Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - August 31, 2022

  1. Anyone one or group here that could help me clear a ghostship today? Currently 1090 so can only do the first two. On sceptrum server central Europe

  2. Anyone else feel like the quality of the average pug went downhill fast in the last few weeks. Or am I just ridiculously unlucky.

  3. I've had more positive experiences than negative ones. Although I did have a group that cleared G1 and G2 easily and struggled pretty badly on G3. I don't get how you breeze through everything and then continually fail swamps of all mechanics...

  4. Mechanics go very smooth in pugs for me, however, i cringe everyime i see ppl get hit by the most obvious basic attack patters, it legit blows my mind.

  5. The opposite for me, got smoother runs the last few weeks, but i mainly joined title runs. Also, the longer you wait in the week the worse the groups get. I try to do all legion raids on wednesday and thursday. If you want pure hell try doing it on a tuesday.

  6. I usually join my guild runs however cant this week due to time constraints. Did some pugs today and i must say, it was super weird. Joined a vykas title group, cleared it one shot (US West - shoutout from the moo moo GL). Joined 3 Valtan HM groups before finally clearing Valtan HM on my main...the Valtan HM pug experience was really bad?

  7. I'm getting rejected from hellmode Valtan because I play bard instead of paladin. Will that be the same for future hellmodes that pala is preferred over bard?

  8. Pala is super comfy because they can actually heal. Cleanse is basically mandatory (technically not a must, but makes it way easier, imo mandatory for prog) for g2 Valtan.

  9. I think the reason behind this is that Paladin can heal without having to choose between heal and dps buff so it's less of a Valtan issue and more of a class design thing

  10. Is the trixion arcanist where you can try the class a but a fair representation of how the gameplay would be? I'm trying to decide between that and soulfist.

  11. Will there be a patch for content nobody does anymore that scales with how many players attend aka lower ilvl chaos gates?

  12. I recently finished a power pass character with the super express event. I got my alt to 1370 and have A LOT of mats left over from the express. I need to gear the alt now, instead of trying to get a 4x3 on 1370 legendary gear... should I just bypass it alltogether and hone my alt to 1415 and gear 4x3 with the relic gear?

  13. It's easier to hit 4x3 with relic but it's also more expensive pheons-wise and you need to get from 1370 to 1415 somehow as well

  14. Does anyone know how much exp is the whole main story quest from North Vern to Punika? I kinda want to use Knowledge Transfer but at the same time it feels like I can cheese some level. Does anyone know? Fair to say I will do at least 3 levels?

  15. More like at most 2 levels. I looked through the quest list and Rohendel barely has 5 quests with 1m exp reward, Yorn got 7 quests with 1.5m, Feiton also got 7 with 1.5m and Punika got 7 with 3.5m+ so all of these amount to around 52m exp while the remaining quests give peanuts in comparison. You add all up and I really doubt it'll reach the ~90m exp you need for Lv52

  16. I love ACE from one piece and somewhere on internet i saw a summer set that was dyeable just like his outfit, my questione is, do we have those set already? Canto find this info anywhere...

  17. Entropy. Scrapper has a lot of movement from double dash, charging blow, and Dragon Advent. Keep practicing back attacking, it's worth it.

  18. Not to sound like an ass but it's really starting to frustrate me how bad Valtan runs are getting. I'm getting 90 minute normal mode Valtan runs, it's really hard to get six characters done a week when they take this long...

  19. I make sure to get them done by Sunday the latest now. Better players tend to get them done quickly. Only alts and dummies left by monday and it's hard not to get 1 idiot who passed the initial inspection.

  20. Go full dps no support parties+no cheese/orb first with high lvl rosters. Also depends what time and day are u playing. Not a guaranteed trick but my usual 1shot on nm/hm valtan vykas usually are these parties.

