What's a weight loss scam so normalised people don't realise it's a scam anymore? I'll go first...

  1. OMG yes i remember one more, workout in summer or in hot climate, switch off AC and fan , because more sweat means more weight loss and no sweat means you haven't burned any fat

  2. Hm I can imagine that being true to some extent? Because your body now has more work to do to keep your temperature at bay. But I wouldn't think that it's a significant rise of calories burned. So it's surely widely overexaggerated and I'd still prefer to not not be swearing more than I'd already swear doing a workout.

  3. Well being hotter or colder does burn morr calories, but id wager you would lose a lot more if u kept AC on during workout but had it off the rest of the day

  4. MLMs are all over the weight loss customer base. "Healthy" drinks, weight loss pills, detox juices, whatever they can twist into some miracle cure for obesity. Most are nothing but sugar or water pills.

  5. Yes! I've had friends try to sell these. They go on and on about the products but at the same time "I eat 1200 calories a day and do hour long HIIT workouts." And the drink is making the difference. Ummm...

  6. Slimfast has been around for decades, and their model was just "skip a meal and drink a small milkshake instead. You'll lose weight!" Then they charged an arm and a leg for the milkshakes.

  7. On Oprah Dr Oz recommended raspberry ketones. Sales went wild, the doctor said they worked. Here to tell you they didn’t

  8. Ugh dr oz is the worst. I used to work in a vitamin section of a health food store and once a week, the day after the dr oz show aired there would be a surplus of customers looking for his snake oil. I always made sure to let them know that these wouldn't work without also diet and exercise and some people wouldn't care but others would be like, wait so why would I buy this? And I would always be like, that's a great question!

  9. I worked in a health food store when this happened. The person in charge of the supplements category fought tooth and nail again bringing in the various raspberry ketones pills and capsules because they were BS, and was overruled because demand was so high. Store sold out of them regularly for a couple months... Sad.

  10. Things I've actually seen people try/recommend recently: Apple cider vinegar, Garcinia Cambogia, weight loss tea. I admit I bought Hoodia once back in the day 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.

  11. Just heard a commercial on TikTok today saying "Barbara Mandrel lost 60 lbs using apple cider vinegar gummies plus this plan, get yours before big pharma finds out and blocks access".

  12. I was big into Garcinia Cambogia for a while and lost 20-ish pounds while going vegan at the same time. Well I gained it back and then some! This time around I said fuck the pills, I’m doing it the right way. Started tracking and going to spin class a few times a week (mainly as an outlet for my stress but it feels good to sweat too).

  13. There was an MLM scam that used to sell this treatment. I believe it was literally cling fling that they sold

  14. Used Saran Wrap when shooting for weight in the Army. It basically causes localized sweating which pulls water weight. Not actual fat loss but definitely effective for drying out and looking smaller.

  15. Oh my! This reminds me of one of my bosses. We had a cleaning day (empty freezers, thaw, clean them etc.). So My coworker and I came in shiny sweats which were trendy for a minute in the early 2000s.

  16. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm genuinely curious - what makes meal replacement shakes a scam? I have decided to try one to exclude either lunch of breakfast (with avocado or boiled egg) so I'm about to try this in the upcoming days.

  17. I wouldn't call them a scam so much personally, but they have a tendency to result in the person not learning proper nutrition/cooking if they rely on a meal replacement plan for their entire intake. If you don't learn how to cook food in a healthy way, once you come off the plan you run a risk of just putting all of the weight back on. So you go back onto the replacement shakes to lose the weight again, resulting in paying more and more money to the company.

  18. I think switching one meal to a meal shake, like breakfast can be really helpful but the problem is people use them for multiple meals, lose the weight, stop doing it, and then go back to their old habits and just gain the weight back.

  19. I think the main problem with them is that you don’t learn better habits around food. When most people stop using them and go back to how they are before, they gain the weight back quickly. This is by design, so then you spend more money on more shakes.

  20. I think it's because a lot of people don't use the shakes as a replacement but as an addition! So they'll be eating extra calories thinking that the shake is going to somehow magically burn fat off of them. I enjoy a protein shake every now and then if I don't feel like eating a meal. But when I was really overweight in high school, I was eating slim fast shakes + a full meal along side of it, so it obviously had me at a high calorie intake.

