The game is growing more unwelcome towards casual players, and unviable for new players.

  1. I know it's one of your points already but I can't help but feel gold inflation is an even bigger factor to bad game experiences. The gulf between "transitional" accessories and good accessories is massive. So if you want good accessories, books, or stones, saving over several weeks is necessary. Prices aren't static though, they've been steadily rising week to week, but gold generation though is static. Yeah you can make new characters and increase their item levels, but you're limited on gold generating activities and there's an investment to get a character to that point.

  2. I checked yesterday the t1 accessories, there were pages and pages and pages worth them that were recently sold for hundreds of thousands of gold. I think it's safe to say that rmt is easily destroying the economy. All these 100 and 200k bis t3 accessories are not being bought by legit players, even if they do earn a shit ton, it's being bought by rmt bozos.

  3. Im ngl i recently stopped logging in. What i realised is when i got 4 chars to 1415 i now had too much to do and it became a chore/job more than it did fun, mixed in with unachievable 5x3 prices i just couldnt be bothered anymore. Maybe one day il play again

  4. Bro I don't even do dailies anymore. Maybe once or twice a week I'll clear chaos dungeons. I have 2 x Vykas and 2 x Valtan. Other 4 characters are all 1370 so I just have Hard Abyss and P1 Argos on those so I just run them throughout the week when I feel like it.

  5. For me it was the cost of 5x3 on my SH. Shortly after vykas dropped all my friends guildies had their 5x3 and were pushing alts to 15 or 30, while I was hoarding gold for my books and accessories. Fast forward to now with the doubled book prices my main still doesnt have 5x3, the 150k gold I have is enough for 4x3 + 1x2, all my alts are at 1370, while all my friends are at 1490+ (5x3) with 3 or more alts at 1430 and wont even get me for clown

  6. One of my static is feeling burnt out, 1470, 1445, 1430, and 3x 1370. He doesn't have any motivation to play anymore.

  7. I've been saying it for months and I get down voted to oblivion every time. But if they would cut the daily chaos tuns and guardian raids from twice to once a day but with double the rewards, it would help A LOT with people burning out. Especially if two of your alts are supports and clearing chaos dungeons on supports take double the time, throw in a red gate and it's so much.

  8. I finally hit my goal of 1445+ x6 so I'm just going to log on to do inferno prog, weekly raids, and try to avoid capping on rested.

  9. I've been F2P since start, but an avid above-average time spent player. I have 5x characters at the moment, 1370, 1375, 1405, 1435 and 1495.

  10. This but i stopped at 1477 5x3 with 4 other alts. The weekly repetition on top of the daily even just only doing rested bonus made me sleepier each time i did em. But what really pushed me away is foreseeing inflation of gold:blue crystal eventually surpassing KR. Game will only retain vets that can generate enough gold to not spend real money, or push newer players to rmt risking a ban. But this inflation is mainly from gold injection of RMT. Amazon is trying but it’s not enough and too late. Hopefully the game is alive when i come back from being burnt out.

  11. Yeah I quit last month. I got a few of my characters up to 1415 and it just felt too tedious having to do the same raid 3 or 4 times in a week. I realized if I didn't do that I couldn't keep pace with the raising gold cost and figured this isn't worth my time.

  12. Yaa I stopped pushing more chars once I got 3.. all the other 3 chars just get full rest and I'll think about doing jusr their chaos. I even skip 1 of my hm vykas coz sometimes those are ass lol.. so effectively I play 2 1/2 chars.

  13. No one is pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to run every single character. Just run as much as you feel like, if you miss on some gold for the week it will just mean you'll get a little behind.

  14. Just do rest bonuses. And put priority on your Main, and like favorite 1 or 2 others. Catch up the rest when you’re really bored or have extra free time you want to dedicate to it.

  15. Really wish the "Gold Character Select" screen had the option to select less than 6 characters and for every character less than 6 the rewards would be scaled up for the other selected characters down to a minimum of a single character getting 6x the rewards.

