Anyone else find the turmoil incredibly bullish for LoopRing?

  1. I never did layer swap I just enabled layer 1 eth wallet and it can accept the erc 20 coins from coinbase, Gemini, kraken, etc very quickly to my l1 loopring address. No layerswap was needed. I felt more comfortable doing it this way.

  2. hopefully our DEX is the future of crypto trading, but without people actually trading on it its going to have marginal if not minimal impact.

  3. Ya. Maybe market once we can off ramp easier. Most ppl don't want to hassle with not being able to access funds fast as possible in current climate

  4. Ftx just showed why dex is better, since it’s no better than the current corrupt market. Cex is for dummies

  5. You can use later swap. I sent my LRC to the exchange from the app, then used layer swap to send them for the exchange to loopring. I’m Canadian for reference if that matters

  6. I like your hopium, but any major "migration" we're gonna see will be based on the progress of the team/project..not instant fallout from disenfranchised CEX users.

  7. It's part of the gestalt moreso than causal of anything long-term. It's evidence that cefi has a timer in its head.

  8. I'm happier than ever that looping reps have never gone on tours promoting lrc like the next big thing making noise all over the internet. I've always been bullish on this aspect of this project.

  9. It is a decentralized exchange. Your wallet is self custodial.. meaning no one at Loopring can touch it, freeze it, or do anything with it. You own it.

  10. on Loopring exchange assets are always in your wallet, on Binance, coinbase and all other big names assets are in their system.

  11. my optimism says yes for the long term. My pessimism says no for the short term and my " I have water in the glass" will continue to wait until tomorrow becomes today.

  12. There are about 50 other DEXs with more volume than loopring. Not sure why this event would make loopring more popular relative to existing competition

  13. A decent bear market is sure to get of a lot of shit coins and bad actors in the space. Loopring will come through well. The shit with taiko worries me though

  14. What shit with Taiko? Ethereum needs to scale. That is what Taiko is for. If Taiko is successful, loopring will be successful, imo.

  15. Finally moved all my LRC from to L1 Loopring wallet today.. it’s kinda stuck on l1 cuz I can’t figure it out but at least it’s safe

  16. Sorry, I forget how far I've come on my crypto journey comparatively. Lots of videos on Looprings YouTube channel which explains

  17. I will never rejoice in someone losing hard earned money but I am hopeful people will come to the same conclusion we all did. I’m reality, a lot of people will learn and move their shit to Loopring wallet or cold storage, but in reality I imagine a lot of folks will just move their shit to another CEX until the next one blows up.

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