  21. Lmao I’m Nigerian & can totally believe the scam the pastor is pulling. I saw a similar video recently and this pastor was pretending to banish women’s belly flat just by pushing it in. 🙄 It was ridiculous to watch but the crowd were in awe and women were v happy to pretend their stomachs had ‘disappeared’.

  22. Meal substitutes. I had a friend that used to berate me cause I didn't want to use them. She used them for months and actually lost some weight. She was convinced it was cause the meal substitutes where so healthy. She literally lived with 600kcal a day (3 meal substitutes) and did at least an hour exercise a day. I'm more surprised that she was able to stay on her feet, than that she lost weight. As soon as she stopped the diet she gained all back.

  23. You could do meal substitutes to avoid snacking etc though. It's not like you lose weight bc of the shake itself but it could be bc of the 'secondary effects' of it. But of course you should still eat/drink a healthy amount of calories (not 600....)

  24. A good meal replacement can be a fantastic aid for weight loss. Gives you all essential macros and micros in a convenient package with defined calories.

  25. Jesus Christ an hour of exercise on 600 cal? I had to up my intake from 1200 to 1400 because I couldn't eat that little and play sports. Goddamn.

  26. Wait, those are sold as weight loss? Guess that shows how much I read the packaging. I always viewed them as convenience things: enough calories to keep you going until the next real meal in an easy drinkable form.

  27. Is your friend my mom? She swears by nutrisystem and works out 2 hours a day. I’ve added up the calories she eats in a day and it’s under 900. Idk how she is still standing.

  28. Now now, when I stopped mainlining pizza and kebabs and started eating my brown rice, chicken and leafy greens detox diet it made a huge impact to how I felt. I had so much energy ergo detoxing works!

  29. I’m not willing to totally write off hypnosis for some people. My grandma quit a literal lifetime of smoking after one hypnotherapy session. My aunt took my cousin to the same therapist for her crippling social and situational anxiety and she honestly did so much better after a session or two. But, I think for it to work, the genuine desire for results needs to be there. No one can MAKE you do anything. You have to want to.

  30. I remember when I was a teen struggling with weight my grandma told me that, “anything that really cures obesity won’t need sales men to sell it.”

  31. I used to fall for the weight loss teas. I wanted so badly for there to be something as simple as a tea to help me lose weight, but in the end you need to work hard, if there was a true miracle solution no one would be overweight.

  32. Seriously, I hate that people don’t believe in CICO. Weight loss is not impossible and it is simple. It is not easy by any means but it is simple. Yes, some conditions can make weight loss more difficult but they do not make weight loss impossible. Also “eating healthy” and not being able to lose weight just says you’re still at a caloric surplus.

  33. Lemon water. Two of my molars broke after I did this for 3 consecutive years when I was a teen. Never do this!!!!

  34. There is a podcast I listen to called maintenance phase that goes through some of these scams and debunking fad diets. I thought it was interesting as some of these diets I had never heard of.

  35. That stop eating rice, potatoes , red meat and that flat bread and corn is better than that, they don't have a concept of calories ,good taste means bad and can cause obesity, bland, boiled and distasteful is good for health.

  36. All these endorsers n my local radio station has been bashing these food because it's unhealthy and proceeds to sell their so called "weight loss" products

  37. AMEN! Framing weight loss as a war/battle makes sense sometimes, but it isn't healthy to place your body as your opponent. If you're at war with your body you aren't setting up your body to be at peace, you're setting it up to be dominated.

  38. But that is true? Your body actively rejects weightloss, it adapts to lower calories, catabolizes muscle to reduce overall TDEE and a ton of other stuff.

  39. The fat in the butter makes you feel fuller. Also assuming you don't dump a bunch of sugary flavored creamer in it, it is pretty low calorie too.

  40. It can if you are replacing regular sugar and creamer/milk coffee with black coffee with coconut oil/butter and maybe erythrytol or stevia.