  16. I'm a casual player who started a few months ago after being pulled in by a friend. I played through the storyline, did some dungeons and guardian raids, did the express passes, I'm honed up to 1370. Which means we have to do Argos now, but after struggling through what were apparently very light mechanics intros in the Abyssal Dungeons (I could follow, but with 8 players needed we kept getting paired with people who didn't even bother to check the mechanics and wiping until people voted to quit), I don't know that I care enough to learn Argos and struggle through it.

  17. yesterday was the first day since launch that I didn't do anything on my account. And honestly, I'm wondering why I should log in today.

  18. Same bro played since day one never missed a chaos dungeon & guardian raid on my main and 4 days ago i did not do anything the next day i felt so bad of missing out and finally today i realise that i was a FOMO player & i want to far with the game.

  19. I've done that a lot of days on my account, and it made me more interested in playing more. Taking a break is the best for your mental, especially if you're questioning a game like it's a life decision lol

  20. Game is dramatically unfriendly to new players and to the playerbase itself. It destroys your time and demands only more as time goes on. New players are basically forced to use the dev handed out skips because even the devs know that nobody would want to do all the old content that they never polished.

  21. If you add up how much time you need to do your chores it quickly adds up to a full time job. It is no wonder people are burn out . 6 x chaos +guardian + legion raids + argos +weekly dungeons takes 20-30 hours a week. Playing that on top of life commitments is a quick way to burn out.

  22. For me 4 characters is the sweetspot. Specially if you only do GR on rested and take buses on some raids and don't bother bus driving yourself.

  23. It's not more friendly now than before. You still can't buy legendary engravings. 150-200k per engraving.

  24. Took us 6 fucking months to reach 1460 and i bet new players can do it in 2 tops now. our GHL prior argos(1370) was like 250gold each.

  25. Yeah, if you only just started with the recent express pass your character is probably already doing Vykas, our current end game raid. The game is literally set up to make it easy for new players to catch up to current content with express passes and honing buffs.

  26. Yea the FOMO is bullshit. You can go crazy to stay on front wave of progression. You can equally go casually to stay on the tail wave of progression. People seem to think the tail wave has no fun. I bet they're having more fun on average because they don't do 6x roster of everything. They enjoy the trickle of free mats and get much better ratio of effort to progress. What people are calling the crisis is how hard it is to cross from tail wave of progression to front wave. I don't understand how that's a problem.

  27. I still am not 1460 and have been playing on a single character for 5-6 months now. I have a friend that started later on on character and surpassed my ilevel(hink hey're like 1470-80 now). Made me cringe when they used them as an example of starting late and getting up to speed in ilevel. I wonder how many of these people just got lucky with their honing? I sure didn't and it shouldn't be touted as the norm to get lucky in honing.

  28. Let me understand, you got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who's having sex with the hen?

  29. This. Even before the game was released, people have been saying that this game has catered to the hardcore more than the casual player. I love this game and have spent quite a bit on it. However, I'll probably move on when a better mmo comes out. Hopefully something that isn't F2P and get their economy completely ruined by RMT.

  30. Lol what? Fanboys consistently talk about how casual friendly the game was with the changes to progression that came with global, and how everybody can just take their time whilst being completely ignorant to the economic changes that was going to happen.

  31. I quit 2 weeks ago because I found doing all my daily chores on my 5 alts + main to be just that, chores. I was no longer having any fun and supporting my main through NOT PLAYING MY MAIN really annoyed the piss out of me. Not to mention, but HM Vykas is literally the most toxic thing I have ever pugged in a game. I don't have time to form a static group and trying to pug it every week inevitably ended in me just running normal at the end of the week.

  32. I think people saying alts are there to feed your "main" is bs. Alt will never recover it's cost, because by the time they do - they need to start honing again to 'keep up' with the main - just think how useful it is now to have a 1340 or 1370 alt, when ur main is deep in relic - 1 rested chaos run on my 1475 main makes more mats than running every daily on my 1340 alt for a week.

  33. Just curious are there any other MMO's/games you have your eye on that don't have these problems? I only have 100 hours or so in Lost Ark and it already kinda feels like a chore to me.

  34. I decided to stop playing my alts and only play the content with my static on my main because I'm kinda burned out.

  35. Seems a bit odd that your write-up is entirely economy focused and mentions nothing of the psychological/mechanical stress the game places on the player in terms of end-game content.

