Myfitnesspal news: Barcode scanner NO longer available to non-premium members

  1. This is a great post, thanks for pointing this change out! I am not going to sticky it as we have daily threads at the top, but I have marked it *with a star and it'll likely remain at the top of the sub the rest of the day.

  2. They also put those annoying pop up ads that require you to close them manually. Seriously thinking of moving to another app, but I’m not sure if there are any that have as many UK food entries as MFP.

  3. This was the final straw for me! 2 days of the full screen ads popping up every time I hit the back button after I’d finished logging and I said fuck it and downloaded loseit instead.

  4. Nutracheck is great for UK foods and barcode scanning. You can use it for free after the trial period, but I think it limits what you can track so it's better on the paid version. They normally have offers running too, and with the offers it can be less than £30 for the year.

  5. The only one I've found with a comparable UK food database is Lifesum, though unfortunately it's missing a few other quality-of-life features (e.g. can't search for recent foods by name).

  6. I use Yazio but I'm in the US. I think it was made in India. But definitely give that a try. I was shocked by how niche some of the barcode scans are. I think they're definitely just submitted by people!

  7. I use Nutracheck. It is a paid for app, though they seem to have sales quite a bit. I think it's brilliant for UK stuff. Has all the stores, Tesco, Lidl, Morrisons etc and then has all eat out places too. Weights are all UK measurements. I personally think it's worth the fee.

  8. I use nutracheck. It is paid for if you want to enter more than 5 items (but doesn't stop you looking them up as far as I know)

  9. Cronometer will allow you to make an entry that staff then verify, but it's available to you in the interim. I've used it in Australia (I live in the US) and it had a suprising amount of stuff.

  10. I just checked and it says it's 27.99 a month here in Canada. What the hell? It's worth maybe 5 bucks a month to me, zero chance I get premium. Guess I'll switch to LoseIt or Macros on October 1.

  11. I will pay for an app, but I will never subscribe to one. A while ago I decided I could afford not to freeload. I bought happy scale, but cronometer, which I love, is a subscription. So I still use the free version.

  12. Yeah it reminds me when you need a budget switched over to the monthly model, and it was even more expensive than Netflix and other streaming services when it was just budgeting software lol

  13. I find that so frustrating. If they asked for a few quid a month I’d definitely pay it. £3 maybe, no problem. Instead, they ask for £15 or something and get nothing from me. Dumb

  14. If you get premium through the website instead of the app it is $57.99! It was worth it for me since I’ve been using the app for years and have a lot of custom recipes and use some of the features.

  15. The users did 99% of the building of that feature. Barcode scanning already exists natively, MFP only tied a response from the barcode scanner to it's dictionary (that was made by users!!!) of foods, and returns the stuff matching the barcode number. Literally 30 minutes of dev time for MFP to make that. The vast majority of that functionality was created by the users. Even the OS developers contributed more to this feature than MFP did. Disgusting.

  16. Yeah, if you're going to make it a paid feature, give me a commission each time my data is used you sacks of crap

  17. Agreed! Trailforks did the same for years in the outdoor trail network world. They brought in user data from probably millions of gps tracked runs/ rides. Now you need to pay for the app. I won’t pay for these apps out of spite of the user data I provided these companies

  18. MFP has been on the decline for years. I use Lose It now instead, but I know there are even other options where there wasn't before. MFP really blew their lead.

  19. How does LoseIt's database compare to MFP? It is pretty rare that I will scan a barcode and MFP won't find it but the one thing that drives me crazy about MFP is that there are hundreds of bogus entries for 1 food item. The calories will be straight up wrong, there will only be ridiculous options for units like 1 fluid oz for a solid food?? Sometimes units in g won't be an option. It can take a few mins to find the entry that is both accurate and works for my needs.

  20. Lose it is great! I much prefer their UI. Also their premium is really cheap. Like 120 for life. Equal to 3 years. Ultimately it’s a lot of the same features. But I really like it.

  21. Agree. Lose it is far superior. I tried it once on a whim and couldn’t believe anyone was still using MFP once I tried it.