  21. For Tripods on gear do you only get the bonus if its the one you have selected ? i.e. if i have +2 for Magick Amplification and +2 for Final Strike on equipped gear do I get the bonus for both or just the one I have selected( Magick Amplification) since they are both on the third tier of the skill explosion as an example

  22. Both tripods will have increased levels. But since you can only choose one of the tripods from the same tier, only one of them will be useful to you at a time.

  23. Is it possible to get another ticket for Argos? I was in a party that was about to clear before I got the error that says EAC isn't active so now I have no loot.

  24. If its there fault you get a ticket within 24 hours (so they say). If it's your fault you dc'd no ticket. If you don't get one in 24hrs your fucked. they are not going to help you.

  25. There's an automated system in game that will mail you a retry ticket if it detects that you dc'd during a content with weekly lockout. Unfortunately this system isn't reliable, especially if your party cleared the content. Contacting support doesn't make any difference, they claim to be unable to manually issue retry tickets.

  26. No I don't think so. I had the same thing happened to me and tried contacting customer service and they said if they find that it was a server-sided issue that cause the disconnect then they will give out tickets but if not, tough luck.

  27. HHow can i get winter illusion tokens when wand when was thia s added? I always did my weekly guardians but i have 0 tokens.... is it something else?

  28. It's the event guardian raids. You have to be in a city and the entry point will be near the regular guardian board somewhere and you're able to play it once per character per day so you can get plenty of tokens. It's super easy as well. You need to keep hitting (stagger or destruction depending on of specific guardian) one of the bosses and collect some orbs they drop that power you up a lot.

  29. Does eso striker need spec or can I just go crit swift neck/swift all other accessories? Also how does eso striker perform at later raids like clown and brel? I am currently a db striker but I have been thinking of switching to eso because it is much cheaper and I like being able to move and attack fast with swiftness.

  30. usually ESO Striker goes 50/25/25 into Swift, Crit, Spec. So either Crit/Spec necklace with swift on the rest, or Swift/Something necklace with one ring and earring of the missing stat. Makes rotations smoother overall.

  31. Couple of questions regarding engravings. I want to work my way up to setting up my barrage artillerist (currently sitting at 1370).

  32. For engraving books you want to buy books for the most expensive engravings on accessories. For you that will be class/kbw/adrenaline. Typically it would be grudge too however so many people have grudge books now that grudge accessories are cheaper typically. Adrenaline and kbw are really expensive accessories so getting books here will save you later on. Pick the one that fits more of your alts. Grudge has the benefit there because every dps runs grudge but not all run kbw.

  33. get your stone first based on next 2 battle engraving. if you equipped 1 class and 1 battle, the stone will be 2 battle. it based on you tbh.

  34. during vykas g2, what do u do when u hve the shotgun poop pending on u while the rotating flame wall is happening. This happened to me 3 times and i almost always die here lol.

  35. Most important is to put shotgun away. If you need to, use timestop or die, but put it away on the edge.

  36. Work on your adventurer's tome and horizontal content, you will naturally accumulate roster exp. Otherwise manually do quests.

  37. I just got a 78 quality Spec Relic earring with Shock Training +3 and Adrenaline +5 with Defense Reduction +1 from Vykas.

  38. the hell my friend got almost the exact same ting few days ago. i told him put it up for 100k and lower it until 60k. if u cant get 60k for it , keep it

  39. If I leave a guild now it's 8d penalty is it true if I get asked to be kicked the penalty isn't stacked?

  40. Why can't my party members see my "z" bard buff. Think it's serenade of courage? like they can see my other buffs above their skills? Even when i play another character with a bard in my party i can see them cast it but the little buff icon doesn't display.

  41. I haven't played every class in the game (DB, Zerker, and Bard are the ones I haven't tried) but of the ones I have played, the card mechanic is the most engaging class mechanic by a large margin to me. I like it.

