I played through a teaching run for Valtan with a group and it’s the most fun I’ve had playing this game so far.

  1. Trading raid leads for esther's a good one. A lot of people still don't know how to use these because they don't make their own lobbies. Not that I blame them or anything, there just isn't really any opportunity to do so unless the raid lead ends up dying.

  2. It was such a great idea for everyone to actually experience it! I wanted to be able to play through the mechanics instead of just being carried through so it was super sick. Thank you!

  3. Been in so many groups where the leader dies and passes it to someone random and it goes horrible wrong... everyone should have some practice with it

  4. I love to do teaching parties. It actually brings me such joy seeing people experience what I learned a few months ago. It's almost nostalgic. I love seeing when someone has been struggling with a mechanic until finally it just clicks. Welcome to legion raids my friend, hope to see you at vykas soon.

  5. I pushed my paladin to 1430 specifically so I could run Vykas learners. They take so much longer but the raid itself is fun and it's just such a joy seeing that moment when it clicks for people.

  6. Hey man, I have over 250+ hours into this game and just recently ran Valtan a few weeks ago myself, mainly because I was scared to pug it as well. I actually sat at 1415 forever just because I was too nervous for all of the same reasons you stated.

  7. I remember pugging Valtan HM in week 2 (was too anxious to try it in week 1) and found a party titled 'Learning pty, no quitters' or something. That was probably the most fun I've had so far. We spent 6 hrs wiping and didn't even clear in the end but everyone stayed. It was the progging and learning more as we inched closer to a clear that was fun to me. Because I didn't want to go back to just doing chaos dungeons/guardians all week. Even getting to ghost phase with majority alive was a high. No one was toxic and everyone stayed focused. I got so much EXP. that in week 3 I cleared, and being one of 3 ppl still alive at the end of ghost phase felt amazing. Palms were actually sweaty.

  8. That sounds great and happy everyone had a good time. Sounds like everyone did their part too in that raid which to me is the HARDEST part. Everyone had their battle items, was able to repair and was interested in learning. Many times people join groups and don’t want to do none of these but happy yours did. Good stuff

  9. There is this WoW streamer (although he's not really playing WoW much any more and branched out) Preach who has a youtube series called "Drama Time" where viewers send in their funny and/or embarrassing MMO stories that he reads on stream.

  10. The most fun I've had in legion raids are with chill groups who accept that humans can make mistakes and will actively try to help people improve rather than flaming people for even the smallest slip ups. A little bit of patience really does go a long way. It's a shame the learning party culture hasn't really taken off in our version.

  11. Even with Chill there is still a limit. We had a nice group yesterday but 1 person kept effing up, we asked many times if he needed explenation but it was all good, messed up easiest mechanics... So we kicked him, new member and boom... one shot...

  12. On the other hand you can't force people that put in hours to learn the raids the hard way to spend just as much time to teach newer people.

  13. Wow, so glad you got to enjoy a awesome raid learning group. I remember we actually had a Raid merc guild I'm marvel super heroes and would always help people get into raid, it was nice to see people enjoy that part of the game. In Lost Ark some of thr best time in this game was the learning groups for the raid the first few weeks because the fact that no one expected anything and everyone chilled and enjoyed the game!

  14. I have been doing Vykas learning parties for 2 weeks now. It takes hours to finish but its actually fun. I had made friends too.

  15. That's why I wanna be strong. I'm currently at 1460 and I'm not that good at the game, I can do my part on vykas and valtan but it was a long way to where I am and I still not good enough, when I'm ready I wanna do this kind of stuff for others.

  16. That sounds amazing! I just hit 1415 and raiding sounds so daunting. How did u find the learners grp? And how long does it take?

  17. Look for groups labeled "chill learning party". I hit 1415 last week as well. It took a little under 4 hours to clear but my god it was fun. Went way past my bed time but I didn't want to quit on the group because we were making progress after every wipe!

  18. hmu and we can make one together. I'm still a Valtan noob and made the Ghost phase for the first time last week. I would still love to run a learning party. I'm CST and usually play pretty late in the evening.

  19. I’m exactly the same. Sadly nobody I know is playing the game so I mainly pug everything. I am 1437 and have not touched valtan aside for 1-2 bus rides. Have not even tried vykas. Really wish the game provided more avenues for casual players like me..

  20. Just join a lobby that isn't looking for fast reclears. Valtan is easy to carry so people don't care if you die. Just make sure to do mechs

  21. just join an alt run lobby and follow the pings, nobody cares, 3x3 is decent enough to run normals, do expect to get flamed if you join an expert only lobby though, with time youll learn the mecs and choose to join them yourself, because nobodys got time to wait for wei.

  22. I have always enjoyed teaching the mechanics of a certain dungeon or boss fight in MMO's. The more people that actually know the smoother the rum turns out.

  23. I would love to make some learning lobbys and teach people, but with work i have no time for suchs things sadly :/. I really enjoy teaching others <3

  24. Just did a post about this a few days ago about how much I appreciate the ones throwing and teaching these learning parties! Haven't seen a learning one for Valtan yet so I'm so happy for you for finding one.

  25. I would love to do teaching parties once in a while, if my unstable internet wouldn't kick me out of the game for 10 minutes every hour thanks to this dogshit optimization.

  26. Even though I've been in Valtan and Vykas clears, I like the learning parties because it gives me time to learn basic attack patterns. I've got 1200+ hours in the game but until recently, I have only had one character at valtan/vykas level so I really only get one opportunity to practice a week. And yeah, I read the guides and watch the videos, but actually doing it (or failing and seeing why I fail) is how I learn the best.

  27. I think there would be more learning parties if you could reenter without rewards. Personally I think Valtan is a very fun fight and Vykas isn’t fun but learning the mechanics of both are important. Also, Vykas makes me think I should’ve spent more time on the underwater abyssals.

  28. Had the same exact experience you typed there, except I just didn't do the raid before bc I was missing iLvl LOL. Just came back after a 3month break. But yeah, don't be afraid to jump into content, everyone in this game had their first time and sucked at it. Fuck ppl if they yell at you in your first few clears, every single player learns differently and at different paces. Congrats on your clear and future clears!

  29. I would encourage you to take ownership of your learning based on those experiences. There are a lot of people like you looking for "learning party" in the party finder system but they are afraid to host. When you get to vykas, don't hesitate to start your own group and not only build a team of patient people to play with while you learn, but also help them find a place to struggle and explicity identify mechanics with.

  30. PLEASE, are they from USE? I need this so badly. I was 2 weeks late into Valtan and my patterns need so much work. I would like to sign up :(

  31. There's just not enough people learning these days on NAE for more teaching lobbies. We hosted one for valtan hm for our friend that came back from his military duty and we spent over an hour sitting in party finder to fill with people that wanted to learn. Ended up just filling with mostly guildmates and only 1 random guy that wanted to learn it, had to purposely slow down the fight and only auto attack since we kill the boss to fast normally with our lineup...

  32. Wish there was an easier way to find new players, not just for Valtan, but for all content in general. Guilds are always recruiting valtan/vykas ready and not always looking for new players. Meanwhile, I do free carries, but it's hard to find people on the same server (and usually they're alts anyways).

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