  41. I have someone I worked with years ago friending me recently on FB who apparently became an Optavia “coach”. Here I thought she was reconnecting with people she knew. I hate MLMs, especially diet MLMs. I looked it up, they call eating their foods “fuelings” and it’s like Nutrasystem. BTW, I tried Nutrasystem years and years ago, of course it didn’t work and in the short time I tried I got spoiled moldy food several times. I seriously don’t see how that is easier than learning to buy your own food. Maybe very short term, but it teaches you nothing except “diet” food is crappy and gross.

  42. Optavia also has you limited to about 800 calories a day. Each “fueling” is 100 calories and you eat 5 of those. Then you eat one “meal” a day that you either make yourself or you can buy from them. They are supposed to be about 300 calories. I have a friend who did their “plan”. I actually liked one or two of their little snack bar things and the “lean and green” (what they call the “meal” that you eat) that you can buy from them aren’t bad with a little shredded cheese. But it’s also VERY expensive and long term is not a good or easy solution for most people.

  43. I’ve done Optavia and it really depends on your body how it works. It tries to set you into ketosis but for women, it’s too many carbs. My husband has lost 70 lbs since April on the program. I quit after a month and a half because I was only losing about a pound a week, which I could do on my own.

  44. I've saved SO much money from buying less snacks and doing home cooked meals woth frozen veg. It's convenience healthy food that is expensive which isn't clarified enough. And youtube work out videos are 100% free, same with going out for a walk.

  45. On top of that in a lot of the world eating healthy food, particularly if you know how to cook, is cheaper than a lot of the unhealthy diets. I'm in the UK. I cut out takeout, cooked more healthy food, and the savings have more than paid for my gym membership multiple times over.

  46. Agree: Don’t trust any “diet plan” that charges money. However, I admit that in the USA, it’s not necessary to have money but it helps. Some people need more support than their lives provide and that may include paying a counselor/psychologist if insurance won’t pay. This is especially true when an eating disorder is involved, but not only then. A gym membership helps some although many folks cover this fairly well for free with walking/lifting/online advice. A smart nutritionist can sometimes help folks overwhelmed by figuring out macros etc. although the advice is available online. I used to have money but I live on Social Security now. Money was better but not essential—still maintaining a big loss.

  47. If you guys are interested in this kind of thing, please please take a listen to Maintenance Phase. It's an excellent podcast that really dives into diets, the myths around dieting, and the honest truth about how little we really know about weight loss. It's fucking excellent and totally worth your time.

  48. I say this as someone who uses IF to manage my weight, but IF is becoming a huge scam. People have started to try and sell it as this miracle cure for weight loss, where you don’t have to watch anything you eat. Just when you eat. That’s not the case. I do IF to fit into my specific eating schedule and also count calories to make sure I’m not over or under eating

  49. Just want to point out- weight loss pills exist and work. I was taking topiramate for an unrelated health issue and it completely killed my appetite. But, none of the ones that work are OTC

  50. Phentermine is another prescription only one that works. It's how I lost about half of my weight. It requires a prescription because there is a risk of heart issues, and so it requires medical monitoring.

  51. That you need to exercise several hours a day to lose bodyweight. Unless you are an athlete or competing somewhere which requires you to exercise that much, putting so much strain on your body is just going to cause problems in the long run.

  52. 1.Shit load of online trainers who have meal plan ready in almost every calorie range from 1100-1200 to 2800-3000 .They will sell you this so called customised meal plan & customised gym workout plan (which is easily available freely).

  53. Literally almost everyone around me believe in that either you need cleansing or lose weight fast to consider effective and working hard .

  54. Herbalife popping up with little cafe stores that push healthy shakes & smoothies but they aren’t up front with what they’re using in their products. But they have a whole list to push on you if you happen to ask what’s in it. There are two in my local town. They slap stickers on clear plastic cups. The one near me is called “Balanced Nutrition” again, all products made from MLM brand Herbalife. This is directly across from the high school. Predatory.

  55. I mean to counter this I eat better when I work out as I seek out foods to better fuel my body. I know I'm not going to drop pounds from exercise alone, but tue overall benefits shouldn't be ignored. It also can absolutely be a lifesaver for shorter people, giving them a little extra wriggle room with cico

  56. Learning how few calories are burned with a lot of work outs helped me figure out what i was doing wrong. Even woth my hardest most extreme work outs (sled hockey and adaptive rock climbing) they're around 600cal burned workout. That added with how easy it is to eat one 600-700cal meal p much negates it. So now I try to make sure anything extra I eat is just like a banana or an apple after the work out before I have a regular meal.