  22. It started when Under Armour bought them. Ever since they've been trying to squeeze more money out of their newly purchased cash cow.

  23. Thanks! Been using MFP for over a decade, but really only use it to weigh in and scan barcodes, so losing 50% of the functionality is a no-go for me, and I don't use enough of the other features to justify paying for it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ The recent UI disaster update already had me on the fence about looking for something else.

  24. I have premium MFP that has a few months left on it, but instead I’m using Cronometer’s free version. It’s way better. Shows more nutritional data. I tried the premium and really liked it, will get it eventually, but right now free is working just fine.

  25. That's crazy. As an adult with a job I have no problem paying for a premium service that helps me, but their asking price seems absurd to me. 10 USD per month is more than people have to pay for Disney+, that is crazy to me. It seems like it should be like 3-5 USD per month.

  26. I'm still a student so this comes as a shock 😭😭😭 I've been using MFP for years so it's now the time to uproot and leave

  27. Man, that's the push I needed to leave MFP. The changes have been really annoying, but that price is far too much. And losing the scanner just makes it even more of a hassle.

  28. Lose it has this feature for free still. I much prefer lose it. It’s prettier and just feels less buggy than MFP did.

  29. Does Lose It let you create custom recipes? That seems like the least common feature I've found in calorie counter apps. I've been using one called Fat Secret for a while, but it's missing a few features I would like (but does allow recipes).

  30. Lose it has way better deals price wise. They offer 50% off premium when you first join, and as far as I can tell that price is locked in for life. I’ve been premium for 3 years on Lose it and it’s only $20 USD a year!

  31. I recently just renewed my premium. For some reason it’s double the price in the app! $114USD I think. I wasn’t willing but to pay that. But on the website it was $59USD I think? I was more willing to pay that. I had a free trial and had gotten used to no ads and being able to customize different calories and macros every day!

  32. Yep. I also have 7 years of personalized data meals and progress in it. Not paying for them to take away features

  33. They're totally banking on legacy users just paying up. I've got a 3220+ streak rolling right now and I'm so torn. On one hand, it's a bad move on the other hand, it's just a number.

  34. I’ve made the switch to Cronometer and it’s a great app. Lots of nutrition information, good and well maintained database, you can scan barcodes, create recipes, etc. If you use a fitness tracking smart watch, it can estimate your activity level straight from it (instead of selecting sedentary, lightly active, …), so your allotted calories will naturally reflect how active you are in your day.

  35. Always a bad sign when companies find they have to take away abilities and coerce users instead of offering more to entice users

  36. 3 years and 110lbs down and I'm incredibly disappointed in MFP. I could handle the full screen ad's they pushed on me a few months ago, but this doesn't encourage me to pay for MFP, just to find alternatives. Sucks because I have a lot of meals saved.

  37. Ugh, I've been tracking my weight, religiously, since 2012 on MyFitnessPal. 10 years of tracking that I can't download unless I purchase the app. This may make me jump the ship to avatar nutrition or rp strength. I'm so pot committed to this app. I really don't want to lose all my data. Stupid MyFitnessPal 😡

  38. Well, thanks for the heads up! I use MFP too and didn't get the email. It's very annoying as I use the barcode scanner a lot

  39. It's sad because I have tried other apps and they just don't have the same food database for my country and it's a paint to have to manually add every item.

  40. Suggestion: Keep an account on MFP for looking up these items, then you can enter them into your new favorite app so that they are available. The first couple weeks of doing this is rather labor intensive, but after that it becomes easier and easier because we repeat the same foods so often.

  41. Same for me with the country part. I keep trying apps with really basic food items and it won't get a match. :( I've been using Lifesum for a while, they are located in Europe and have a good food database for Germany. But I miss some features (easy copying meals, connection to Fitbit, inserting simple calories and I am probably missing something).

  42. To everyone saying that they uninstalled: please take a moment to also drop a 1 star review on your relevant app store 😉

  43. I love the LoseIt app. Switched to it about two years or so ago and just went for the lifetime account because I enjoyed it that much/continue to use it. MFP just didn’t jive as well with me for some reason.

