What calorie counting app are you moving to?

  1. I moved to Loseit and even bought their premium (never bought MFP premium). I like it so far! Really trying to get back into calorie counting and Loseit is pretty easy to use. MFP is downward spiraling it's really sad to see, I used the free version religiously a few years ago. I've since deleted all my data and my account and I'll never use their app again.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been using LI for nearly a month now and I love it. I’ll likely buy a lifetime premium membership.

  3. I moved to LoseIt and love it. My favorite part is the ability to have the weekend mode where it builds in that my calorie allowance is less M-R than on the weekends.

  4. I love this as well! Hot tip: I declined to pay for premium when I first signed up and then almost immediately got offered an ~80% discount on the annual plan. So worth it.

  5. Hold on wait a minute, are you telling me this subreddit isn't named after the loseit app? I've been on here close to 2 years under the assumption it was for users of that app. I guess the more you know lol

  6. My understanding is that it originally was but a lot of people (myself included) didn’t realize that and so it’s evolved i to a general weight loss sub. I’d been in this sun a while before even realizing there was an app called Lose It.

  7. For me a bunch of the loseit numbers were just straight up incorrect. I was eating vastly more than I should have. The calories are more accurate on chronometer so far

  8. I have been following this subreddit for awhile and had never heard of the lose it app until the whole mfp thing. Then I when I heard about it I thought I had a TIL moment but went back and read a bunch of posts.

  9. I'm using this one now, the scanner is free and super fast, also more accurate than MFP bc it validates the additions. Smaller library but doesn't really cause problems, can just scan code and take picture of the nutrition facts and it fills it in

  10. I moved to Lose It after 5+ years of daily MFP logging. MFP premium seemed too expensive for what you get, and I don’t want to support an app that has gone downhill tremendously in design and stability over the past 6 months.

  11. Omg, I felt the same way about the icons. They bugged my OCD so much. Then I realized I could edit them on any given entry and that really helped me, lol. I love how easily I can customize any of the info, really.

  12. I've been using MyNetDiary for the past 14 months. I've tried a few others, but this one fits best for me.

  13. I tried Lifesum after MFP made that ridiculous announcement and I’m liking it so far. I’m using the free version and the scanning has been working better for me than MFP, it has a recipe feature, and I like the meal ratings when I input items.

  14. I have used MFP since 2012 but switched to Loseit once I got that notification about the scanner going away. I knew this was a possibility after it got bought out. That also coincided with the growth of ads which annoyed me. The scanner was the last straw.

  15. The ads really annoy me. I don’t use the barcode scanner but I refuse to be spammed with ads that I have to click off of

  16. Unpopular opinion, but I'm not switching from MFP. I'm not tryna lose my 150 day streak, and I'm one of the weirdos who never used the barcode scanner before this

  17. I just switched after a 1900 day streak, but I choose not to think of it as losing a streak. My streak of logging is still going strong, it’s just no longer reflected in the app I use.

  18. You've never used the scanner? I couldn't survive without mine! also I keep logging in my stuff and I know it's gonna stink when I finally have to switch over because it's like I'm throwing away my diary lol

  19. I’m also sticking with MFP. I paid $70 for a 1 year subscription to Premium before the barcode scanner uproar because <$6/ month for an app I use multiple times a day and is incredibly useful to me didn’t seem outrageous.

  20. I also used MFP the first time I lost weight but this time around I’m using Lose It and I like it sooo much better! I am using the Premium version so bear that in mind but it feels so much more organized and you can customize more goals like sleep goals, water intake, macros, exercise, etc. Plus the app just looks cleaner in my opinion. I also do IF and a timer is integrated in the Lose It app itself which is nice.

  21. Apparently I missed that notification. The Lose It calorie counter seems like the best reviewed second option, I just wish Fitbit synch wasn't locked behind the paywall.

  22. I've been using Lifesum. I tried it, LoseIt, and Cronometer. All three worked, but Cronometer was asking for more personal data than the others and I found Lifesum's interface a little better than LoseIt's, at least on my old phone, but it was a near tossup.

  23. I second this. The interface is so pleasant, the facts are presented and explained pretty nicely, it’s one of the only apps that I actually feel like I pursue balance. Similar to MFP but, barcode scanner is on free.

  24. I use the fitbit app, it also has a barcode scanner, doesn't seem to have as much data as MFP but I'm less concerned with macros so if it can't pick up a particular barcode I just input the number of calories

  25. Used MFP a while ago, but now I'm using fatsecret free version and so far I don't see it lacking any features that I would want.

  26. I jumped ship but hated all the other apps so I'm back on MFP and just love it and paying like 50 bucks for premium for a year which I think my weightloss and health is worth.

  27. I moved to loseit and don't regret it. Cronometer was also an option but I hated that I can't differentiate breakfast/lunch/dinner etc. Bought the yearly membership at a discount and it's been really worth it for me. Love the little emojis and the little tips it gives me.

  28. I switched to Lose It. I like the interface better, but I don't like that you can't see your total macros for the day without paying for premium (at least their premium version is cheaper than MFP's though).

  29. I switched from mfp to loseit. I lose a LOT of data from mfp but I can’t support them taking away free features

  30. I use Cronometer because I'm Keto. I used MyFitnessPal before that & liked it's design & ease of use. Cronometer gets the job done. I still use MyFitnessPal to track my weight. I don't think Cronometer has the sweet weight graphic MyFitnessPal has. If it does, I haven't figured it out.

  31. I switched from MFP to Lose it a few weeks ago and it's SOOO much better. I've been using MFP for years and I was missing out.

