Where am I supposed to join learning groups for Legion Raids?

  1. The main way to find a learning party would be via party finder. The best thing I can suggest is to create one yourself - might take a while to fill, but with you playing bard that’s an even better chance of having people apply if they see there is already one support. I often see learning parties for NM Vykas in the EUC party finding when looking for groups on my alt, so they do still happen. Just gotta either find one or create one.

  2. Naming it "chill run" usually works pretty well. That's generally what I do when I have friends who are new to the content.

  3. Can't believe there are so many people that are telling the OP to join reclear/exp parties and fake it lol

  4. These are the same people who then complain about people rage quitting after a couple wipes or complaining that groups are asking people to have the title or have high roster level now.

  5. If he just studies the videos carefully, he can easily slip past. I did that for every legion raid and got it right on my first try. In Valtan, I even ended up raid leader because the "reclear" group I snuck into had no idea what the Wei cheese even was. None of these fights are mechanically intensive, they're more of a big-picture memory game

  6. Its a support, all he has to do is learn the mechs and press a couple buffs every now and then. Learning a fight as a support is as easy as "just dont get hit lol" cause you dont even need to be close to the boss so avoiding dmg is a guaranteed. He can easily watch a 20min vid, learn the big mechs and thats it, people wont care unless he wipes the team with a group mech .

  7. It's what it is, sadly. I personally would read a guide, then try Matchmaking first. After that I'd sneak into an experience run :/

  8. if they can't find or fill a learning party then that's exactly what they have to do. their only other options are to pay someone to do the content for them or quit the fucking game.

  9. I agree with OP, tried that today for valtan. I think just do the matchmaking approach, practicemakes perfect. People know they sign up for randomness there. That's what i am going to try doing.

  10. That makes me wildly uncomfortable honestly. To make one myself implies I have some knowledge and I don't other than videos and reading the maxroll guides.

  11. I'm in NAW too 1480 main with constant hard mode clears. I'm just waiting for my friend to hit 1430. He is at 1425. Might host a learning group around next reset when my friend hits it. Let's stay in touch if you are interested :)

  12. If youre in na west Mari server we can help you. We can guide you through the mechs with our alts and such

  13. If you're NAE there's always learning groups going on every weekend if you get on in the evenings.

  14. I think the first time I ran Valtan, I joined a group labeled “practice runs - Will not clear” so that took the expectation off the table and for peeps to practice mechs and get a feel. I would suggest the same title when creating a group.

  15. As someone joining learning parties from time to time - some (if not most) experienced people joining those have general experience with that fight, but they're trying it first-second time on that particular character and go with more forgiving group to get some hands-on practice in how to handle the fight.

  16. Join a guild. I formed 20+ players to Valtan and Vykas within my guild. People tend to be more forgiving and patient when they know you are a long term investment and a potential new friend.

  17. Use the global discord or your specific server discord, you can make an LFG post yourself there if you didn't see any groups actively recruiting or just browse through the current active post.

  18. There would be a lot more learning groups if there was a practice mode with no weekly lockout. No loot or gold just the gates

  19. U can make a learning party yoursef, i made a vykass teaching group on friday and it got filled up so fast with people that jus bought a bus and now wanna learn the fight so i teached them dont worry mate youre not alone just someone has to have the curage to make the party

  20. open up legion raid menu > party finder > search for "learning groups or prog" > hit button to send invite. (also do this during prime time gaming hours ie 6-11pm local time)

  21. As somebody with all 6 gold earners 1430+ and drive vykas and Valtan busses multiple times a week: I am still learning new things to improve. You have to start somewhere and we all started with the same experience so I don't understand why so many rage at mistakes.

  22. I just hosted a learning group tonight with some friends who have never done it before and only need to fill a couple more. So many DPS applied I felt bad turning away everyone else.

  23. Being a bard gets you a huge advantage on being able to join groups easily. My advice would be to watch the youtube guides until you know the fight like the back of your hand, and then join a reclear group.