  44. I deleted the app as soon as I got that email. They’ve really become a shitty app ever since the last update. Taking away basic features is the last straw for me.

  45. The addition of intrusive and obnoxious ads with that update was bad enough but now this? I scan so many things. Guess I'm looking for an alternative now because their sub price is too high to justify.

  46. Loyal MFP Members since 2005 are the ones who helped create MFPs extensive database and now they’re monetizing it. Ever since they were purchased by UnderArmor then sold again, they’ve added ads and now trying to force life long members into paying $100+ per year. This might be the last straw for me.

  47. You know, this thought just occurred to me; since this is an investment firm that is running it now, it's highly possible they're purposefully doing this to cull the userbase and cater to paying customers only. Fewer customers to serve means they don't have to spend as much on maintaining the application. This is just a theory though, I don't know if it translates exactly.

  48. isn't the barcode data largely provided by the users as well? If that's the case, then this also means fewer users will even be able to enter barcodes. Doesn't that mean that by locking the barcode scanning behind a paywall, they're actually making the app less valuable to paying customers?

  49. Chiming in with another recommendation for LoseIt. Cheaper, and has all the same features. My only complaints is that the recipe builder isn't as robust, and the web version's UI is lacking (I think they are focusing more on the phone app).

  50. I dip in and out of MFP, but I recently logged on and found it overly complicated to find out where to log my weight. I think I'll keep it for the historical data but can't see me using it much any more.

  51. I felt similarly with the new update- i literally had to google where to put my weight in lol. Between that and this new switch, I'm pretty much over it.

  52. I used MFP for a decade but switched to Macrofactor last February. I'm so glad I did! It costs $70/year but the functionality is amazing. No ads, built-in TDEE algorithm, barcode scanner, voice describe, loads of awesome data, adherence-neutral logging, good food database, slick UI. Can't recommend it enough.

  53. Macrofactor is fantastic. I went from many years of MFP to LoseIt to MF. No regrets; it's so far the best of the 3 in terms of features. Plus, they're actively working to build it out and improve it.

  54. Macrofactor all the way! The TDEE algorithm is the killer feature that actually incentivizes accurate food tracking. I also love how the team behind it is actively engaged with their users through the MF subreddit and other channels. I'm happy to support an app that is made by people who truly seek to understand their users and want to help us achieve our goals.

  55. Second MacroFactor as well. $70/year is way cheaper than MFP Premium, but you actually get coaching via a very nice algorithm which takes the guesswork out of “Ok, I’m tracking macros, but how much should I actually be eating to get to my goals healthily?” It takes care of that for you and adjusts to you over time as your metabolism increases or decreases so you never hit a plateau.

  56. I’d pay for the premium version if it was a one-off fee, but $120 annually is insane considering the decline in quality.

  57. I highly recommend Cronometer to anyone who wants to switch and wants more comprehensive data. Cronometer really comes into its own if you eat mostly whole foods/foods made from scratch, but it's still great otherwise. I'm in the UK, so I do come across quite a lot of food that isn't in the database, but that was true of most tracking apps, frankly.

  58. I don't know where you're from exactly, but FatSecret works fine for me (Dutch). Only downside is the stupid name

  59. As soon as people start scanning in other apps they'll have it too. Cronometer is a great app, everything has grams, and every entry is staff vetted.

  60. Might just go in and delete everything I entered before deactivating my account. Can we get everyone else to do the same?

  61. I honestly don't even know how long I've been using MFP, but based on the comments here, I might make the switch to the Lose it app. The barcode scanner is SO helpful, even if I only use it every once in a while.

  62. Honestly MFP kicked the bucket years ago. It’s basically just ads these days. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I’m dragging my arse on transferring 10+ years of weight data.

  63. I've been using the Lost It! app for years now and I absolutely love it! They also have barcode scanning available even to free users :)

  64. MFP is also the only company to lose my private data to hackers, so they were on thin ice before this. Taking away a free feature and trying to charge for it means I won’t be using it anymore, it’s a matter of principle for me.