  42. swapped mains to arcana after i realized how fun it is, there are a few cards that are really important and they can change how you combo. Even though there are a couple of cards that don’t do too much, the patch that is buffing arcana will change the frequency of the better cards, while also adding new cards as well. It is definitely a cool mechanic and recommend it to anyone who is interested in playing arcana

  43. Is guild chat a thing in this game or have I just exclusively been in dead guilds? I see people are online but I've never once witnessed any interaction.

  44. It is rarely used because people are playing alts outside of the guild, and even when you're playing in the guild you can be afk or lose the message in the default "normal" tab. So it's mostly discord in active guilds, and some have global chat as well. If your guild doesn't have discord it's probably casual or mostly dead.

  45. I legit went through 4 guilds before finding a social active one I love. Make sure its not an alt guild. Also, global chat is the way to go its roster wide so works for main and alt guilds too. If they don't use it be wary. Instead of leaving a guild ....ask to be kicked to save on penalty.

  46. My guild mostly uses discord. There is also a cross chat so we can talk while on alts. The regular guild chat is pretty much useless.

  47. for kungelanium, is there a way to tell where the safe spots r when he jumps up and slams the ground to freeze you? it seems there r 2 different spots.

  48. The aoe is in a snowflake shape so like the other person mentioned odd-numbered clock positions work. Normally I just move slightly above/below his legs so that's 1/5/7/9.

  49. What you can do is use your spacebar to immune the first jump. Then you can see where the safe spots are and just walk there. Fairly reliable (unless you don't have spacebar up) at the cost of possibly a bit of damage.

  50. Safe spots should be 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 o'clock positions using his head as reference for 12 o'clock. The second part of the jump hits outside the area of the first.

  51. I'm setting up the auto dismantler and getting some conflicting information on this - is it possible to receive an accessory as a drop with a class engraving from a different class? For example, would a Warrior ever get a ring with Bard's Desperate Salvation as a drop? Does it depend on the server, item rank, or location of the drop?

  52. Does the pet reskin let it change the color of that type of pet (Like you can change the color of helgia to red or does it mean you can skin it with any other pet you have?

  53. Does anyone know how to get the bottoms in the image here? I assume the top is the Sand Dream chestpiece, but what are the pants?

  54. we don't have them yet lol its one of the sets for korean 3rd anniversary. also i think its a fighter class exclusive? but i'm not 100% sure on that

  55. They do normal bc they arent good enough for hard mode. Usually seen in vykas not valtan though.

  56. Don’t get this new maxroll honing calculator with the blue squares.. liked the old one better how do I know how many basic oreha mats do I need to go from 1415 to 1445?

  57. As a straightforward example, if all your gear is at +15 (1415), and your target is 1445 through all +17, then you'd highlight all the +16 and +17 boxes because those are the upgrades that you require.

  58. Can I find a person who would sell character expansion slot for gold through gifting or personal trading if the game lets us in this group or in discord? It is kinda expensive to buy slots where I am from and I would be more than happy to trade slots for gold.

  59. I don't think slot expansion tickets can be traded. And there's no gifting option. I feel like this would count as RMT since they'd have to give you a steam gift card or something to buy the expansion ticket.

  60. I'm a blue GL and I almost exclusively do content with a bard, I've stopped running Nelly's in that static (although I have a nelly skill page+gem swapout when/if required)

  61. Both builds are viable for red lancer. The crit build will do more damage, but it's fine if you want more mobility.

  62. What 4 engravings to take for instant cast reflux sorc? Trying to gear my sorc alt at 1445 just got her there

  63. crit variant: adrenaline or precise dagger (budget) ; hit master ;grudge ; reflux ;cursed doll (final strike tpod) ; or kbw (magic amp+enhanced strike tpod)

  64. Bard doesn’t have a debuff removal, but she has a tripod on guardian tune that blocks the next harmful effect. This will make you immune to sleep bombs on G3 should you get mind-controlled so I just delevel my guardian tune to lv 9 before G3

  65. I think it will expose most of the player base for poor gear and skill. People trying to do it on alts on ilvl are dreaming

  66. Yeah but since groups are smaller there are less people that can fuck it up, that's the hopium I'm smoking

  67. What works on your character for challenge guardians/dungeons? Ilvl doesnt but wondering about weapon quality, gems, engravings, cards, relic set

  68. Combat stat distribution for peacemaker gunslinger? Maxroll says 1000/500/500, crit/spec/swift but I hear a lot of people say 1200 crit is ideal. Does this change with the recent KR PTR changes with shotgun losing some crit % chance?