  24. Its hard, Im usually doing weekly learning/1st timer parties if Im not clearing with a group. but there are less and less learning lobbies as time goes by. I'd suggest to just start making learning parties yourself. Being a leader of the learning party doesnt require anything other than being able to use sidereal but you'll just learn it together with raid mechanics. theres plenty of people looking for learning parties especially dps. it doesnt take long to fill the party up. its just that none of the ppl that want to learn wants to make lobbies so everyones just there in party finder refreshing and waiting for somebody else to make one. honestly if you start making your own learning parties you wont have trouble getting experience. just the quality of raids will vary with each group. some groups pick stuff up faster some struggle with basic mechanics but its a part of prog group. good luck learning vykas! :)

  25. Sorry bro, bus culture means you wont find anyone for a group. It is slowly killing the new player base. Have fun!

  26. There are 3 good options, 1. Make a learning lobby. 2. Ask via global chat or in guilds for a schooling run (a lot of the legion raids are bussed by experienced people who will be able to explain everything to you and hand you the opportunity to try out mechs until you are done. 3. If you aren't already in a progress/semi progress guild ask to join one on the condition that they will teach you — every guild wants an active support.

  27. Most competent drivers will decline a bus rider participating in a run as they are more likely to cause wipes and waste time for everyone tbh. This is not a great idea.

  28. Yeah ive seen the same thing, i did a full vykas run, came out ready to go on my next one to see the same learning party waiting. Joined in thinking i could help but its just people joining and leaving cause the group isnt filling as fast as a reclear party would. Then you go and do it and people ragequit within a few pulls. Back to the party finder to wait some more.

  29. I've been joining learning groups for valtan weekly on my 1415 dps alts because it's easier to get accepted into them. They very much still exist on NAW at least, but are just not super common

  30. Learning groups do pop from time to time, and they're quite common on weekends - you might need to spend few minutes refreshing for a group (or make one yourself), but it doesn't take a lot to find people to learn the raid with. I try to do at least one clear with a learning group every week, both to get some practice with regular patterns, and to help if they have any doubts or questions - never had a problem finding a group like that, about 30 minutes was the longest it took for a group I made to fill (and we started Saturday 2am, which is very much off-peak).

  31. Valtan nm if u support no one care if u exp or not, only important thing is safespot for g1 wei and destruction bomb for g2 armor break.

  32. "No group wanted an inexpérienced support" .. watch the guides, you don't have to tell them, especially for valtan which is pretty easy

  33. Yeah this is a big issue in the pugging scene in Korea as well and its only going to get worse over time. The best advice would be to join a static raid. Or straight up just lie because theres just nothing you can do besides that to pug this content.

  34. Watch a short Valtan phase 1/2 guide, and just joined an experience lobby. Even if they find out you’re new the worst they’ll do is stop and kick you but this way you get to experience the attack patterns yourself and learn from your mistakes. That’s what I did with Valtan and Vykas, I struggled for hours on P3 Normal Vykas the first week, after several attempts and a week later I managed to clear P1-3 Vykas in my 2nd party finder in about 30-45 minutes

  35. People lie about being experienced. You can get more ilvls to be more confortable and use heavy armor. If I was you I'd watch videos and join the lobby anyway. It is way easier learning this way and if they kick you? Just enter the next 9 options like you said. I am sure everytime you try you will be just better :)

  36. bruh as a support you really don't even need to do much anyway, other than heal or shield. they don't have to know you're new in valtan at this point in the game. no real excused for buying a buss as an support.

  37. Just read the Maxroll guide, watch the videos until you know the mechanics reasonably well, then just apply to any group, most groups will just take you on as a support without question.

  38. I second the comments about just watching videos and learning the mechs and then just joining normal groups. If you die or mess up a mech just ask the group what you're doing wrong. Half the time these "reclear" groups have people who don't consistently successfully do the mechs in the first place.

  39. Alot of people have lost their chill for these legion raids, I had 1 person join a G3 - Vykas run as we failed the pools mech on the first try (170 hp bars) he just straight up called a stop and went on an insult spree.

  40. You lie. You join an "exp run". Fake it till you make it. Ive seen more teaching/learning parties in vykas recently, but id still recommend straight up lying. Worst case scenario you get called out and quit, who cares.

  41. Yea worse case scenario is you waste the time of 7 other people because you’re too lazy to form your own group so lying is easier… no big deal right?

  42. Don’t tell people you’re new, by the time they realize you don’t know what you’re doing you will have learned a few mechanics by then. Also watch a video guide first.