  36. This was well put and hit on a lot of valid points. Lost Ark is a great game, but it's also a great game with all these issues plaguing it. Both can be true.

  37. And as almost every MMO type game, I find the elitist mindset of majority of players to be the biggest hurdle for "casual", new and even for those who are thinking of getting back into the game after a break. Like you are not 5x3 or whatever with fully minmaxed toon, tough luck getting accepted in a group for revelant content.

  38. The lack of pheons and blue crystal prices being this high make the game feel like shit, you feel forced to do every gold generating activity you can to just keep up, burnout is just around the corner.

  39. haven't played in about three weeks. Simply put, when i think about what i'll be doing when i login it's not fun. The grind is not enjoyable, and i find myself killing monsters about 10 minutes of my gametime, and another hour or so in menus.

  40. I have 600 hours and no intention of playing 6 characters. This is just unviable if yoh are trying to get 6 characters. If you just play 1 or 2 (aka casual) it's very easy to catch up. Also if you are a new player you should join a guild, don't need to chase engravings in a guild to get into content. Guilds care more about if you know the mechs and if you are willing to use bombs. Tripods are more important for damage. Our guild legion raids clear the content faster than bussers and we don't have meta 5x3 engravings. You don't need perfect gear to do the content and it is perfectly possible to get workable gear without spending pheons. You just need to be patient and accept non BiS gear (off meta engravings or stats).

  41. Agree. I'm in a group whose gear reddit would consider garbage, but we're able to do every content to completion. The only thing unwelcoming to new players is when they look into this community and see the obsession that you must spend pheons or you must have min-max stats.

  42. Huge misconception that you need '6 characters to keep up'. This bullshit was touted by streamers when the game was released. My wife only has 1 main with a few 1302 from free boosts just to do lopang or whatever. She has no trouble keeping up ilvl and has 350 EXTRA pheons without every buying any and gearing up her main twice (legendary, now relic). She is the definition of casual and has zero problems keeping up. It's the people who play casually that want/think they are hardcore that are complaining. They try to have a full roster without spending or having big game hours and just come here to complain.

  43. I have 500 hours and just start working on my first alt. Hella agree with you, everything is doable, you just need patient

  44. To complement de this, with 1 main and 2 alts you can just keep doing the same daily content that with just 1 main and no alts, exept you do it with rest bonus which doubles the rewards. The priority I hone alts to 1430 for normal mode legions, then slowly Hone them to 1460 4x3 for relic set (if you dont like the alt, just park it at 1430). Is not worth it to Hone alts to 1475 since kakul requires much more investment.

  45. Unpopular opinion incoming: alts do not increase your income in total if you wanna keep them kinda relevant. You'd be fine with 1-2 chars. Alts just give you more things to do and increase your personal economy so you can target upgrades more (e.g. this week i will invest 50k into golden books) but they consume as much as they generate.

  46. I disagree tbh. Honing is cheaper than ever. Mat prices are at an all time low and global honing buff exists. It's easier for new players to be be relevant than ever, especially with smaller rosters. The decline of players is more likely due to content drought and a lot of people being caught up on their rosters. The only thing to buy rn for a lot of people is Engravings and gems

  47. Seriously. New players can get to T3 in a fraction of the time that launch players did. And we call this unfriendly to new players? Sounds like there's some other issues going on with OP.

  48. I agree with you. I think alot of the people complaining about how hard it is for new players/influx are people trying to mask their complaints about issues at the current endgame.

  49. Just a little reminder that new player does not have honing research. Also honing being cheap is only your feeling as you earn a lot of gold so 500g per tap seems less scary, but when you earn like 4-5k weekly, that's a total of 10 taps only with gold alone, lets not even talk about rising prices of fusion stones which is desperate attempt from devs to keep trading skills important

  50. I stopped playing after bussing all of my relic gear. Community is extremely toxic, I got sick of logging in on exact hours because the island is only at 12/2/8 time, books are so ridiculously expensive I cannot afford them and there is really lack of gameplay for people who want to have fun. For me 8 ppl raids with 20 wipe mechanics is not fun. It's full of tryhards who do not understand that some people need to learn first. Future raids offer literally nothing, all the same wipe mechanics for what you need a static and 10 hours of playtime per day.

