Finally decided on a long range rifle... Scope is incoming

  1. The Automod thinks this might be a post asking for scope advice. If so, please read the Great Deals! sticky on the top of the HOT page. If you still need help, please post your budget in $ dollars and lots of details about your intended use.

  2. I always thought it would be expensive to shoot .50 BMG, but looking on Ammoseek right now, it looks like you can be having fun for as little as $2.67/round. I dare say you made an economical decision on your purchase! Congratulations!

  3. Yup, if you're patient you can find it as little as $2 a round for the XM30. I don't shoot mine very often so I can spend ~$250 and be set for year, which isn't too bad. If you're doing precision shooting that stuff is way, Way higher.

  4. My wife keeps asking me for one and no matter how often I tell her that it isn't practical where I live she still keeps insisting.

  5. Had the chance to put a couple rounds through one of these at an event last Autumn, super fun rifle! That one is on the "maybe someday" list for me, after an AI and a couple others

  6. I've seen one of these once when a contractor pawned one at my family's shop. Never hoped harder for someone to not pick up their item.

  7. What’s the best match grade ammo for your Barrett? Thinking about grabbing one but have been seeing so many videos about that dude blowing his up that I’m concerned about manufacturers now

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