  69. The meta is 1300/300/500 for nightmare and 1300/800/0 for salvation, both with a spec earring, crit on everything else, crit spec neck for salv, crit swift neck for nightmare. I don’t think it would change with ptr. If you run lwc you can drop 200 crit for spec, but not really a point since you will run los 18 soon hopefully

  70. From what i found ~1.2k crit with 7% LC ~1.4 with LoS (18+) Spec/Swift distribution depends on your relic set Nightmare - Swiftness reliant Poem - tends more to Spec (needs high CD Gems to (shine) Not sure how the balance patch will affect this

  71. There’s also the flustered man from a side quest, the surfing instructor, and a whole ton in the crowd at the tournament at the end.

  72. The race of people in Punika is called the Nias. Nias are born from the Seed of Harmony, not through sexual reproduction. They are all female, because magic just works that way I guess. Berver is not a native, he's just a free-spirited wanderer that likes Punika. That's why he goes to Outsider Prison when he accidentally frees some of the prisoners.

  73. I'm lvl 50 but i'm totally lost, any good guides you recomend to know best what i have to do? I'm new to mmos. Also i'm totally F2P

  74. It's a common question because the amount of information is overwhelming at first. Everyone was in the same boat. I'd highly recommend Maxroll as the best beginner resource. This might help you out a bit:

  75. What are you guys doing with 1445 alts? Is it worth pushing 1460 for Vykas HM? Or should I just be using fused leaps to try to reach it if I don't care to push the alt past 1475?

  76. Yes, if you have enough bound leaps and shards, why not, but they need to be geared well enough for Vykas HM. So I'd let them chill at 1445 until you have decent gear. I used fused leaps on mine, not like they make any difference anyway after 1445, you may get a lucky tap or two across your entire roster but I wouldn't count on it in general.

  77. Leaving them be at the moment until I get the remaining alts to 1445 then I'll start honing them too up to 1490 slowly

  78. I'm pushing them to 1460 when I can. I think 1430, 1445, and 1460 are all reasonable spots to leave them. I want them to get 1460 eventually, so why not push them if I can? It's also nice if you need a lot of Vykas mats like for Entropy users or if you really want gear conversion.

  79. Expert and Awakening. It'll be future proof till the end of time or if they ever decide to release new support focused engravings

  80. Little time ago, few weeks, someone posted several honing strategy pictures about cost and reaching 1415/1430 ect, using the updated maxroll calculator table.

  81. Finally found the two major ones by same person. I searched nearly everything. Didn't realise upgrade was the keyword, tried about all else, hone, honing ect.

  82. I make all my alts 4x3 at 1415. 3x3 is pretty weak with current relic accessory pricing 4x3 is quite cheap

  83. You should be fine. 4x3 obviously won't hurt and it may be slightly harder getting into groups but you should be alright, especially if you make your own.

  84. For Vykas P3 when she does the half red half black attack, how do you know if it's inside our outside safe?

  85. Vykas has a red sword in her right hand. If it points to red ground, it's inside safe. If it points to black ground, it's outside safe

  86. Ok im gonna be real. I bought 100,000 gold for $40 bucks.. 1 year of playing for fucking $40 bucks. But im not even on t3 yet lol i’ve been playing for 3 weeks only. What can i buy with the gold?

  87. You could've paid less than 50 dlls legit to get to T3 in an instant, instead you paid 40 dlls on RMT for 1 week worth of farm which will most likely get you banned.