  51. Maybe you can come back in the future, when more casual/relaxed players will get to those raids and/or when more players will be so overgeared for them that they will skip most mechanics and won't mind an occasional wipe as it'll mean extra 2-3 minutes and 0-1 battle items instead of extra 10+ minutes and 3+ battle items. Already can be found in Argos, even in non-bus parties if I have some patience in party finder - I wiped a "p3 fast" Argos yesterday (my character is 1412.5, the others were between 1420 and 1475 except the supports at 1385) because turns out I don't see the p3 safe spot unless someone pings it (my previous party was teaching friends so they pinged it, but this time I left Argos for Tuesday so I couldn't find/get in anything except this "fast"), someone called me out on it but no-one was nasty about it, I apologized, then 2nd time someone pinged it and we cleared.

  52. Hey if it makes you feel better: You are not alone! I see all my guild mates and friends (who used to play) far ahead of 1460. Its frustrating really.

  53. The best post of the last few months, really shows the current state of the game, if this does not change there will be very few left and fewer people will enter the game.

  54. Casual player here, because of college/part time I only play a little and currently only have 1 1415 character. I have a lot of trouble trying to do any content that involves other players. Most coop content is actually a bet, most of times I can't finish a chaos gate because of the lack of players. I knew I'd not be able to keep up with content release but doing everything on my own now or having to beg people to help me with moake for example sucks a lot. Casual players don't have much fun playing the game nowadays.

  55. Current state is extremely generous to new players. Did you not play on Argos release? Literally 1 weekly abyssal that dropped 10% purple books which are 1gold when we paid 5k for armor and 10k for weapon. Our only way to get solar materials was to run excavation and chaos gates, now there's event vendors/pvp shop. They also pumped the materials from login events and challenge guardians.

  56. Blue crystal prices are a huge issue for new player entry. The new player are the ones trying to get pheons for gearing, but the prohibitive cost of gold to BC means they are unable to gear well. In addition, they are the ones unable to afford the combat engravings, meaning they are the ones who will suffer as prices increase. A large issue now is the wealth disparity between new and old players. I have tried to get multiple of my friends into the game, only for them to get bored of the story and not play. The game follows the freemium model, and telling players to just buy RC to progress is counter to most players expectations.

  57. it goes even beyond, with the combination of the express event, chaos line and the bridge (all things we didn't have) you get your main to 1430 to do vykas so fast, which still is the most recently released content.

  58. This is just eastern mmos in a nutshell. There is always a point of too far gone because they are all p2w vertical progression with no relative catch up mechanics. ( who cares if Korea boosts you to 1460 if you need to make it to 1600). These games will always die in the west without exception

  59. Exactly, that's why on WoW for example when a new expansion is released everyone starts at the same level, and later on the expansion they add many ways for you to catch up the ilevel required to go in the lastest raid.

  60. Really the main issue i see is for new players or more casual players spending the dozens of hours a week to generate money is a real challenge. Most guilds have established their static runs so new players are pretty much forced to bus raids which means they don't earn gold.

  61. Bus drivers absolutely do not have the books for free when bussing. It is definitely open bid for all drivers and passengers unless specified. No bids usually pop up for people carrying Orehas for free. Valtan busses are starting to hit below 1k gold a slot.

  62. What server are you one/what buses are you taking? Argos was down to like 1-1.2k(NAE) this week. It only shot up to 2k around the time when powerpasses and arcana was released and there were a ton of new alts and some players. So thats till 1500-1700 profit if you dont buy chest. Buying chest is dumb to add in as you dont have to buy it and its not something you would have the option is buy if you didnt do the content at all. Either its worth the value of the gold for you or it isnt. Valtan is only like 1k as well.

  63. Let's be honest, the Western version (this current version) atm is slowly bleeding out for multitude of reasons (bots, content dought, burnout, etc) and the game is only really thriving in KR (imagine that?!?). The JP version is dead and the RU version is nearly dead too. I won't be surprised if Western version follow suit because internationally this game hasn't had any lasting success.

  64. Why are people with 1400+ characters riding on busses if they need gold? Is the answer because hey have no gold to get decent builds?

