1545 Igniter 1:05 Normal Prokel (Trixion)

  1. Damn that’s some good rng, back to back freeze mechs lots of standing still time. You could probably fish for more resets and get a sub 1min run. But props for capitalizing on the AI cuz u still gotta recognize it and know the mechs inside and out to know timing to dump all ur damage.

  2. Sub 1 felt like too much rng for me. This already took 50+ tries just for crit rng and pattern rng. Then realized that Im gated by Atropine cd at the end.

  3. I mean since it's Trixion he probably did several tries, even the crits but still impressive nonetheless

  4. This is the saddest part yea. It's not that burst classes are op but that the content favors them. Even the release schedule let's you overgear the shit out of "new" raids.

  5. I gotta be totally honest, literally nothing in this game is "OP" or "underpowered." Literally every class can easily clear every raid, anything beyond that is a dick-measuring contest for MVP.

  6. You can do this on steady-damage classes you just need to have good uptime, which can be hard on Prokul if you don’t have the practice.

  7. You can do this on steady-damage classes you just need to have good uptime, which can be hard on Prokul if you don’t have the practice.

  8. I'm tired of everyone complaining about Igniter when the dude has MILLIONS OF GOLD WORTH OF GEMS AND +20 BREL WEAPON AND 95+ QUALITY ACCESSORIES,

  9. Yeah, my issue is that I can give my Gunslinger that level of investment and it would still take more than 2x as long if the boss just stood there and ate damage the whole time.

  10. My best deadeye attempt is 2:30 with the same gears well 100 quality and I believe I play quite well. Im not saying igniter need nerf but shes the best damage class in the game and you can't deny it by saying it is cuz of gears lol.

  11. Could you screen shot your graphic settings? My igniter does not look this good but not sure what I'm missing

  12. Everything is maxed. I only disabled Better Depth of Field and Motion Blur. The Post Processing settings make things look flashy.

  13. Not saying Sorc is not super strong but this is a near perfect run on Trixion (which mean he could run as much as he wanted to get this result) by a massively overgearing character

  14. Igniter is OP, prove me wrong. Give me those lvl 10 gems and ill show you that any other class isnt even close in damage, burst is best in ANY mmo. Ive played wow for years, raided at high tiers and burst classes are almost always bis. Its whatever though, no dps meter no worries imo.

  15. From all my characters i found sorc the easiest to kill Prokel with. Mb bong bong destro would be better, never tried before(

  16. Ya I have a Swiftlux which is my weakest alt and I ended up going hitless this week with her, just throw shock on squall and you can basically Perma DPS without retaliation.

  17. I swear you do way more damage in the training prokel mode. I'd like to see a real prokel. But I do feel inspired to try and learn it on my sorc now!

  18. You definitely don't? A real prokel would just be faster because you'd also get a single thirain opportunity (plus a guaranteed "it stands still for doomsday") when the outside kills the head once.

  19. You do the same damage in here as in the normal raid. Numbers look inflated due to Dark Bomb and Atropine.

  20. Even though mechanics were on point, you're overgeared by 55 ilevels, have pretty much maxed weapon until Akhan, maxed gems while playing the most busted/easiest dps class so is this impressive? Not really.

  21. It's pretty hard to ever be on ilvl in this region on your main. Even on release I was 1520 with +23 weapon and similar gems.

  22. He probably haven't practice enough also dont put someone to do prokel if they don't have the skills/not confident even if they are on higher ilvl.

  23. How do you make your game runs this smooth, here I am with an 13900k and 4090 and the game runs like shit with micro stutters.

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