  57. Yep. People VASTLY overestimate the importance of exercise to weight loss and they get really confused about formal exercise compared to the benefits of simply moving around a lot more.

  58. This is mostly true. When I was hardcore dishwashing 40hrs a week and walking an hour to and from work each day, I really could eat everything and still lost weight. But most people can't have an eight hours of exercise a day lifestyle. It unfortunately is still the most effective weight loss I've ever experienced, though. Getting in that much exercise with my currently less strenuous cook position is more difficult, but I still want to eat everything! Also beneficial to have more muscle on your body to use more energy in your day, but unless you're working your body constantly throughout the day, you still can't outrun what you eat.

  59. Meal replacement shakes are very convenient when you don't want to cook or count calories and need to lose alot of weight in a short time but terrible for maintaining a low weight after when going back to regular food. Currently doing vlcd meal replacement shakes before having gastric bypass surgery.

  60. This doesn't relate to the post, but I'm from Nigeria too, and I have to ask what do you eat,,, I attempted to cut out bread, rice and noodles and simply ran out of food choices

  61. Please don't do that! I do two things. Calorie counting and IF. I also hit to the gym and try to eat an insane amount of fruit and vegetables. (The ones in season are always cheaper.)when I tell you I eat everything I eat everything! Just in moderation! Before I used to eat about ten slices of bread now I eat two with a huge salad and like two oranges! The only thing I really cut back on is fufu! The calories are just too much so I rarely rarely eat it.

  62. My aunt hasn’t talked to me in a year because we got into a “fight” - which was her insisting I must have a secret weight loss medication or waist trainer type item and that is what made me lose (at the time) 70 pounds. I tried to very kindly and gently (she’s really sensitive about weight related stuff) to tell her I didn’t have those things and I just counted calories, ate veggies, and exercised regularly. It turned into her screaming at me about how much of a lier I was and she hasn’t spoken to me since… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  63. My mom always says different foods are too fattening so she shouldn’t eat them. I try to say CICO but she just asks me how can I eat (insert food) bc it’s so fattening. I’ve been maintaining for a few years, while she went the bariatric surgery and still struggles not to put all the weight back on. She’s old school…anything but CICO. 🙃

  64. Your aunt sounds spiteful. I bet if she asked like a normal person you would have helped her plan how she needs to eat for a day.

  65. Yeah I'm not gonna it really hurt! I was so so happy to see her I didn't expect her reaction at all! If had asked politely I would have told her everything it's not like CICO is some big secret!

  66. Oprah! What has this lady done to y’all? Lol she promoted WW at one point but have you all seen her recently? She looks good! She is minding her business , farming and having her chef cook her meals. What’s wrong with that?

  67. The waist trainer thing is so hard to explain to people. I wore a corset for work for 8ish months and yeah it shrunk my waist but I didn't lose any weight and you also get your normal shape back within a month or so if you stop using it. It's not worth it to most people cause they're super uncomfortable! Plus the emotional toll of gaining inches back after taking a break from waist training is hard on a lot of people because it looks and feels like you're gaining weight back when your body is just putting itself back together.

  68. ‘Cleanses’! If you want a complete cleanse make an appointment for a colonoscopy, you’ll be cleansed, and you’ll be tested for colon cancer, win-win!

  69. Negative calorie foods are all the range with the ladies I work with lately. If you eat 1500 calories of pickles, spinach, apples and celery, you ate 1500 calories Martha.

  70. The fact that people including my own family are convinced you can not lose weight without exercise, i lost my weight (bmi 45 to 31) by diet alone, I am still considered fat but now I go out and actually find clothes that fit me, the store honest to god carries my size and for some reason, they don’t believe my journey is successful unless i spend every waking hour at the gym.

  71. Not really a singular scam but maybe more of a symptom of multiple: the idea that a food is either "healthy" and will help you lose weight, or "unhealthy" and will make you gain weight, with no thought toward the context of an entire diet.