  65. 3x3 is easy, 9*2 books +15 class from acc and 6/6 stone. Then some double engravings to make up the stone if it's 6/4 or something. Who knows how you 4x3 tho

  66. So, don't expect to catch up with people who have 6+ months 1500+ hours of playtime when you just started last month. You need to at least start to slow build your roster before.

  67. It's summer, devs are delaying relevant content to End of August or September once players are done with holidays and come back.

  68. My break from the game is quickly turning into an "might just not come back" because it's just so much work, and I'm not gonna put that work in just to be denied access to raids because my setup isn't no-life/p2w or i don't wanna get bussed lmao

  69. Everything here is caused by Pheons. Remove Pheons and suddenly, wow, all drops, even not bis - have value. And wow, you can suddenly gear your alts for cheap.

  70. I agree with this take sort of doomer but I see it. I've played in RU and since day 1 NA having almost 2k hours with 13 igneas. Most of my launch guildies are gone, most of people who joined in the last 3 months are starting to quit 1 by 1. Even those who spent thousands have just quit. I find myself barely logging in anymore and have no drive to play. 1495 main and i have an alt at 1485 shows you how much I played. Pretty burned out now and I am tired of the repetition.

  71. As someone who previously played 6+ hours a day for the first four months of the games release and now only being able to play maybe an hour a day… trying to learn the new raids and stay ahead is getting to be very difficult.

  72. I'm on the verge of quitting myself. I've been wanting to regear into a setup I'll be happy with longterm, and I'm trying to start with a 7/7 or equivalent stone, and I'm about 35 stones deep and don't have it yet. I swiped to buy some pheons, and if I run out and still don't have a stone, I'm done with this.

  73. I have to spend 2 weeks worth of all my gold to get 1 engraving. Then I need to spend 1 week of gold for enough pheons for the 4 characters I want to gear up. Then it's just roughly 1 weeks worth of gold per accessory, so I should have those characters geared 5x3 in..... 3 months! Just in time to replace all of it with ancient gear lol.

  74. This game has never been friendly to casual play. It is a game for the most sweaty of the sweaty. I wish I was able to keep up but I just fell further and further behind. I simply cannot keep up playing a hour or two a night.

  75. I wish they would make it 1 Chaos dungeon / 1 Guardian raid per char, per day with double the loots, and so if you did a rested run, it's like 4x loot but of course, the same loot per week because you're only able to do one instead of doing 2. That would dramatically reduce my personal burnout of content that I'm not quite enjoying that much anymore, while still giving me stuff to do every week enough to stay busy.

  76. I'll probably get my first(and only) character to 1460 this coming week(or definitely the one after), and it's entirely possible that I'll just stop playing then. The grind required to level the year beyond that point is absolutely ludicrous.

  77. There is zero fun content outside of raids, this game is in desperate need of a Mythic+ system like in WoW. Islands and all the collectibles are not going to be touched by people with a 9 to 5 job, just maybe for the SP. Once you clear Vykas HM, get full relic and 5x3 the flame to play this game extinguishes very fast, atleast it did for me. Furthermore, pheons and the state of economy make it very cumbersome to get your roster decked out.

  78. Feel you brother. With my roster of 6, when i pushed my main to 5x3, i stoped playing that much. I dont feel presure now to earn gold and i dont feel like i should. Doind my daily routine on my main now and rest bonus on alts on weekend when i have some more time. Legion raids still fun thou :)

  79. Agreed on all points but really the key issue is that the dopamine hits become few and far between the further you get into the game.

  80. It has always been unwelcoming for casual/new players. I quit months ago and it only seems to have gotten worse

  81. Wait for people reaching 1505 and then realizing that swiping is mandatory from there unless LOA is your main job...

  82. i only had a 6-char roster with main sitting at 1415..and when i was finaly ready to push 2 alts to 1400+ i got cockblocked by pheons. i'm even satisfied with 4x3 engravings and could buy the jewellery for 100-200g per piece, so 1k for all 5, but the pheons to do so cost 12k gold, which i dont have.

  83. You have more success in this game by being an accountant than just playing the game. At least this is how i felt before quiting, you had to have a calculator all the time next to you. To see how many alts you need to have, what prices bid on items,what to sell.