  43. As much as I dislike this approach, you are not wrong. People don't notice what a support is doing - and unless you completely mess up a mechanic, they probably won't realize it's your first time doing that raid. Case in point: I had other bard in the raid realize about 20 minutes in (midway through Vykas G2) that I was playing DPS build in our semi-guild run.

  44. making your own is a good idea but something i've learned to accept about this game is the devs have some questionable ideas when it comes to end game. Raiding is intrinsically tied to progression, moreso than any other MMO i've ever played but they seem completely disinterested in opening avenues for players to actually learn and practice the encounters or incentivize someone to teach new players the encounters.

  45. Bro just join any group and pretend you are not new. Even if you die on the first couple of times, after 2 to 3 runs you will be familiar with the fight. And you are a bard so you may not die at all.

  46. If I was in your situation I would join an alt reclear and just learn fast. Most the people in the alt reclear groups will make as many mistakes as you will.

  47. Imagine having to clear 3+ alts and some inexperienced people join the party and waste your time after listening to your advice lol

  48. Honestly if you study the main mechanics then you can just join a normal party. If you have heavy armor 3 you won't have to worry too much about normal patterns. Normal mode lets you timestop most of the wipe mechanics so even if you mess up you can timestop.

  49. I joined a great guild and we take new people in to raids all the time. Hell I still swear vykas is easier then valtan. So we tech and help them

  50. Hey I know this doesn’t specifically solve the overall issue of not having so many learning groups available, but if you or anyone else is on NAE my guild and I run learning groups of valtan and vykas every week and are generally really good about setting aside the hours needed. Feel free to PM me or add me in game to global chat my name is heyhowarya and we can try to set up a group!

  51. I've been hosting learning parties in NA west while teaching friends. Always a struggle to find a support for party 2.

  52. My personal advice is to just study up properly and Then go down the deep end and Do it in a regular group. Make sure you know everything in the guides first However and dont skimp out on pots and bombs.

  53. Or you are actually that good to let slide a couple of mistakes as not paying attention, playing in reclear parties, or make yourself a learning group

  54. Evenings on friday/saturday, and especially day before reset for stragglers. That's your timing to get the most people in a similar situation to you.

  55. Just don't join reclear party... please, you will just ruin other's experience. Join learning groups, or create your own. Also i saw that you are a bard, so you will get easy invited everywere, in the worst case you can join any party and tell them you don't know what to do and see if they have time to teach you.

  56. There is no advice. You gotta join a guild that will help you. That's really the only option. Attempting to fake it until you make it will honestly just make you not enjoy the game

  57. Hi! What I did was just watch the clear videos online and memorized the steps then I just took a leap and joined a group that was looking to clear it. It's okay if you mess up but just try to do well on the raid wipe mechanics.

  58. They seldomly pop up on the party finder. If you have the time and patience and don't mind leading one, you could set one up yourself, it would likely take a bit to fill up but once you get a few people to join the rest will pour in. Or just matchmake, nobody can deny you a spot there.

  59. Make a learning/try party for new players. Try to find a group of people that understand you're going to fail, maybe alot. Then friend them up and make a static.

  60. I understand everyone that don’t want to pick you , but I don’t understand why you don’t just join a group don’t tell them anything watch manny guides and you done , you plying bard u don’t need to know the fight anyway because u never engage with the fight anyway just learn mechanic done

  61. As a bard u can join any raid easly as long as ur engraving , combatstats and gems are atleast decent

  62. you should recognize that building a party takes time even for the reclear groups. make a learning party and wait for applicants. it may take 20 minutes but that is part of the experience. i think most people in your position (no exp) are too shy to "lead".

  63. You can find groups in the official Lost ark Discord, there you have a topic to find people to do raids, abbys and whatever. Also you can find a static party which in my opinion it's very important if you want to also do legion raids hard or hell in a future.

  64. When valtan was coming out I watched videos on the raid over and over again, I’m talking a lot. I’d call out each attack so I knew what it was, cross for example or in our depending on how he holds his weapon. It definitely sucks for newer players trying to catch up on legion raids, in KR there are new players that don’t know the raids so it’s very common to buy the bus instead of learning it since there are not very many learning raids anymore. Atk has some good guides out there if you are looking for some legion raid guides.

  65. Are you in EUC or NA? Look for big guilds with Discords, in my experience it's always a friendly experience, even if the party wipes. Once you know the mechanics from watching tutorials.

