Legendary pet status

  1. Yup, I have 7 tokens. Only have 6 or 7 pets so the only way to attempt to keep at least 1 going around the clock, I can only run 1 pet at a time. I will normally use vitameow on pets that have the happy face and put them in immediately since they get an extra cookie per.

  2. Some people could have their pets slaving away 24/7 on a diet of steroid-infused vitameow and energy drinks. I'm at like 12 tokens with 1 pet on full forced diet and the rest going natty.

  3. Can someone explain to me how to even unlock the pet ranch? My stronghold is lvl 51 and I've unlocked the farm but I can't see the guide quest on any of my characters.

  4. Out of the 16 Pet Sitter Chests I bought so far I got 2x Arcane Battery, 2x Vitameow, 11x 1 Pet Growth Token, 1x 2 Tokens and 1x 3 Tokens. I have 2 of my "main" pets working 24/7 with Vitameow usage and switch the 3rd one so my Ranch is always full of pet regaining Morale for the Achievment. Those 2 main pets are already at 70k Expertise so if anyone is considering buying the Pet Experience Potions: you really shouldn't.

  5. It takes 2 weeks of 24/7 to get a leg pet. So this poll is troll. NO one in NA has a leg pet yet.

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