Is there an Italian buffet on LI?

  1. My girlfriend and I started doing this. We're poor, and they offer 50% off their hot buffet after 7:30 pm. It tastes like it was sitting in a hot tray all day, but worth the price if we've had too much of a busy day to cook. Their regular prices for premade food are absurd.

  2. Depends on the buffet, I Definitely would never go to one of those mall buffets now, but a smaller buffet with nicer food I'm totally down for.

  3. Most of the people I see at uncle Giuseppe’s or Citarella buffet are business casual. A small takeout container of Italian food probably cost about $15 but I know what you mean. You’re probably thinking sit down all you can eat buffets like Old Country or Golden Corral or crappy take out places.

  4. Last buffet I ate at was at the Wynn in Las Vegas just befpre COVID hit. It was $65 per person for dinner and I thought at that price, it would keep the slobs away. Nope. I was nearly trampled walking back from the buffet to my table by people who were waiting for them to replenish the king crab legs.

  5. I know there are definitely a ton of “american” buffets that probably include a lot of italian food. There also may be italian restaurants that offer buffet nights or something. But thats just speculation.

  6. Maybe you’re thinking of something like Patrizia’s. There are a few on long island. Def not a buffet but you pay one price and they give you a table serving/family style of a bunch of courses - pizza, octopus, burrata, lamp chops, etc.. not a buffet but a lot of food for pay one price

  7. There was an all you can eat sushi place in Great Neck. My son and his buddies used to go during their college years. The hostess would always shut them down……”no ma, no ma, u eat too much…ooooo….too much……you get fat….too much foo” They would leave, stuffed and laugh their asses off

  8. When I played football in high school in the 90s, we’d go to the Ponderosa Steakhouse for the all you can eat buffet for team dinners. They’d give us such a hard time. They’d check our receipts multiple times, they were rude as hell, and would stop replacing trays of food at the buffet as we emptied them. We weren’t rude or disrespectful to anyone, just a bunch of teenagers. I never understood the anger, they were the ones offering all you can eat.

  9. are we talking a restaurant? Could it be Citarella?? I’m not sure if they do the buffet since Covid. Went there recently and they didn’t have it. Uncle Giuseppe’s Melville hot bar is my fav lunch spot lately, don’t know about the other ones. They usually have chicken parm, ravioli, penne all vodka, rigatoni bolognese sometimes, chicken Marsala, chicken francese, Italian meatballs, chicken meatballs, eggplant parm, eggplant rollatini, chicken marsala, chicken bruschetta. My cold to go favorites are chicken francese meatballs and meat eggplant lasagna.

  10. I would search for "family style" Italian, ie: like the way they serve the food at Carmine's in the city where its all on big platters and the whole table shares together

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