  32. LoseIt is very similar. I used it first. Tried switching to MFP and didn’t like it as well so switched back. I think you’ll do fine with it.

  33. I’m using LoseIt premium and it’s great. I love the LoseIt app’s interface design. They have several different themes and the way they organize data is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  34. Lose it premium. I always fluctuated between the 2, but the scanning thing made the decision for me. No regrets except losing my many year MFP streak.

  35. I moved to loseit rightt after the announcement they were charging for barcodes and I find it much better to use. I like the UI more as well as the search, and the barcode scanner felt quicker.

  36. I got lose it and paid for a year of premium for $20. Just from this thread alone it seems like lots of people have done the same!

  37. Another vote for Lose It, it was just the kick start I needed to get motivated again. I recommend the paid version, it’s pretty cheap for the year and I love the weekender calories, built in fasting tracker, and I can still enter days ahead to plan out my week. I love it

  38. I have just started my journey and my fitness pal is really working for me. I looked at lose it and did not like it, too many options and pay wall also.

  39. I've been hesitant to try any, so curious bout this too. Just been using Google and calculator, is a tracking app better?

  40. MacroFactor. It’s allowed me to track my calories and lose weight without relapsing into disordered eating. The way your information is presented is totally neutral-here’s your data- no red warnings for too much this and no congratulating you when you come in way under your calories for the day.

  41. Yazio cuz its half as popular as mfp so I can easily find products by scanning. Plus it looks pretty & has the carbs protein and fats on the main page

  42. LoseIt for sure, and I paid the annual fee, super cheap. I moved over there when SparkPeople destroyed themselves, which was traumatic because there was no way for you to export any of your food data, recipes, etc.

  43. Chronometer has been WONDERFUL. They make it easy to use and add new foods if they aren't there plus they have barcode scanning.

  44. I've been using MFP for almost 10 years im gonna cry... the barcode scanner is so helpful and their library is the best. This is such a stupid move on their part... I might stick it out as long as I can...

  45. I’ve been using Cronometer since MFP sent out that email and I like it! A big pet peeve of mine for MFP was ha I go to do my own calculations to get cal/gram, but practically all the foods I’ve used on Cronometer already have that calculated, which is great!

  46. I was doing Avatar Nutrition for awhile and quite liked it, but no free option. Just started with Cronometer. A lot to like there too, and some things I'd have different. Decided to buy an annual gold membership. If you talk to Eliisa over at

  47. I switched to lose it. I wasn’t going to pay for premium, so they made it 1/2 off. $20 for the extra features is worth it to me.

  48. I've used every calorie tracker. Been using lose it for 3 years. It's fantastic. Never found another one that competes. Chronometer is close but has a limited catalog of foods. However it does track every micronutrient which is awesome

  49. I’ve used LoseIt for years and it’s great. I did pay for some of the premium features this year. I’m thinking of buying the lifetime membership because I feel I basically need it to be a healthy weight

  50. I really love My net Diary. I’ve used it for years. I’ve tried a bunch of others but always go back to my net diary.

  51. I never used MFP (beyond downloading and trying it out) for a lot of reasons, but I'm using cronometer and love it. It does have 5 second adds (skip then) sometimes but it's not too bad. It tracks micronutrients which has helped me figure out what foods to eat to get most of the way there and what vitamin pills I should be taking (which right now is half a multivitamin + a vitamin D pill).

  52. I have used Lose it for YEARS. i actually had to download mfp for a project once and felt like it wasn’t as accurate in adding your exercises. I have lose it premium and I think it’s super worth it. It’s very easy to use for a tech dummy like me. I like to track my calories, macros, sodium, cholesterol, water intake, exercise and steps. But they have way more like you can track your sleep and every other nutrient I’m pretty sure as well. There’s a place to put weight and progress pics as well I’m pretty sure. Great app

  53. I'm in the UK and couldn't find the LoseIt app in the android store here so switched to NutraCheck. Its a few pounds a month so isn't free after the trial but the barcode scanning is great for UK products and even has a picture of the brand so you can make sure it's the right one, even while typing. It's also way cheaper than MFP premium.

  54. After reading here have downloaded LoseIt but jt won't let me pay for premium. Does anyone know If that isn't available I'm Australia

  55. I love Lifesum. It’s a lot more positive than other apps I’ve found. It has cute little animated vegetables too. Also has amazing recipes if you get the full version but barcode scanning is free.

  56. I use Fitbit and had never really gotten into MFP. Fitbit for me is useful enough but I wouldn’t say it has a comprehensive catalogue of barcodes in comparison to other things like MFP.

  57. I ended up moving to LoseIt. I also ended up paying for the premium. It offered me 50% off the first year so it was $20. I like it so far.

  58. Unpopular opinion apparently but I’m staying with MFP. I suffer from paralysis by analysis so I’ve downloaded every app to try.

  59. I can't use the Fitbit one, I legit do not understand how it works, it doesn't just give you an amount to eat, like hi please don't tell me I'm 300kcal over limit cause I had Weetabix wtf? Don't get it, don't understand how other people manage it, I tried loseit but it doesn't have a good EU database so the barcode is useless, tried two others, one I immediately yeetem on principle because it told me to eat 1000 kcal a day to lose 1lb a week (hi that's below min and also my TDEE is 1800+ normally), the other one I tried was ok but by the time I had been through them all I was so frustrated I deleted all three and went back to mfp 🙃

  60. I'm going to stick with MFP. Not having the scanner sucks, but there are times when I have to search for an item manually because the results from the scanner were inaccurate/outdated.

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