Who will win in a fight between these three undead

  1. Sion's feats of strength and experience are probably the most impressive. But I don't think he would be able to damage Hecarim as he doesn't have Sentinel weapons. But if you remember in Sentinels of Light Pyke was near indestructible against the forces of The Shadow Isles. If he still has his Sentinel weapons i think he could beat Hecarim. So my money overall is on Pyke. especially as he is by far the most agile of the three and could easily avoid Sion's attacks.

  2. Pyke can slip away from hecarims attacks he doesn't have cds in lore so he can phase into mist at will. Pyke pretty broken in lore

  3. I don't think shadow isles ghosts can be hurt by mundane weapons, so Hecarim might win just because he is intangible for the other 2. If he could be hurt then I'd argue Sion would win though, the guy is considered a rival for Galio and have you seen how big Galio is?

  4. Well pyke can turn to mist so I don't think sion and hecarim could get to him. Pyke also hunts absolutely massive jail fish and since sion wouldn't even be able to attack pyke, pyke would climb him and kill him imo

  5. Hecarim is invincible to non-Sentinel weaponry, so by default he wins. If Pyke kept his sentinel weapons it would be even if Heca had his army, and slightly Pyke-sided w/o, since Pyke can dis -and reappear at will, making assassinations like (sorry) shooting fish in a barrel. Pyke could be demolished by a single hit too so relatively even.

  6. Hecarim without Sentinel weapons, and even if as long as Hecarim wants to come back, he will come back. Otherwise, Sion, Pyke does not even match. And before somebody comes swinging with the "buh Peyk kill large phish for job":

  7. I think sion is the most powerful, but st the same time they dont have the means to kill a ghost like hecarim (magic/sentinel weapons). I think sion would win a direct confrontation and hecarim woyld take sion down in a war of attrition, until he is dead and needs to be revived by noxian necromancers

  8. Pyke would probably win because of his ability to swim under any material as shown by his opening cinematic, not to mention he's skilled in killing big creatures

  9. Everyone is saying that both Pyke and hec are Invincible, but wouldn't sion be able to consume them with the soul furnace since they are essentially ghosts?

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