  84. The progression system in this game sucks and doesn't feel rewarding. Gear is automatically rewarded and progression of said gear happens through a form of gambling. They knew what they were doing when they decided to make the loot system mat based and tie that to the cash shop. It's P2W, 100%. It's no different than paying for high end gear straight out of the cashop shop, except worse since it's gambling RNG with the honing.

  85. Yep, this game's grind isn't for me. I like the game a lot, and if i haven't played many MMO's in the past, i probably would put a lot of effort into learning the later raids.

  86. While I don't disagree with some of what the OP is bringing up, I feel like they are confusing the New Player experience and catch-up mechanics with casual players and the desire to optimize gold generation.

  87. It's so funny listening to new players describe the "new change in the meta toward bussing", as though it's some unforeseeable behavior that's popped up out of nowhere and now needs to be managed in some way.

  88. 500h one 1490, one 1395 and one 1370 with no intention to get more characters. So far i only bought 2 skins and i am not planning to spent money for honing. Lets see how far this gets me. After brel it will get rough for f2p...

  89. i was out of a job for about 40 days. While i was doing my interviews remote (i already found a new job) i basically spent 16h/day on lost ark. That happened right as i got banned on the 18th of last month.

  90. that is literally how the game is in KR. Western audience just doesnt vibe with this type of game all that well, seen it so many times. Play casually and if you lose interest just move on.

  91. I would never recommend this game to any new player except if they're a hardcore gamer which gonna play this game like a job just to catch up (at least for current situation) , so you get hyperexpress and powerpass, congratulation you get 1400 and 1370 in a few days but guess what you cant play any raid, you have low roster, bad engraving and gem no one gonna accept you even into argos g1, finding a learning lobby? It doesnt exist, making your own learning lobby? No one gonna join you, finding a guild that caters newbie? A few exist perhaps, in the end you gonna take a bus straight into g3 because its much more profitable you learn nothin and yea your guardian daily gonna feels horrible (all those hyperexpress and stuff are just an illusion to lure new player until they realize how horrible it feels) And what can you afford with 2 char at that ilvl? Nothin. BC getting more expensive and you need 5-6 char to afford gearing up and buying aura so you either grind all those continent for 4-5 more char or waiting for powerpass Never have i heard such bullshit when people saying this game is f2p friendly, alt friendly, and respect your time (its only friendly if you treat it as 2nd job) The only thing that keeps me logging in is because my friend still playing and i would not think twice to leave my 1490 and 3x 1415 and 1x 1400 alt if they stopped, even legion raid start to feel lile a chore after the feeling of enjoyment in first 2 weeks becausw you gonna do em on your alt in future too, imagine doing 3 legion raid on 6 char each week on top of daily just to keep up the income you need to gear up

  92. Friends have asked if they should play Lost Ark and I’ve flat out said no. A couple other friends have burnt out. Not many people can do the same content x6 times a week for a pittance of gear progression.

  93. As a new player this is very reflective of my experience so far. Groups aren't always as bad as you say but everything else is pretty spot on. I feel like the veterans of this game have an extremely warped perspective of what the game is actually like nowadays at the lower echelons.

  94. I thought about pushing a friend along to progress but someone who was 1370 3-4 weeks ago just returning to the game is now 1460 and doing hvykas basically on their own, so no need for intervention.

  95. Una's dailies token is another +1000~1400 gold at ilvl 1302+. Argos P1 in matchmaking is another 800 gold. Not sure why Argos MM is written like it's not even an option in this post. I've running it regularly on my 1370 alts for months, and I found fails/disbands to be rarer than successful clears.

  96. Honing is really cheap and global honing makes it possible to breeze through to tier 3. A new player right now has significantly easier time than a new player 1-3 months ago.

  97. This game will 100% die from its economy. I just finished Grudge this week and feel nothing. It cost me 160k and I still have to cut a 7/7 stone and spend another 100k+ on accs with +5 class engraving or another 12x non-transferable legendary to reach 5x3. Then I have to repeat this shit again on every alt? Fuck that noise.

  98. You should not be going for 5x3 on your alts. They’re perfectly fine at 4x3 or 4x3 +1. Of course it’s going to cost a lot if you’re trying to put end game accessory setting on all your characters. These accessories you’re getting now at 5x3, you will use until 1560 and probably even longer given how expensive ancient accessories are going to be.

