Any chance Amazon won’t give pass to Machinist?

  1. People are "expecting" power passes to be reenabled but it was already confirmed by roxx that they're coming back on the 24th with a 25% discount lmao

  2. No, but I'll bet my ass on that they will re-enable paid passes. They know that Scouter is going to be a popular class and they will cash in on it.

  3. I'm expecting a 1 time powerpass discount instead of a full free pass. It is Amazon after all

  4. Smilegate should be the one controlling the allocated passes and events. So if they don't give one you should blame them.

  5. Seeing how easy it was to level an alt with the current event , if they don't I'll wait until next comes to make machinist

  6. it will expire by the time scouter comes out but if you are set on using it on scouter you can power pass a lv1 gunner and just not pick a class on it

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