A Little Look at my Progression Over the Last Month

  1. Oh I definitely want to, that's the whole point of this. Pushing to 5x3 would cost roughly 120k gold (that's the cheapest setup I could find after a couple hours looking thru AH over the course of a couple days), and that's with legendary grudge maxed out which I don't have (won't be learning RE books as I plan on swapping mains in the near future). If I hadn't pushed alts, there would've been no way I could afford that. My thinking was that I had roughly 2 months until clown release, so the first month would be to push alts and make sure I had a stable source of income. This month, my goal is to push my main to 1480+ and get 5x3.

  2. Not OP but I'm an altholic that does 4x3 + 1 on main and alt. The thought process that goes into that is as followed.

  3. The main reason we have this gatekeeping issue is due to significant lack of supports proportionate to the dps population. And the issue will always remain as long as theres shortage of supports.

  4. Your silver will take that hit I'm in the same boat as you pushed 2 alts to 1415 and my silver dropped so much under a mil right now, doing daily chaos is always a good idea in general but guardian raids can be done with rested if you'd like but if you have 1 or 2 alts you won't push then make em lopang slaves I haven't done that yet but I only have 5 chars waiting till scouter to finish my roster

  5. If you have many alts and do chaos dungeons on all, you don't necessarily need silver if you only push with mats you generate and don't buy any extra. Leapstone dailies are great if a character hasn't had time to accumulate GHLs from CDs and weekly una's/boss rush.

  6. I started playing almost 2 weeks ago. Currently in T3. Got stuck on 1334 for a couple days because i lacked gold to keep honing.

  7. You do know you can just buy fish in AH to craft fusion material to sell right? With good cost reduction you are looking at 12k+ gold every week if you craft non stop.

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