  65. I have had a good experience with MyNetDiary. They also update incorrect labels super fast and weighing portions of recipes I put in manually is way simpler too.

  66. just said it elsewhere i love fatsecret, has everything i need free, i dont think i miss any of the premium features, there are meal plans? or a week planner with different calories certain days? you dont need that IMO

  67. Thanks for this. I just downloaded MFP last week and it feels cumbersome to use. I really hate pop ups in any app I use. After reading this I’m switching to Lose It.

  68. Well I bet you this causes a mass uninstall and they will lose god knows how much in ad revenue. I bet this decision will be undone faster than the decision to disallow porn on only fans...

  69. Geeeeeez. I've been using MFP for literally a decade, I don't want to switch to another app but I am not going to pay for the premium either. This is just ridiculous. I don't even use the barcode scanner that often, but it's the principle of the thing. Not food related, but I'm self employed and I just switched credit card processing apps from Square to a different one because Square also removed a bunch of basic features unless you subscribed - like every other business I understand the cost of supplies has gone up, but these apps removing basic functions at the free level are some BS.

  70. This is such a bummer but gives me the motivation to switch to LoseIt!. I'm just bummed to lose all the recipes I've created on MFP. I went ahead and sent them feedback that this is a greedy move on their end and the reason I'm going to jump ship.

  71. Wow, I can't say I'm surprised by this move. Many people are satisfied with using MFP for free, with many of the paid features not worth it to everyone (I paid for it this year, because I have found some pieces of it useful to me).

  72. I don't know why so many of you are getting upset about this. Stick it to the man and get the premium version for free for life.

  73. Well, looks like I’ll be down with them when the time comes around then. Imagine making someone pay for something that should be trivial. Whack.

  74. I’ve been with MFP for…easily ten years. But it’s gotten so shitty lately and this is the last straw. I’ll be sad to lose all of my progress data over the last two years but I don’t like supporting these companies that nickel and dime every little thing.

  75. Looks like I will be deleting MFP then! More than happy to pay for an app but I’m not paying the price they charge just to be able to scan a barcode and I don’t need the app so bye bye 👋🏼 🥲

  76. Oof, I'm glad I just stopped using it last week then! Reached my goal of 1000 day streak and finished. The premium subscription for a fitness log is ridiculous, especially for the price they want.

  77. Chronometer is dope! I don’t use any of the premium features but I pay for premium anyways because I just love the app so much it felt wrong to use it for free lol. I’ve used it for 450+ days so far! Through it, I discovered I was constantly low on iron and calcium and have managed to change my diet to correct that.

  78. Thank you all for the recommendation. This was the final straw for me... just ditched my free account at MFP and downloaded LoseIt. I also signed up for LoseIt's Premium plan just to spite the jerks at Under Armour.

  79. i swapped to Lose It this morning for this very reason. there is a premium version to track macros/exercise/water/sleep, but if you literally just need the calorie tracker with the barcode scanner, it’s perfect. and no ads so far and a cleaner UI too! plus, it’s dark mode haha

  80. Yeah saw this. Big disappointment. I constantly used the bar code scanner. I guess I can get used to the inconvenience. I can search instead. It's just annoying. I understand they need to make money, but make me want to pay by offering something of value instead of pay walling features that have been free forever. This tactic of forcing people into it by intentionally making the free version worse just feels awful.

  81. Welp, fuck those guys. Just downloaded Lose It and bought a years subscription instead - looks like it’s gonna be a much handier app for Keto anyway.

  82. Deleted my account with MFP today and downloaded LoseIt to replace it. I'm already very impressed with what I'm seeing so far with this app! They had their 1 year subscription on sale for $10 so I went for it. Fuck MFP for real though.

  83. The app's being going downhill ever since they got acquired. Sadly standard practice as new owners attempt to recoup their purchase with new shitty monetisation strategy.

  84. Is there a good way to export the MFP data (meals, weight progression, exercise history) and import it into any of these other apps?

  85. I love the premium features. I also think pay walling the bar code is shitty - especially since a lot of my Israeli food never scans accurately.

