Pokemon go players on the island

  1. Not at all You just kind of would want to brush up on how pokémon works in general perhaps If you've never played any of the games before. Not unheard of for people in their 40s to play

  2. Not at all! I started playing in my mid 30s as a way to keep my kids active during initial Covid lockdowns. We had so much fun playing and walking around different neighborhoods!

  3. Not at all. The usual people I’d see out and about on community days or at raids were really an evenly distributed all-ages group, mostly 20’s and up with people into their 60’s.. My mom was/is way more into the game than I am, and I’m the one that actually grew up liking Pokémon in the first place. I stopped playing years ago, she’s still active and she’s in her 50’s. Try it and you’ll probably find that the game becomes secondary to getting outdoors or just generally interacting with other people.

  4. When I still played there was a big and extremely active LI community discord, I don’t have the link but I’m sure it’s still a thing. Definitely recommend trying to get connected to that.

  5. I took my dog to the park by the beach at port Jeff harbor a couple of weeks ago and there were like a hundred people there who all seemed to be playing

  6. I started playing a few months ago and was surprised to see someone defeating my Pokemon at the gym that's at my job lol - def some active players. There is a Long Island Pokemon Go subreddit to - it's pretty quiet - but I had asked the same question then, but on there and was told there are a lot of players that go to Eisenhower Park on Wednesdays I believe

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