Moving off Long Island -- seeking some options for logistics

  1. I have posted this in "moving" and "relocation" as well -- specifically, I think (here) I'm looking to see if there are people familiar with local moving companies that could handle this (or provide an alternative to what I have listed).

  2. We decided it would actually be cheaper to sell/give away everything we own and buy replacement furniture when we get to the new place, but we are going from a small 300sq ft apt primarily furnished by IKEA to a house, with 6-12mo storage in between. The storage cost outweighed the replacement costs by month 3.We were able to get down to a single dresser full of sentimental knick knacks, which we will store temporarily in our in-laws basement for a year for free, and then plan to transport in our personally owned truck.

  3. 100% agreed - for me, the issue is the board game collection (which is around 2500 games) .... so that *has* to be moved. And the replacement cost would probably be in the $80-100k range; so .... yeah, that's a lot more than moving :)

  4. its super funny, i lived in hicksville, wanted to move to rochester, ended up choosing ronkonkoma. will be watching this thread closely, as the desire of moving to rochester is still there lol

  5. If you need a container - I'd go with Packrat -- they deliver to Rochester (almost certainly to your door) for about $1700 for a 16 ft container (my quote above is for two 16 ft containers).

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