  86. I pay around 10 bucks for both amazon prime and spotify combined where i live, the fact that they’re asking the equivalent of that for a feature we’ve been using free of charge for years is WILD.

  87. I stopped using MyFitnessPal last month and started to use loseit. Loseit don’t have pop up ads, has all the same features as MFP, and premium was only $20 (lifetime premium was $120). MFP is so greedy with all of the ads, putting a once free feature behind a paywall and their premium plan isn’t worth the money. It’s sad how MFP is shooting itself in the foot.

  88. I made the move to Chronometer, I am so happy. I don't like the new look of MFP with that toolbar at the bottom. They are putting more and more behind a paywall and the ads are just to much. The most recent iOS update made it so I can't turn on dark mode, that was the last straw with MFP for me. I've used them for over 10 years - they used to be so good.

  89. I really love using Cronometer. I always disliked MFP personally and Cronometer can be pretty accurate. They have paid features, but those are just luxury add ONS, all the basics are free.

  90. If MFP free wasn’t such a shit experience I might think about Premium, but free is such a piss-poor experience that I don’t want to just take a leap of faith and pay for premium in the hopes that it somehow works better!

  91. My streak in MyFitnessPal is 2671 days but this is making me seriously consider switching to Lose It. I've been wishing they had a way to just pay once to get rid of ads because I don't see the point of the Premium subscription.

  92. My jaw dropped when I saw the notification on my Apple Watch a few hours ago. I took a pic and sent it to my fitness buddy. I feel betrayed haha. Definitely deleting the app out of principle. I’m pissed 😡

  93. Try Lose It! App. It's a LOT better than mfp. Looks a lot cleaner and you can scan stuff for FREE. They even show the macronutrients for the day in comparison to mfp where you have to pay for it.

  94. My 8th grade son said, when I suggested some under armor shorts, that UA is “cringe” now and he didn’t want that stuff. So I have a sneaking suspicion they are sliding out of favor with the youth.

  95. I moved to MacroFactor 2 weeks ago because honestly I saw this coming with all their weird updates. Wish I had changed years ago. Its so much better and way more detailed. It is a premium app but is worth it!

  96. Don't just stop using the app, take a minute and log in the website, go to settings and Delete your account. Let the message be clear!

  97. Oh geez. That really blows. I get that they need to make money but taking away a feature that makes MFP so useful and has been free since day one is...not super.

  98. I pay $25 a month for my gym. Why on earth do they think I would pay nearly the same for a food tracker? I love storing my progress photos and weight stats there but this is not worth it

  99. I switched my review in the app store to a 1 star and deleted the app. Switching to LoseIt and I think I'll like it! Just sad to lose all my recipes but maybe the change will be a nice boost to lose the last 5lbs I've been "trying" to get rid of

  100. I moved to Loseit after the MFP data breach, and I've been super happy with it. It's got near identical features, and the premium features are actually a supplement, as opposed to locking key features behind a wall. I'd recommend it. Haven't tried any other apps, but I'd be curious if there's any open-source apps that do this.

  101. The app was acquired by some outfit that is trying to squeeze money out of it. They're going to strangle it. I will be moving to the competition.

  102. They are nuts if they think I am paying $20 PER MONTH. That is as much as my gym membership, and more than every other digital subscription I have, from Netflix to YouTube Premium to Spotify. Insanity.

  103. Damn. The past 2.5 years I've used this and lost quite a lot of weight, but mainly its just good for tracking etc. I'm UK based. I take it this will happen worldwide come October? LoseIt is a good free alternative? I'm not opposed to paying, price dependant.

  104. Nutritionix is what I use. Completely free. The IOS app page says there’s a paid version but I don’t know what it adds and can’t even find the option to upgrade in-app, lmao. So the free version definitely doesn’t feel lackluster at all, nor do I feel like I’m constantly being asked to upgrade (I was actually 100% confident there was no paid version but decided to check the app page just in case lmao)

  105. I stopped using apps all together in favor of a Google Sheet (which I can access from my phone) and a food scale.

  106. I'll be switching. It sucks because I like MFP but when an app has to take away free features to coerce people to pay for it then you know it's going downhill.

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