  66. I see learning parties all day on weekends for both vykas and valtan. Patience is what you need to find a learning party. Hell it takes me over an hour to get my 4x3 at ilvl alts into reclear groups. Patience

  67. This is my gripe as well after reaching this point of the game, not to mention the elitist aholes you meet as well who acts like they weren't new and were just instant gods at the game. The nicer ones however, usually have a static so as a solo player rip me I guess

  68. You are like a rare Pokemon for Vykas runs. I did 2 weeks Vykas learning lobbies (I was learning too) and we would wait 10+ min for a support or settle with Gunlancers. If you are on EUC I don't mind teaching you the raid. This week we(me and 2 other) didn't do learning but we still accepted 2 or 3 first timers and cleared the raid no problem.

  69. I played in a Valtan learning group (was more of a "teaching group" though, the 2 leaders were explaining stuff and and let us play the bosses over and over until everyone survived thru the whole thing instead of just killing it on the 1st good pull) literally just 2 days ago. This was the ONLY time I saw a Valtan group of this kind though so I got lucky there I think.

  70. Have you tried finding a guild first? Since you are a support a guild might take you on because it will benefit them in the long run to train you.

  71. Just join a learning party in group finder. Should be pretty easy to find a group as a support. Definitely don't be that guy joining a reclear group with no experience

  72. Get really familiar with the fight through guides before going in. Since you are a support as long as you have a few key engravings you will be accepted into most parties. You can scrub PF for a learning group to get in there and feel things out, but that can take a while to find and you may just have to suck it up and get in there for some exp. For Vykas I would super recommend getting as good as you can at understanding normal patterns. Mechs you obviously need to know, but I still see a lot of people taking more damage than they should during that raid.

  73. Dude, listen.... Watch a video, watch it a second time.... After that you just join a group and thats it.

  74. I just cleared vykas for the first time yesterday in a learning group; I'd say it's relatively hard to find a group for learning unless you make one yourself. From my experience, there's a lot of people wanting to do learner parties but no one wants to host because I assume sidereals control because they filled up fast when I tried to host or join

  75. There are definitely some learning parties floating around! I’ve seen quite a few posts regarding people hosting on this subreddit. I’d keep an eye out. The only region I haven’t seen many posts for is EUC but NAW and NAE seems to host fairly often! If your on NAE I’d be more then willing to bring you in on the next vykas learning party we host!

  76. My suggestion would be to watch recordings of the fight on YouTube and learn from that. I don't mean tutorials either since they only highlight the key points....watch a tutorial for the key points then watch a stream or recording of a full fight to see what it's like in real time. Honestly it shouldn't even be like that, sorry your experience is getting shat on.

  77. This is one of the games major downfalls for me personally. Your best bet is to find others on discord that would like to prog. Alternatively, find a guild with an active discord and ask if they would help you learn. You can also create your own party and expect to wait 1-2 hours for it to fill.

  78. Want to add in to all of this I suggest hopping on the Lost Ark discord as another avenue to find learning groups or ask for help.

  79. I’ve actually seen a lot of parties that allow their supports to come in first run. Just make sure you’ve watched videos and done some research so you’re not blind blind. Most of vykas can be done short a man.

  80. Would you mind posting your engravings?. I can also guarantee that If you watch a Valtan guide and understand the fight thoroughly that you will not have any issue whatsoever to dodge most of the mechs. I am a paladin player myself and I cleared Valtan the second time I ever did the fight because the first time we had a dc. So just watch a Valtan guide and really understand the fight then join a group without mentioning that you're new and you should be fine.

  81. I was in one yesterday where I proceeded to get yelled at the whole time. When I joined the party I asked if anyone was using voice and people did not like that either, saying stuff like "who needs voice for this??" Jeez, I was just asking.

  82. If you're in NA East and don't mind raiding at 11pmEST on Wed. or Sunday we're permanently trying to find a static support for our HM Valtan & Vykas group(s). We're an experienced 6 or 7 and can carry you through the learning.

  83. Make your own is 100% the way, trust me there are others out there that are learning. People can't expect to be carried by joining reclear groups. The fight takes some getting used to and you're just wasting people's time until then, it's good you're honest about it but it's frustrating for those who have already put the time in.

  84. I run multiple teaching parties every week. I'm on NAE and you can check if I'm teaching any given day by stopping by Newtruss on twitch. There are a few of us out here still hosting runs for newly eligible raiding folks just harder to find.

