what would happen if a cat 4 hurricane hit long island?

  1. Based on the last few "biggies"... No gas/diesel for at least a week if not longer. Some parts of the island would go a month without electricity. 10 years later we would still be talking about rebuilding and relief plans and razing some of the houses left behind that were never repaired. Montauk would spend a day or two as an island. Dune Road would have to do its routine once every two-three decades rebuilding. FINS/SP would probably have to be completely rebuilt.

  2. Yup, 10 years later we talk about Hurricane Sandy and that thing fell to top tropical storm speeds as it hit, partially why they named it "Superstorm Sandy". I somehow remember Gloria in 1985 and that hit us head on but was a Cat 2. I mean, let's be blunt here, the normal thunderstorms that roll by cause massive problems... a strong fart makes transformers here blow up like firecrackers. We'd be screwed for a good number of years if a Cat 4 hit.

  3. A lot has changed in the decade since sandy . It would be a better response I imagine since we started over reacting in anticipation of every event . Even with tiny storms there several 100’s of out of state linesman waiting incase

  4. It was a superstorm because it lost the structure of the hurricane but stayed more intense than a tropical storm when it hit us. They only call it a superstorm when it doesn’t fit the requirements of one of the other categories

  5. As for the time to electricity recovery issue, inquire within your neighborhood if anyone is on life saving electrical devices. If they are, tell them to register with the electric company for priority power restoration. It can mean the difference of days instead of weeks.

  6. Oh Gloria 1985... No power for weeks. LIE was closed with trees and debri covering it. I was 13. Some friends of mine had a trike and we were 3 wheeling on the LIE. It was definitely memorable..

  7. For Gloria, I was very young and all I can remember was being at my grandpa's house which had a huge oak tree in the backyard. Completely downed. Just imagine the energy needed to do that.

  8. Great writeup! My grandmother told me about her experience in the 1938 hurricane. She said it didn’t seem like anyone expected the storm. When it arrived, she was in the schoolhouse in Patchogue and it sounded like a train. There was a lot of destruction. I wish I could ask her more but she’s not with us anymore.

  9. yah i bet, i think i was 8 or 9 when SS sandy hit and i remember that being really bad. so i just started to wonder how bad a cat 4 would be to the island especially with what’s going on in florida.

  10. We would empty all the food stores 4 days before it hit. Generators and plywood would be gone 3 days before it hit. Gas 2 days before it hit. Beer and liquor stores the day before. And those with Jeeps and 4x4's would drive around the day it hit like a snow storm. And the day after the storm we would all be sleeping off the hangover.

  11. I lived in Atlantic Beach as a kid in the 90s and we had a hurricane, I think Bob? My ass was riding my bike home from my friends house in the rain and wind. Wouldn’t do that these days, of course.

  12. In 1938, I don't think there was a hurricane warning issued. The storm wasn't forecast. And the Long Island death total was estimated at between 50 and 100 -- 800 was the total death toll, which includes inland and flash flooding in New England.

  13. Was working as a utility worker when Gloria hit ( cat 3) if it wasn’t from the out of state help mobilized after quite a few days it would have been two months before everything was anywhere near normal . Every street south of Montauk highway was a wasteland of downed trees and wires it was a frikin Chinese puzzle . Of course in those days no cell phones , generators,no atms if you didn’t have cash , or canned stuff you were screwed.The population has soared since 85 if we got hit with a four it would pretty much be the wild west , you’d need the Natl Guard to keep order in my humble opinion.

  14. Bad time. Entire LI sound would be littered with boats from the south shore trying to hide from it. Most of the south shore coastal areas would be gone.

  15. Our coast would be pretty fucked for awhile. We had smaller hurricanes tear open fire island. Trees would be down and ripping down power lines everywhere. We would be in awful shape front to back, and based on the response to the last few hurricanes and tropical storms -> Next to nothing will be done efficiently or effectively and no one will see their payouts from FEMA.

  16. The only way out is bridges and miles of parkways and expressways and we all know what that looks like at 5:00pm in a weekday. In short terms we are done for better be ready to swim or have a boat

  17. A CAT 4 hits Long Island, kiss the area where it makes landfall goodbye and most of the area around it. The 1938 hurricane that created the Shinnecock Inlet was a CAT 3. THat also killed 60 people in a time when Long Island was not very populated. Now imagine a storm with winds going 20 MPH or more faster, plus all of the other extra power of a CAT 4.