  72. I have done so many weight loss scams. But some worked and some didn’t work. I have done weight loss programs that worked awesome lost a hunch of weight. With monitoring my food intake and also me working out on a daily basis. But the detox juices,pills,waist bands. Vinegar base products, and etc doesn’t work at all if you don’t put in any effort for the long term. Everyone wants weight to fall off of them in days but doing that never lasts. Unless you are someone who is rich and can suck the fat right out of you

  73. Regarding your number 2: I'm surprised those pastors/priests/preachers didn't use tokoloshe's to drive the fat away.

  74. I think sugar is an addiction for many. To a lesser extent white carbs are problematic, and in larger amounts even natural sugars in fruits and milk can be harmful.

  75. A lot of people think there's some key secret to weight loss, and when you tell them it's just lifestyle changes like plain ol diet changes and exercise regimens, they get mad, like you're keeping some big secret from them.

  76. Mexican here. Our biggest scam are what they call "productos milagro" (miracle products) that have outlandish claims like making you sweat or piss away fat. Currently, the biggest trend is called "gel chupapanza" and it claims to be able to reduce your love handles with daily use.

  77. Fat burners and workout supplements, there’s very few that actually work in any way on your metabolic rate, and the ones that really do are prescription, nothing from GMC is gonna help you lose anything except your money

  78. I can’t tell you how many stupid mobile ads I get with text saying “I lost 30 lbs in two weeks!” advertising some seltzer tablet or whatever. Like if you actually lost that much that fast you need a doctor, asap.

  79. No white foods diet. So simple! So stupid! Sure it knocks out a lot of processed foods and possibly steers people toward whole grains, but it also knocks out cauliflower, egg whites, jicama, plain yogurt — unless you take time to find out about a bunch of white food exceptions, it's misleading and dumb.

  80. Yes at work when people ask what I am doing they always seem disappointed when I say watching my calories. There usually isn’t much follow up after that, which I know there would be if I did something like Optavia which a bunch of people at work did/do.

  81. Only one book a person ever needs to read to understand how the body really works and loose, maintain or gain weight, is a super small book we read in high’s school in the 80’s. “Fit Or Fat” simple, everything else is a scam! I mean, yeah acv, green tea, low this high that , has its own benefits. But to loose weight the only ANSWER is be in small calorie deficit. That’s it, nothing more. Find out your personal calorie daily requirement, and shave a few daily. All will be surprised at how little calories we require.. haha. It’s easier said then done. But that little book, written in the 70’s I believe is all the science and facts a person needs to loose weight. It’s amazing though how any headlines of loose pounds, shed this, one easy step, products sell. They all base it on ( if their product even works) a calorie deficit.

  82. I just wanted to chime in that for a while, people I talked to truly believed you could eat as much as you wanted so long as everything was organic - salad dressing, bread, chicken nuggets, etc.

  83. A note about Optavia. Absolute MLM and a scam for the amount of money you have to shell out, BUT it does work.

  84. Not a scam suggestion I lost 50+ lbs. by only switching all my carb (think bread type carbs) to after lunch and for dinner only. I tried it out after listening to a podcast called Primal potential. I pick the strategies that work. It's worth a listen. There is no order to the episodes, so pick one that you think looks interesting.

  85. So basically people want a magic solution that is easy. Seems about right based on how most people think. And then there are people that take advantage of this to sell their "solutions". So essentially people allow themselves to be taken advantage of because they want the easy path. Whether it is diet aids or quick get rich schemes people are so damn predictable.

  86. I have 2 friends that bought into the waist trainer thing. I just keep my mouth shut. I have no room to talk, I have been saying for 6 years that I am going to lose weight and honestly I’ve just gotten fatter 🤷🏻‍♀️ but at least I didn’t waste $50 on an uncomfortable piece of crap.

  87. Me and my sister were talking about weight loss as I’m down almost 20 pounds and I mentioned we just gotta CICO and she starts talking about a table spoon of olive oil a day so many benefits and helps promote weight loss ect ect

  88. Throwing in Sculpt or Slim Pods:  a single person treatment capsule with exceptional weight loss and aesthetic benefits. The Slim Pod offers: dual radiant infrared heat for weight & fat loss.

  89. "Eat only fruit until 2:00 PM" or similar. Not a moneymaking scam. People just don't realize that when you are mindful and paying close attention to what you eat, it might in fact help you lose some weight.

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