  88. amazon removed the august prime loot before the actual date. they told me that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix

  89. Hey guys i just reached 1370 and am trying to do argos but people just go mad in the beginning and try to restart. Whats going on?

  90. I hit 1370 about 6 weeks ago so I was in the same boat. Honestly you might want to consider "skipping" Argos. By that I mean bus for 2 -4 weeks until you get to at least 1385 and have a full legendary set. It sucks I know. But matchmaking on Argos will probably just frustrate you. And while there are sometimes parties that are just doing P1+2 those are rare (and they might not accept you because they your roster level is too low or they don't like how you dyed your skin or whatever don't get me started).

  91. Study the mechs on all gates and try to blend in. For gate 1 you are mainly going to have to matchmake since no one really party finder much ( tho you can try your luck or even make your own) . There are a few gate 2 parties and definitely for gate 3.

  92. People expect some level of homework nowadays so they expect you to at least know the mechanics. Argos has become a bit of a chore for us so we want it over quick.

  93. Hi, I have 2x 100 quality rings with swiftness and +5 grudge +3 cursed doll. What build would be using something like this? Another thing, cam anyone check how much they are worth in your region, as I play on eu west and AH is pretty much dead. Thank you.

  94. Just finished buying stuff for control glaivier last week. 5x3 control, grudge, ambush master, raid captain, cursed doll. Max swiftness, other stat on neck crit.

  95. DPS Paladin. Highest one in my region (NAW) is 10k at 100 quality. There are many at 90 quality going for 3-6K. In three pages going down to 5 quality, no one is bidding on these. Good luck friend.

  96. If it was the other way around, it would be worth much more (as most people have a grudge 12 if they're shopping for tip top gear).

  97. Everyone keeps talking about saving 6 tripods, but I have two tabs for them in my tripod inventory, so 12 tripods. Did I forget expanding this at some point (maybe accidentally), or...what gives?

  98. You need to use one inventory for gear transfers. Technically you can save up to 30 tripods with a full set of inventories. But by default you have 12 unlocked and 6 slots is the gear you are wearing. So minimum players have 6 free slots.

  99. Hey Robust player here, but there is a decent amount of overlap. I personally dropped shadowbreaker because the range is so tiny and the big damage is on the last tick, meaning I wasn’t getting great use out of it in raids. Crippling barrier gives you great damage but with a much larger range and no back attack requirement, so I switched to that and found it much easier to get consistent dps.

  100. first method. You select the 6 most important tripods and can have them guaranteed with no rng involved. From there on you can work on getting more tripods with the rng transfer. Saving a bunch to the inventory was meant to be a starting point,not an end goal.

  101. Pushing my first non power passed alt to 1370. I’m currently at ilvl 600 and people say I can skip rohendel entirely. So does that mean I just go to yorn and finish main quest there and then continue onwards or can I just buy 802 gear and keep skipping?

  102. Yes, you can technically skip yorn too but you have to buy tier 2 equipment honing mats and hone until you can do feiton, then hone up to punika and knowledge transfere and you apparently get all the previous content unlocked too.

  103. how good is the new peacemaker and is it worth to go pm3 now? anyone watched some streams ? Or does tth performing better?

  104. As the other comment said PC3 is only relevant in the super endgame (e.g. 5x3+2 with 9/7 stone). In any other cases you'll end up with 1 PC (TTH also uses 1 PC).

  105. Peacemaker 3 is, last I heard, only meta if you have a 9/7 or 10/6 stone and it's only with ancient gear. Basically, in the current KR meta PM3 Adrenaline 2 > Adrenaline 3 PM1 > PM3 Adrenaline 1. PM3 is a super minmax thing.

  106. Is there a visual presentation of proper timestop on medusa G3 Vykas HM? I noticed that this is the biggest problem in pugs and it often ruins the run after or before tentacles.

  107. https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/vwdvus/vykas_g3_timestop_timing_for_medusas/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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