  18. Probably Chaos. This island is nowhere near prepared for something of that magnitude. Just look at Suffolk County try and deal with this ransomware issue. Enough said!

  19. Less of a debate of who has the best pizza because anything south of sunrise would be in the water

  20. Gloria was a Cat 3 when it hit the Island in the 80s. I was a kid and remember watching trees literally being blown down my road. I don't really remember how the whole island faired though

  21. Sandy was a cat 1 when it hit LI (meaning it made landfall in but and we felt the effects). I think a cat 4 would devastate the island.

  22. Sandy was a "post tropical cyclone" when it made landfall on LI. It's something of a technicality, but does have a serious impact on your homeowner's insurance as you have a separate (higher) deductible for hurricane damage.

  23. There would be some flooding. I can’t imagine what the traffic would be getting off the island prior to the storm.

  24. Agree with much of the comments here, but keep in mind almost all of this "Wild West" discussion would be true in any other locale that got or could get hit with a Cat 4. See Fort Myers today, see Harvey in Houston, see Katrina or Andrew... it's an inherent risk of living in a low-lying area.

  25. Like an actual category 4 when it makes landfall? It would be pretty disastrous for the South Shore definitely. Long term electrical outages, with Sandy we were down for 5 days. Probably a lot of houses damaged by flooding and falling trees. Very dangerous for those living in basement apartments.

  26. Idk man my boss would give me a speech about believing in their vision even in these trying times and getting to work with a new found passion and energy.

  27. Yea people’s jaws drop when they learn that New England used to be completely old growth pine and this hurricane literally tore it all out.

  28. Go look at Google Maps, street view for the part of Staten Island that got hammered by Sandy. That would be Tarlton Avenue, Fox Beach Avenue and Fox Lane near New Dorp Beach.

  29. Well, for starters, the South Shore of Long Island and the Barrier Islands will be absolutely astronomically fucked, the middle of the island will be inundated, the north Shore will likely have mudslides, the north shore would be safe, minus the winds, Long Beach will become non-existent as well as the beaches & fire Island, there will be an astronomical amount of deaths from Entrapment, Ignorance/arrogance, & the Hurricane. Also, NYC will be decimated, and the Subway will take 283 years to recover back to normalcy. That’s what I think will happen. After all, the safest place from hurricanes on Long Island is the Middle Of the Island & the North Shore.

  30. Pretty much the same thing as when Sandy hit Long Island. Every Republican in Congress and the Senate would vote to NOT SEND ANY RELIEF MONEY. Never Forget Little Marco Never Forget Douchbag Cruz

  31. Place would be obliterated, and the grifting from rebuild, pension grabs, disability retirements, etc., they'd make things really interesting.

  32. I saw a news story after Sandy that showed JFK under 20 feet of water in a Cat 5 Scenario. You all are really underestimating how much worse a Cat 4/5 is from a Cat 1. Long Island would be wiped off the map, most structures here can’t even survive that wind, including every wooden single-family home. If you didn’t manage to evacuate, I would expect you to die.

  33. Depends on where it approaches/lands, tidal info and how long it lingers. Fast moving hitting southeast and going north at low tide during new moon and you'll have damage but not devastation. Slow moving hitting southwest, lingering before heading northeast at high tide full moon, check out the 1938 hurricane and what it did

  34. I mean it’s not a good idea it that’s come here number 1 I think back in the 1930s we flooded like that then their Gloria in the 80s I mean sandy was already bad for Long Beach and it’s still recovering I would hate it that to happen I don’t even if their will be a Long Island after or at least the same Long Island know and love

  35. Except for the new, larger, installs in the last 10 years, no telephone poles would be left standing. Month or more without power. 3+ we’d be fucked

  36. Its possible the strongest hurricane reachin in the same latitude line of new jersey in atlantic basin is hurricane gladys 1975, 130 mph catagory 4 and dats aleast 50 years the water is colder back then

  37. It would all depend on government response. Seeing how nepotism and corruption plagues our local governments we would have to hope the federal government comes quick.

  38. New housing post 2000 is built to handle 120 mph wind. Old houses, not so much. Wind speeds go over 120 it’ll get ugly…..

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