, but here's another one that I have:

  84. Hello, do you guys think "research cost -1% " research at the lab is worth it? It costs 682 gold to research and since I just hit lvl 70 lab, I don't imagine there's that much research left?

  85. I looked at your much I wanted to research after and it felt incredibly unworth. You'd have to spend 60000ish (since you've already have some % reduction) to break even. If that ever happens I'll take that loss. As of now I have almost nothing I want to research.

  86. What happened to Scrapper Taijutsu .. Shock used to be the expensive books and sought after build ... now one book of taijutsu is over 10k. Did I miss something ? a Huge buff ?

  87. Tai was always twice the price of Shock at least in EUC. A couple weeks ago Tai was like 6 - 7k while shock was 3k.

  88. a few ppl might also be running shock 1 whereas taijutsu ppl have to get tai 3 so they decide to buy books

  89. Since the patch came out, my game sometimes breaks and runs at 10-20 fps until I restart it. Noticed that if during the bug I alt tab, and the game isn't focused anymore, it runs at 100-200fps again. As if something makes it think, its running in the background when focused. Anyone knows a quicker fix to this other than restarting the game?

  90. It was never double coins. The first iteration of this event gave you 200 coins on week days and 300 on the weekend

  91. Players with 150-200 ms latency, how do you fare in the legion raids? Planning to return but hesitant because of my high latency.

  92. I play with 200-230 ms ping (Sydney to USEast). Its difficult but still playable. I main bard(1490) and I think its significantly more forgiving because of how defensive it can be. I also play Berserker(1445), Gunlancer(1445) and LC Sharpshooter(1445), the first two are tanky and LC is ranged+swiftness so despite the low health you can stay further way and dodge quicker. They all seem to fare well enough but this is because I've learned the fights and attack patterns.

  93. It's totally fine. Just practice all normal patterns and keep in mind you cannot greed for damage and spacebar last minute like everyone else because you will get rubberbanded, guaranteed!

  94. My normal ping hovers around 203-208, sometimes a bit higher. Mostly have no issues in raid unless ping spikes hard. You do have to react fast though, since you have less of a window to dodge things.

  95. Is there any other viable options for death strike SS for the 5th engraving other than cursed doll? (ds, hit master kbw, grudge)

  96. Keep getting knocked off at Valtan - any tips to avoid free fall? I’ve been trying to stay behind him.

  97. Behind him is a reasonably good safe spot but you have to be ready to move. Every boss is designed so that at some point every area will become dangerous due to some pattern or other. In behind's case, that's front-back-front and cross, plus the 360 patterns. However, behind is a good place to start because there are no patterns that will hit you without plenty of time to react.

  98. Also knowing what skills give you push immunity, so you may use them in a pinch. Your awakening will always give push immune but it won’t save you from the grab, and you’d still take damage during it.

  99. Im building my igniter sorc 4x3 + 1x1: igniter, grudge, cursed doll and all out attack. What should the 5th lvl 1 engraving be? adrenaline, hit master, spirirt absorption, heavy armour??

  100. I am a main Igniter, she doesn’t benefit much with a 1x1 Engraving i recommend you to stick to 4x3 until you can get 5x3, in my case that is what i did, if you really want a 1x1 engraving Adrenaline is the best option for more dmg.

  101. Adrenaline or hit master. Adrenaline will do more but it makes things considerably more complicated to play.

  102. It would be really worth for you to just stick with 4x3 until you can get a 5x3 adding hit master. Igniter really doesn't benefit from any lvl 1 engravings.

  103. Got some alts parked at 1472.5 to keep getting Argos gold after clown release. I don't think I'll be honing these characters any more for a very long time so I'm wondering if I'm better off not buying the last gate chest from Valtan and Vykas. I don't need any of the wings/bones so I feel like it would just be for the fused leapstones for way down the line honing.

  104. If you really need the gold now, don't buy. If you plan on ever upgrading the characters and the chest cost isn't going to significantly slow down some other progression you'reworking on, buy the last chest.

  105. i feel like fused leaps really lose value at this point and the true honing experience is to upgrade at pity. Collect gold to form up all your characters engravings and such for more enjoyment and just extra gold to pay for honing costs

  106. My way to look at it would be what do you value currently, if your stashing gold don't buy, if you are sat on loads then dot worry about it.

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