  99. No, you dont have to repeat this shit on every alt... Cutting a 6-6 Stone on an alt to get a 4x3 engraving, using 2 legendary accessories for Class engraving, and 3 relic for the rest, is not that expensive. Don't be a drama queen.

  100. Couldn't agree more, people that will dedicate their life to this game doing everything that is possibile to do each weeks & bussing high end cotnent, will generate a enormous amount of gold and people that run only one characters will have to deal against them.

  101. Raids are impossible to make or learn in game because as soon it fails you get yelled at and then sent a kind fuck off with "go to youtube"

  102. Posts like this are dumb, obviously the players that have more time and or money will lap the casual player. Get off your entitled high horse. Instead of worrying about what others are doing play the game at the pace you can to keep your sanity. God these posts are so mid

  103. I agree that the new player experience is awful. You literally cant play the game if you dont run Oreha on 6 character. If you just started you immediately burn all your gold after some honing taps for the rest of the week.

  104. Pretty much only way to get higher ilvl without spending real money is alts. And honing just gets significantly worse the higher we go. It only looks do-able b/c we see streamers do it but the average shmo isn’t getting online/offline donations on the fly. Best quit now b4 you’re too far in deep

  105. In my opinion if i were to be a new player and start playing now i would prbly quit before i even reach tier 2 and i think most of the people who play everyday are players that started playing since the game came to our region, if they were to start as a new player now they, most of them, would prbly not make it to tier 3.

  106. This behavior isn’t just toward new players. It’s to all players, those existing and don’t play excessively/swipe to keep up, those who take a break and don’t swipe to keep up and everyone else newer or less established. There is an incredible elitist mindset that people claim Is “normal” in MMORPGs but as someone who has played practically every popular western mmo out there and a few big name KR ones, all of which tended to be much more “p2w“ in nature or simply faster paced; I can say without a doubt that our community in our version is the most elitist I’ve ever experienced. I don’t think there is one cause, I think many things factor into this. The rhetoric of veterans who eagerly waiting for the western release seeking to be respected authorities , some streamers comments/sentiments some of which are arguably taken extremely out of context, the rampant RMT, constant comparisons to KR standards.

  107. the advertisement of bussing and carry runs should be prohibited from party finder and ingame chat.

  108. TBH what most people won't understand is that this is a side effect of the accelerated scheduling. In KR, we've gone through similar growing pains during Vykas/Kuku release. It doesn't compare though. Even now, Illiakan is coming out almost a year after Abrel. That was plenty of time for players to build up their rosters.

  109. I wouldn't try to hone 5-6 characters at once. Try to get your main to 1430, and have your 5 1340's or whatever it may be going for 1370 at the same time. Once they're 1370, focus on getting 1 to 1430 at a time IMO.

  110. I know I'm in a small minority but I have a 1490 main 5x3 full level 7 gems and now 5 full relic set 1445 alts. I could not play until brel and I am still fine.

  111. I have been having some computer problems lately that are NOT quick to fix. The disconnects during dungeons/raids are absolutely punishing if no one waits (and no one ever does). There are so many quality of life upgrades over WoW (my frame of reference), but they need to do better with this. I feel like I can't be doing that stuff knowing my PC is not back to 100%. It's absolutely miserable, I can't imagine someone trying to play with actual bad internet or a PC.

  112. This is common in mmos. It sorts itself out usually unless there is a fundamental flaw in the economy of the game.

  113. Guess why everyone is leaving? Not many people have fun doing the same routine on 20+ alts every day. I thought the endgame would offer some solid grinding action, random generated dungeons like in Diablo or PoE. But all I got was create more alts and do the same shit all over again.

  114. You just described a fantastic allegory for (at least) the US economic system. Probably, even most of the free world. Pheons is the global banking system that inhibits the free market and we, the tax payers suffer with the consequences of their continuing"interest"payments flowing in.

  115. Most of the stuff in this game is normal for any games. The two that hurt the most are the anti-botting measures harming real player gameplay and doing nothing to stop bots, and pheons. The literal worst thing ever in any game period. They serve no purpose and do absolutely nothing against bots.

