For anyone that does not want to stake, dual investments have been some of the most fun I have had with crypto. Thought I’d share!

  1. Exactly. Lost 200 tokens on last run up to 40 cents. It's not much, but only because I didn't use as much as I could have.

  2. Price shoots up, you sell for strike price and earn interest. Price shoots down you keep your crypto and earn interest. Price shoots up or down you're not losing :)

  3. Pretty much options, as you said it. If the price suddenly shoots up and you've bought a "put", you're losing money ( that's what happened to lots of people when the price suddenly hit 0.4, ofc if they were patient and bought back now that the price is low, they'll be fine but good luck with timing the market ) Same thing goes for the opposite way, if you buy a "call" and the price goes down, you're losing money. The profit is not worth it if you ask me.

  4. My profits from staking go from 19$ to 1.26$ to .06 to currently 4.19... Why is this? shouldn't profits remain the same?

  5. Usdc and lrc di has been my most successful. By successful I mean I've made about $60 profit from where I started and the value of my account when I started using it. Got burned on wbtc a bit but recovered.

  6. I've earned almost 1000 loops so far. It's tricky and you have to know how to play the game. Need to be cognizant of outcomes and when to invest back if you end up converting from token to usdc or vice versa. It is a lot of fun though and I've participated nearly everyday since it went live.

  7. I honestly don't understand this, but it looks like just another way for those that control the price to extract money from foolhardy investors.

  8. Be very careful about it. Be mindful aswell. Prices changes so quicklynand drastically all the time thats why i kinda left some of mine on ichi vaults

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