Patchnotes are out

  1. On the one hand I'm glad to be able to receive this gold again. On the other my gold horde can no longer increase since I have

  2. That won’t be updated, you’ll still keep the coins you have now and play coin clicker till they’re out.

  3. Does anybody have a screenshot of the new skins for each class? I'm particularly curious to see what the Artillerist weapon looks like.

  4. So I get that the blooming mokoko event either gives like 10 gold or is completely busted and people will just spam it over and over?

  5. Why can't they fix the bug where 4 man party can't enter dungeon. Happens a lot in Abyss dungeons. We literally had to remake the party 5 times in one instance that week.

  6. Are event guardians a daily challenge? I play since launch and i cant remember that we had them. 25% discount for powerpasses is nice though.

  7. we did have them in april and you can do 3 of them once a day on each character you have, and ilvl doesn't matter because they automatically scale

  8. It seems it will be repeatable, but accordingly with Aiyulol it's a chance to gain gold while collecting mokokos and in the it isn't worth the time because it's rare and gain just a few gold, or something similar.

  9. Glad you mention this, i'll probably want to buy this when MY SCOUTER releases. But i think i'll rock his identity skin preferably.

  10. I dont have gunner class...who knows ehe scouter will be i have to create for example arti to get the sins for scouter later?

  11. You can just buy the skin chests on your main, put it in your roster storage and don't open it until you make your first Gunner class, which is the Scouter if you desire.

  12. Are the new skins gonna be royal crystal only as the summer skins were or will those finally be available for blues?

  13. There's mixed feelings in regards to this change. I am personally on the side of not going forward with it. Why? I find the ability to go through certain entities very useful knowing that I can use it during specific combos where I'd have to otherwise reposition manually. This includes ghost phase Valtan btw which I am a little shocked to hear that being an issue when it really isn't. Get enough distance and it won't screw you over for when you'd rather not pass through and this applies to any such instance. The actual reason however as to why I'd hate for this change to go through is the loss of a ranged attack. In case you aren't aware, LTS is in fact a ranged attack that does NOT require the user to move for it to do its thing. Best example to showcase is in fact also in Valtan fight. When those pillars pop and you hide behind them, pick the one behind the boss and shoot your LTS. You will not pass through the pillar but you will hit the boss. This functionality will be gone unfortunately if they are to go forward with it and has rather dire consequences both in PVE and PVP.

  14. Lol the g1 boss of vykas always gives me a swift reminder of that every week. 270 degree attack is great for a nice charged kick to blue sides back, oh wait went right through him into his pulsating aoe nice.

  15. If it’s every 6 month as in Kr we should indeed get it with Kakul and Scouter, we had the first one in March if i’m not mistaken

  16. Banger skins. The ironman skins are dyable which can result in amazing combinations and the Spring Dream weapons are super nice, Paws for fighters/Katanas for DB and the Paladin Sword <3

  17. the mech skins and weapons are the first release that i actually want to get. happy to finally see some wider variety of skins

  18. What about the random DC's? So annoying losing 5 minutes everytime the game kick you out without any reason

  19. would it be possible take advantage of the 25% discount on powerpass for the upcoming scouter? If I create a male gunner but don't choose the advanced class, can I still use the powerpass on him if go back to the character select menu?

  20. I dont see any mention of the bug that doesn't let you matchmake with 2 of the same class in the party x.x That one is reaaaaaaaally annoying. Even worse since it was fixed, then came back in another form LOL.

  21. My Only hope is that september part 1 includes the notice for tripods in the part 2 update. My dps are shot in the foot until the tripod update goes live lol. but i also want to see blue crystals soar with people trying to do all their tripods.

  22. September is gonna be two GIGAPATCHES. We get the new balance patch, Tripod update, Trixion update, Clown, Scouter and something i missed?

  23. Do the bikini skins leave after this patch or will stay for the full summer event? I cabt check ingame right now

  24. Yall are haters. We knew there wasn't going to be much in August. Yet people are still somehow disappointed. There are massive patches coming in September (crybabies be like: it's late's still Sept)

  25. Well for me it's a good time for a break. I just do weekly stuff for now and after months of constant playing (since headstart) I can finally play some other games :)

  26. Here I was enjoying the current... Maha... kara... Marakesh...? Whatever it is called, I've been enjoying not doing this event everyday and emptying the vendor every reset.

  27. I don't mind, the current event is basically nothing, you get all the leaves from doing chaos dungeons and guardian raids on main and alts anyways.

  28. Wait.. wait. Can I be now with these skins? Can anyone tell me which skin they use to make the outfit in KR?

  29. So every hour we need to that island for fomo reasons .At least make daily counter so we feel like doesnt miss :D

  30. Haven’t seen much from him anymore, I think they stop showing him. Seems like they are sticking to more streamers on twitch with a following that plays the game. Cy is a cool guy but we all know he doesn’t play the game like that, just a job for him but that’s just my assumption from the things that happened.

  31. No balance patch neither trpiod changes. New skin are available until september 28, there you have date of Kakul Saydon SEPTEMBER update.

  32. I call this period lost ark vacation. I'm still playing every day but a lot of my friends are taking breaks.

  33. Every time they add content like pet ranch which clearly targets 8 year olds I feel really dumb…

  34. If you buy the powerpass from the store on a new account can you bypass the story all the way through punika?

  35. About what we expected, nothing earth shattering. The ability to earn gold from an event is nice and will probably make people actually do it.

  36. I'm just worried that instead of competing against other players, we'll be competing with insane amounts of bot trains.

  37. Bruh they did Gloves fighters so dirty with the Japanese themed weapons, while other weapons got this cool looking details we got fking puffy tiger toy claws

  38. is there ANY news on when the new balance patch that recently hit kr comes to NA? plz, ANY official information is appreciated

  39. Today would have been a great day to release Machinist, why are they waiting for clown release giving us no time to reach that ilvl, this release schedule is just terrible.

  40. I'm so glad i didnt cave in and liquidate all my gold into blue crystals and/or bought the grudge books, ging to get 1 shiba pet and a couple mecha suits and some weapons for my roster v.v

  41. So did they change anything about the punika pass bot situation or are we about to get hit by a massive wave of gold

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