  116. Checking this reddit from time to time and all I can say I am so fucking glad I've quit a month after the release. Feels bad for all the normal people who did not realise soon enough that this game was either insane money or time sink. I have neither so I passed.

  117. I don’t have trouble with any of the things you are pointing out.. I’m not a fan of bussing and think it shouldn’t be allowed since it ruins the new player experience so i do agree with you on that one.

  118. You dont think having 6 characters is a full time job? How? It takes me 4 hours PER day to clear 7 alts and thats not including any raids/weeklys/any horizontal. If you want to prog at a good rate it IS a full time job, yes u can play casually but u wont stay relavant. Pheons is 100% a problem, they r crazy priced and honestly just a dumb idea in a game wise stand point, it has made many ppl quit gearing/cutting stones. If you dont think its a problem than okay? Everyone else does. You arent even 0.0001% of the population, wasting a weeks worth of gold on pheons is ridicilous.

  119. Had to go and check. This game is consistently in top 5 games played on Steam lol. I personally only jump on for daily rewards. I’ve been waiting for scouter since release. Played like 650 hours and i needed a break from the dailies. No big deal I’m not concerned with everyone else progressing past me. I’m here to enjoy the game at my own pace. Y’all stress yourselves out over a video game its kinda weird.

  120. Is that…. Not how MMO’s work? Every MMO I’m aware of also forces you to raid if you want end game PvE gear progression. Crafting keeps up to some level but quickly falls off, PvP gear rarely is more than a joke. I just, how is it narrow minded game design if it follows the industry standard?

  121. 5 alts? What for? Stop honing alts if you are trying to catch up. Alts come AFTER your main. As for pheons i agree they are expensive, but you should only buy 1 set of accessories at 1370 and then last set at 1415. If you are constantly switching build then it becomes expensive. I wish we could try off meta build without pheons but there is nothing we can do about it..

  122. Eh? Pheons help casuals with 1 character. Youve gotten 500 pheons for free. Thats more than enough for 1 character. Pheons are worse for ppl that wanna gear 5 alts lol

  123. There is a lot of copium in this thread. OP is on to something and you can clearly see a drop off in game. At this rate the game will likely be dead by next year.

  124. Personally, given I am definitely on the hardcore side, 1505 Main, 5x1445 and 1x1370 characters, past 3 weeks I've been on vacation for 1 week and I managed to do all my raids 6 Vykas/6 Valtan/6 Argos runs in two and a half days, playing around 8h per day.

  125. Lost ark started to become boring to me. Made the best decision by just uninstalling the game. Going to remind myself to never play these grindy games anymore. Was fun at the start tho.

  126. The secret to playing this game and not burning out is to just have 1 main, run all the weeklies and do the chaos/guardian/una dailies which takes 1 hour at best and just log off. You would be 1490 5x3 building shards/bounded leapstones for new content instead of burning yourself out making a full roster and feeling like you need to do raids on 5 extra characters. If you want to play more you can have more alts but don't ever feel like u are forced to play multiple characters to keep up, remember you gotta invest in alts to hone them up and gear them out. I have multiple people in my static and guild just playing 1 character since day one and they've been sitting at 1490 for weeks now, some even stop logging in daily and just do full rested.

  127. You know when I will return to this game? The day they give me all I need to confortably raid. Do I have to do stupid chores and spend countless hours to farm gold in order to improve my character? Then I'd rather play FF14, wow or even L2, way more enjoyable games outside raid than Lost Ark

  128. Bots are running rampant, economy is crashing, new players and f2p players can't do anything unless they farm 3+ hours everyday have a full roster of gold making characters.

  129. For me the only reason why I quit was because of the difficulty of vykas. They have normal and hard mode, why can’t they implement an easy mode? I wouldn’t care about getting the quantity of drops in normal or hard. Plus, an easy mode would be a better way to learn the boss fight. But all in all, the elitist mentality most people have has turned me off of the game. Glad I quit when I did.

  130. It is extremely painful and unfun doing multiple characters worth of the same content every day and week.

  131. Thank you for this post. You’ve articulated it very well. You can see how many players relate to it from your upvotes and how those “old established” players are downvoting and complaining in the comments.

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