Finally! As f2p, my biggest achievement yet and didn't have anyone to share with. Recent EUC prices at 13k made this painful.

  1. In SA grudge is getting 15k (yesterday) I want to start buying but Im just waiting. Maybe I will try get KBW for now

  2. The two big reasons grudge will drop are if there is an increase in supply of books and if there is a decrease in demand. The first already seemed to have passed with the release of thronespire (unless you're counting on an influx of bots, which isn't unfeasible given lack of localized prices for SA), and the second is if a large portion of the player base already has 20x grudge, indicating that there is a big slowdown of incoming players, not something I would be hoping for.

  3. Main at 1465, 1 alt at 1430, 1 at 1400 and like 5 characters at 1370 but only pushed most very recently. I bought the books gradually each week, did roughly 5 books per week and this last week sold some of my honor shard investments with increased prices.

  4. It's really scary to start but once you do it's really not that bad. Will take you up to a month but it will pass quicker than you think! Key is to start :)

  5. buying grudge books isn't actually worth unless ur planning to gear 9+ character some koreans did the math, but still congrats

  6. Going double leg books let's me save 50-150k on each character 5x3 by not needing perfect gear and let's you get it in like 10k gold so I'd say it's worth

  7. Seeing current price on all books, thinke i made a good choice not honing after argos relise but invest all my gold in books. Btw, dont forget we will get one of each book on Ku-Ku and Avrelsud vendor.

  8. Slowly build up your roster, pushing alts as soon as you can with bound leapstones & shards. I'm F2P as well, and making over 100k per week with an established roster.

  9. Don't sweat it too much, unless you are running a roster of 12+ DPS classes then getting Grudge on stone is a better route IMO plus its nerf proof if Grudge is on your rock.

  10. Damn. I just started farming for my leg Mayhembook, all I need for my 5x3, have all the access allready. 2/20 so far gonna be a looooong grind. Congrats to you though thats huge!

  11. Wish I could never resist reading the books only by one as I'm purchasing them. How do you have enough restraint to keep them all in your eq? Or did you just flat out buy a stack of 20

  12. Well, it wont be activated until you read the 20th book so might as well collect it all before reading

  13. Since I don't gain anything by just reading them wanted to collect all first. Also gives you a sense of progress when you keep seeing them in your roster bank.

  14. I just started on mine this week. Got 3 books so far. Might be able to get a 4th once I finish my legion raids for the week

  15. Hah, i bought some books at 16 k xD Still worth. Back then we also made way more gold with great honors (70-80 gold when i bought Grudge)

  16. Man I'm getting ready to finally go 5x3 on main and engravings decide to just go up nearly 2x in price compared to last week, when I also sold 2x grudge from tower. I suck so hard at predicting prices

  17. bought 13 so far in NAW between 6.5-6.8k. might buy a few more a bit above 6.8k but I did not need to so far.

  18. I have bought the bronze founders pack and a few skins so I guess I'm not really f2p since the skins have stats am I right?

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