  85. What region and server are you in? If you are NAW, I make Vykas learning groups every weekend if I'm not too tied up with irl stuff. I made learning parties for G1 and G2 on Saturday, and I saw a lot of other learning groups in PF.

  86. The best thing you can do is to make your own group. I have seen some in the party finder this week for both Valtan and Vykas, and for Valtan be ready to wait for a while, but you should get enough people in some time.

  87. Get booted enough for not being experienced and bam then u have experience... being nice without a guild is pointless. Join the regular groups and learn. Dont say ur new etc...

  88. Me and my friends don't have a problem teaching people how to do the raid as we had to sneak my step bro in the raids since he has never done them, funny thing tho he is excellent at picking up mechanics and he did better than people with 20 clear titles on Valtan and Vykas. If you want people that can help you learn my friends and I are willing to help. Just message as we are always looking for more people to play. We are NA East if that's where you are.

  89. Both raids are pretty brain dead. Not to hard just a little to remember. You don't even have to say if you've been boosted you should have a good grasp on mechanics by watching others do them.

  90. Unfortunately you will probably have to make one yourself. The game is not very new player friendly when it comes to legion raids.

  91. It's as obvious as other people have stated here. Make your own group in party finder or find a chill guild

  92. Ppl will hate me for saying this but I say just join any group that doesn't have a toxic title even better one that says chill. I'm a hands on learner too I read what to do i only watch video if I really do not understand a mechanic and even now I still open maxroll first gate vykas because I can never remember orb order.

  93. Those people left like 3 weeks ago. Good luck playing with toxic people who expects you to just know your stuff ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  94. Might not be want you want to do but an option is to not tell people you're new and just play. Only downside is they can see your roster level and may decline because of it

  95. The issue I've been seeing, is that there are no learning groups and every group says "need support, know mech" or "need support reclear" and nobody is willing to take a support that hasn't actually done it before. This coming from a 1437 paladin, groups aren't willing to wait for you to learn with a few deaths.

  96. LA is toxic as fuck and this is a common problem. This will probably kill the game for most players and unfortunately, there is no fix for it unless people as a whole fix it and are ready to teach players.

  97. For NAE, I've started hosting teaching parties with a Discord that I encourage people to join, as talking about mechanics is way easier than typing for me. There's no pressure to speak unless you want to, but listening to everyone else's questions and the answers makes it smoother. To your point about expectations, I would say that as the creator of the party, you can set the expectation. It's not required for you to be the sole teacher and you can clarify that in chat or by title.

  98. It was mentioned that MAKING a group has expectations, because if you make a learning group, it's expected that you're willing to help teach people

  99. Not sure if anyone said this already, join a guild. My guild has 2 statics in which we always help each other and we always bring the newbies to teach them. If you’re on one of the Valtan West, come to my guild.

  100. Best bet is make a lobby in party finder, its a plus that youre a bard. Try to setup voice comms aswell because youll be expecting that people that join learning groups will be like you; No first hand experience of the raid. I agree with hands-on learning. Most of players are like that. Its really different when youre doing it live. Just be patient though, it will take a few tries to get it done. This also a good start to find a guild that fits your schedule and expectations. IMO its a lot easier to progress on raids with guildmates, as long as you tell them its your first run on legion raids. I didnt read all the comments but make sure not to pretend to know the raid when youre not. Its very easy to tell that youre faking it.

  101. I've never heard of a support not immediately getting into a legion raid. You learn something new everyday

  102. As a Bard main who did my first Valtan NM this week, there is no way for you to find a learning group at this point unless you are in a guild. One of the perks of maining support though is that you can just pretend lol. I read extensive guides of the raid made for Bards and watched the whole raid with shot calls a couple times on Youtube, then I had a very experienced friend with me on Discord who coached me through the entire raid while I was doing it. I finished both gates in my first try and did not die, which is another pro of playing Bard - you are extremely tanky so you don’t die to general patterns/attacks that easy. You have to be conscious of where and when to use your buffs, heal and shield though, which should get easier for you after your first clear.

  103. Don't tell them you're new and learn as you go. They will teach you or they will kick you out for an experience support. Once you learn the mechanic you can start joining experience party. I know people going to downvote my post, but everyone was new to the raid and got carry too.

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