Which champions lore is your favourite and why?

  1. Tbh the void has so much good lore plus it interacts with so many regions, like with the celestial in targon, the icathia incident, the watchers in freljord and so much more

  2. I'm really hoping in future lore that Riot can expand on the Void without falling into typical Lovecraftian pitfalls (e.g. hings being so "unknowable" that we just have to trust they're bad), particularly with Malzahar's cult and Bel'Veth's release.

  3. Pantheon. One biography, three short stories, one game event and two cinematics telling an epic story of a man twice possessed and a thousand times defeated. Many have died in the name of war, and Atreus learns that he cannot afford to yield. As long as he fights, the sacrifices of the dead will be immortalised in his actions.

  4. Tbh fair, Pantheon is easily one of my favourites with how well his story illustrates the power of determination and will in the face of great opposition, I love that he’s a broken man who keeps trying to fight on against ever increasing threats. Even if it does stop him from becoming the baker of his dreams

  5. Camille is definitely my favorite one. Her story portrays her as anti-villain who's responsible for "keeping the zaunites in check ✂️" and basically THE avatar of classism and capitalism in Runeterra but she also has reasons to become like that (fuk u stevan). Her story "The Weakest Heart" illustrates this well with the compelling conflicts and nuances (camille's human side vs her machine side, hakim vs stevan, stevan vs the good of house ferros, etc...). She's also fuckin' badass in her comic and Tea with the Gray Lady.

  6. Honestly I always thought garen was just some bland white knight until I read his lore and saw his relationship with lux, I absolutely love how almost all of our demacian champs are opposed to the kingdoms views on magic in some way but are too scared to challenge it, it really humanises them

  7. Honestly I’m gonna have to go read that, I love seeing inside the minds of characters and Pyke is one of my favourite characters so…

  8. Hell yeah, Liss has really fascinating lore, plus it does so much world building for the freljord and the void simultaneously

  9. Oh now I know why, she's a pretty fleshed out character for Runeterra standards and makes void more interesting for me.

  10. She kinda remains me of gamora if kassadin is kai'sa father than both Gamora and Kai'sa have purple fathers. And we're sacrificed by mad Men? I wonder who had it worst growing up?

  11. Viego, he has practically the same story theme as Anakin and I enjoy that. A man of great potential who went to the extreme to save his loved one, yet still fails and is forced to live with that suffering.

  12. Wait vel’koz has lore??? Jokes aside that’s interesting, I’ve always seen his lore as being kinda eh, any main reason why?

  13. I love Xerath and Azir's lore but the Zed comic made him my favourite by far. I got really invested in his character and was surprised at how compelling he was as i had previously just thought of him as "edgy ninja guy." I also loved the reveal of

  14. Ikr! Like in the trailer cinematic for LoR we see Zed portrayed as like this big bad villain fighting Darius, but in actuality he just wants to protect Ionia, even if it means destroying himselg

  15. Tahm Kench. He absolutely oozes personality, and fits incredibly nicely into the lawful evil category - he will take everything you have, but only because you were the fool who let the demon is. He's easily one of the most unique character designs in the game. I just wish he'd have more interactions with other champions in the lore - at the moment there's just vague implications he might have made a deal with Graves and has encountered Soraka and Janna.

  16. I’m really not familiar with his lore (probably for the reasons you mentioned) but I 100% agree on his design, he falls into the smash bros principle, where if you see a character’s silhouette and immediately recognise them, that’s an iconic character

  17. In all honesty I have so many champions characters that are my favourites and I love that League and its writers can make such compelling stories and arcs involving all this vibrant world.

  18. Taric and Ivern; there's something so uplifting and inspiring about someone genuinely wanting to atone and working hard to better themselves, then continuing to do good and help others after overcoming so much.

  19. Mordekaiser and Aatrox. One who doesn’t want to die, but still ends up stuck in death realm (yeah, I know when LeBlanc dies he gets free) and one who wants to die, but can’t.

  20. Tbh that’s fair, they were the things that got me into the lore of league in the first place, originally I only played LoR and I saw the watcher cards and loved their badass names (it that stares, she who wanders, they who endure etc.) which led me down the rabbit hole and now I’m addicted lmao

  21. Aphelios. I think a story about him could be very cool visualy and story telling wise. Favorite champ of mine for a reason.

  22. No. 1 is definetly Pyke. He is everything i love about as fantasy world: an honest working man, no ambition beyond survival and treating those he cares about (his crew, even though he says he never had friends) fair amd well. Working man, yes, whose job was GUTTING SHIT 50x HIS SIZE ALIVE. BUTCHERING SHARKS UNDERWATER. WHILE THEY MOVE. If you don't think that's the sickest shit ever something is wrong with you.

  23. Despite the fact he’s the leader of arguably the strongest military in the world, he’s such a wholesome guy and I live for it

  24. Honestly volibear and ornn I believe voli isn't bad just the antagonist to ornn. But the interactions and world building with just them two is amazing

  25. Yeah! I love their world building and how much they tie into all of the other Freljord champs. Also the fact that Ornn and the ursine were shown in this season’s cinematic has given me hope for more lore for them

  26. My top favourite has to be Aatrox. Even though he is the world ender and all that, you can't help but sympathize with him when reading his lore and listening to his voice lines - he was good even by Ascended standards and the people loved him, only for him to endure terrible PTSD leading him to madness and then an imprisonment worse than death to be made into the killer he is right now. And even then, he is pained by what he has become, he has to remind himself that killing everything is the best thing he can do and that he is Right about it and for him it is really a kill everything to sustain your unholy form that *they* punished you with and hopefully die once you kill everything or go back into the sword and suffer for thousands of years again.

  27. Aatrox and pantheon, they have a very interesting dichotomy that I think people fail to see. Pantheon could very well become the next Aatrox, as far as we know human and ascended Aatrox was a very similar character to Atreus. But eventually cracked under the weight of all he's had to bear (void, Darkin and betrayed by the aspects). Like Aatrox pantheon has gained god like power and is doing his best to be a hero but like Aatrox the adversity may become too much for him.and I think we'll see him triumph under this adversity where Aatrox cracked.

  28. Pantheon has such beautiful lore imo, his newest story showing how he’s running on fumes only made him more of an interesting character

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  30. But he targets civilians and non-essential workers, and enjoys doing so. How does that make him "not as grey as Riot likes to think he is"

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