Anyone recently diagnosed with Covid?

  1. Same, I got it the last week of august from work, 10 of my coworkers including myself all got it during the night shift. This one spreads like wildfire and is nicknamed the "stealth" covid strain.

  2. With the start of school and people returning to work, it’s bound to spread. Thankfully it sounds like only a small percentage are being hospitalized.

  3. More people than I've ever known to get it have gotten it in the past few weeks, including myself.

  4. There is also a seasonal cold going around, it’s not all Covid. I just got over it this week and tested 3 times (partner is a teacher so have a bunch laying around) - all negative.

  5. I work at an OPWDD regulated facility and they just lifted the mask mandate three weeks ago. Today we were advised to put them back on..several cases between staff and clients the last two weeks. Didn’t realize the surge was everywhere, so I guess I feel less alone now lol..might work from home a little more than usual this week.

  6. My whole family caught it in August and never got it behind. My kids recovered faster than I did, but I felt fine after a week. It knocks you down though for sure.

  7. Slightly sick for just a few days. Doc offered anti virus meds, took it for five days. Back to normal right away. Had four covid shots. Vaccine worked exactly the way it is supposed to work. Gives you the ability to fight off the virus!

  8. You don’t need to get a Covid vaccine or multiple boosters to fight the virus. Same with the seasonal flu you can get the flu with or without the vaccine and still get sick either way

  9. I had it in July but that was after a trip to Italy. I’m sure a late fall/early winter surge will happen. Curious as to how we’ll deal with it. Felt like omicron was a slight return to March 2020 in terms of staying in, without the fear of dying since omicron was mild.

  10. Lots of people I know getting it, again, because they had to go on vacation back in August before the kids went back to school or they’ll die ! They needed the break !! Now kids back in school, kids are bringing it home, Super Spreader !!! I’m seeing a lot of people on their 2nd and 3rd time.

  11. My family finally got it about 6 weeks ago after we all avoided it until then (and I'm a nurse working in the hospital so lots of exposure there). The variants keep getting more contagious and have mutated enough that the vaccines don't work as well against them anymore, and restrictions are less/less mask wearing so it's not surprising more people are getting it. It's way less deadly now at least so I'm glad we made it as long as we did.

  12. Yep, whole family got it for the first time. Kids had a fever for a day. Adults had typical colds for 2-3. This strain is way more contagious but also not as bad as the older ones. Hopefully this thing burns itself out or just becomes another cold.

  13. Yeah. My dad had sniffles and a scratchy throat after an exposure. He tested positive immediately on a home test. I was surprised.

  14. I came down with something, so I took the home test for COVID, and it came back negative. So I guess I have the flu.

  15. Lots of people are getting it from their kids being back in school. We’ve had a few cases in my son’s class already this school year but we haven’t gotten it again (yet).

  16. Yup. Tested positive for the first time on Monday. I’m a teacher, at least 4-5 teachers in my building have tested positive since the school year started.

  17. Yes. Never had it until late August. Tested positive for a week, isolated and took paxlovid. Then I was negative for about five days. Then tested positive again for another week. They call it rebound covid and it happens -

  18. I got it about 6 weeks ago for the first time since the pandemic started. Took two different home tests which were negative but I still had a feeling so I got a PCR test which came back positive. I could barely get out of bed for like 5 or 6 days with all the symptoms I was battling but my partner was fine in a couple days. The active infection was gone about 10 days later but I'm still suffering long COVID effects with my lungs and about to be on medical leave from work so I can't catch a break for them to heal. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a permanent thing for me to live with but we'll see.

  19. I had it about a he last week of august for the first time (that I know of), started with a sore throat ended up with a fever and severe-severe fatigue during the fever, I literally felt like I could sleep the next whole decade. Took some tylenol, slept it off. Was alright active and outside most of the time, was positive on at home rapids for about approx. 2 weeks.

  20. Sort of? I had this crazy symptom where my insides felt like icy hot. Like a cooling/heat sensation in my nose, throat, and chest. It went away in a day but it was awful.

  21. I couldn’t get out of bed for like two days. Headache. Ugly cough. Lost taste and smell. Feelings of brain zaps. Tummy issues. I never felt more sick in my life.

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