Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - January 26, 2023

  1. What's the pug strat for the initial part of showtime? Everyone stacks bottom, only the 2 people with marks start running together as soon as they get the mark?

  2. start bottom, 2 right, 2 left. Each side one person goes further. something like 9 3 5 7 clock positions is good enough to tell who the aim is on.

  3. I generally see 2 strategies, usually everyone stacks at the bottom (6 o'clock position) to start with. Then either everyone run clockwise and try to keep same speed, or one of the marked people separate from the rest and run anti clockwise on their own.

  4. Anyone getting a bug where suddenly you get full count ( 2 runs ) and full rested chaos dungeon ? It happened randomly among my char ( 3 out 12 ) . I tried to run another chaos on a bugged character and yeah I got full rested loot

  5. 60 seconds from the moment the tiles break (NOT when the marker goes out) is when you're free to push with no issues. It's also not the end of the world if you push a few seconds faster than that, but you can't dodge the hand smack south and the black holes will spawn all bunched up north. Waiting one minute to push will repair the tiles during the cutscene though.

  6. New player here. Cleared valtan hard g1 but group couldn't clear g2. Can I join new raid starting from g1 and just not get rewards until g2 is cleared? Or do I have to find a raid that is only doing g2?

  7. If you want damage, getting high quality 4x3+1 or such will probably be better than low quality 5x3. If you want to get parties, the 5x3 will more likely get you there.

  8. To be perfectly honest with you, people will gate keep you if you're 4x3 starting at vykas hard no matter the quality. Most people won't care about quality and will go straight to engravings in PF

  9. Red is indeed the fastest gate, since there are only mini bosses before the final boss. All other gates also have elites that only unlock the doorway but don't drop rift pieces.

  10. Was this game always so popular? I remember it being a korean release but i didn't realize it's the #1 most played in korea and hundreds of thousands daily players on steam.

  11. It has been consistently top on KR even before the release in the west, it became much more steady after the release on the west for both NAEU and KR regions.

  12. Control is probably cheaper goldwise, Pinnacle is in this weird spot where its pretty good throughout every phase of gearing but never becomes insane while Control gets a big spike from completing Entropy but doesnt amount to much either as most other Entropy-classes outperform it due to spec-scaling or just class difference.

  13. Pinnacle is really strong early on with little investment which makes it a great spec to start with. Control does have a higher ceiling but will be fairly weak before hitting 1445, where relic sets become available.

  14. It’s been too long since I did tower so I’m not sure, but chaos dungeon is excellent for Pally, just throw on preemptive strike and you have tons of AOE damage

  15. Hey guys, just checking in. Are there still one zillion bots teleporting/training around the starter areas, or is that issue fixed?

  16. Thoughts on using atrophine in static/guild runs where nobody is using it? I want to use it just to pump more damage but I feel like it is too tryhardy or people would think I’m trying to bloat my dps or something

  17. they’re part of the game and you’re sacrificing HP for the damage - the decision to trigger or not trigger atropine is part of the fun of burst classes. Only time I would consider it griefing are for when time stops are required

  18. Just use them, my buddies have never used atro before until I did and they saw that we almost skipped m4 right after the stagger for m3 with no sidereal(pre-brelshaza). They immediately asked for a restart and used atro on the next pull. Now we're skipping m3/m4 on our main runs.

  19. Do what you want. If anyone gets upset that's on them. Your just helping the team. But if you yourself become the toxic one putting people down for being cheap or doing z dps then it's a problem.

  20. Hi, I am missing 2 Shandi, Azena/Inanna or 2 Nineveh for LoS 18(I have 1 selection pack); which dungeons drop those cards? I have already all the rapport/achievements cards.

  21. shandi can drop from vern abyss dungeons and onwards, azena from rohendel abyss onwards and nineveh from feiton dungeon onwards. also the legion raids + argos can drop it.

  22. For spec summoner, if you build up your gauge and adrenaline stacks and there is a mech, after the mech do you rebuild adrenaline before dropping akir, or just shurdi and pray for crit?

  23. I think crit caps at 85%. Check where you are by factoring in armor and your crit stats and see whether that 3% matters. My guess is it doesn't (armor & RH cores add a lot) so my vote is 95/96 crit spec.

  24. IIRC KR didn’t even get guaranteed class engraving on Argos accessories. We got that as a catch-up mechanic since we got Argos so much closer to our release than Korea did for theirs. Now that we’re getting content at about the same pace, there’s no chance we get something like that for ancient.

  25. No. Guaranteed class accessories is only a thing on Oreha/Argos. It's not a thing past Valtan on Relics and consequently on Ancients at Brel Hard and even Akkan.

  26. What should I do with 250k gold? I don’t need to buy books and have 4 characters doing brel. Should I horde or just spend it all on quality upgrades and honing?

  27. Looking to cut down on my playtime a bit more. Already doing rested dailies on alts. In terms of gold value for time, would the next best thing to cut be Brel G3-G6 on chars with 6pc Brel gear already completed?

  28. Brel G4 is still going to get you gold not just from the raw gold reward but also from the book(s) and accessories, mind you. I still wouldn't go to G5/6 because they are low value and significantly harder to pug than G4. You could also reasonably opt to do Valtan+Vykas+Clown instead of having Brel in that rotation.

  29. Brel G1-2 are where the main rewards are, so I'd say doing G3-6 depends on if you pug roulette it or have a skilled static.

  30. I run dps meter and it doesn’t matter what gear the reaper has, los 30 level 10 gems high quality weapon 5x3, they never perform. At least wd has a great synergy and doesn’t die

  31. I’d agree with what Soy said, reapers and scouters are getting gate-kept very hard. The safer choice would be the WD with 5 engravings.

  32. If I had to choose between the two, I would take WD over Reaper in all end game content. I am a little bias because my main is WD. Most WD I meet are average to great and never die. 1 out of 10 reapers are good, the other 9 are floor POV or do no damage.

  33. Reaper will be gatekept a lot harder then WD. If you don't have the cash to get 5x3 on reaper then there's no point in honing it 1475+ imo.

  34. You might know this already - "front attack" is only possible if the skill has the keyword for it. Otherwise it doesn't matter where you hit and there is no need to try and position at the front if your skill is a back-attack or "none" skill.

  35. for first question 20% dmg and 10% stagger, and for 2nd question i think the less charged it is the less stagger it does, but even 1 charge should be fine

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