Why do so many people on this sub seem to hate Long Island?

  1. As someone who lived in NYC, Westchester and LA. You don’t know what actual traffic is, what you actually hate is having to drive everywhere.

  2. this is exactly it, I left at 18 with my parents who moved to PA in 2005 cuz I wasn't gonna survive on 5.25/hr parttime at gamestop on my own. Gotdamn when somebody talks shit when they never lived there...

  3. Ya, it's like family....my mom is a legit psycho but if someone else said a word... depending on my mood, they might lose some teeth.

  4. Spoiled adults raise spoiled kids, so many adults stuck in the high-school gossiping phase in their 50s and the cycle of shitty, vain, and cliquey people continues. Not everyone of course but there's certainly a bad cultural streak on this island.

  5. I actually really love Long Island. I just can't stand the way people drive, and the fact that you have to practically drive literally everywhere to do literally everything.

  6. Judging by the way some (most?) people drive, they hate driving everywhere too. But will still stick with NIMBYism to keep the status quo.

  7. Grass is always greener. I grew up here but went to school in Boston. You think LIers drive like a-holes, they call drivers up there massholes. They drive like Indy 500 in the burbs outside the city, and will drive on a sidewalk to pass you downtown.

  8. A crappy 600ft ground floor apartment in the middle of nowhere in an empty residential neighborhood in Long Island, is costing me More than a 900ft 1BR apartment in a high end downtown Chicago neighborhood in a luxury building with 3 indoor tennis courts, a gym and an indoor swimming pool with all amenities around me at 1-min walking distance. Yeah.

  9. It’s the NY style. If you live in the south you tend to agree with everything and not complain as much at least outwardly to other people. In New York you will complain about everything to anyone. The reality is your life is good or bad depending on your personal circumstances. Wherever you will go you will take your problems with you, so your environment makes only a small difference to your quality of life.

  10. I’ve a few friends that moved away thinking that LI was the problem. They found out that moving off island to NC or PA didn’t solve their issues and they were stuck in a place lacking the amenities they were fond of.

  11. It’s really is NY thing lol. Sometimes I gotta tone it down tho cause some people can misinterpret, especially co-workers.

  12. Yea let me explain something to you that most LIers understand: one of the most quintessential aspects to LI culture is to complain about it. I moved out of country, can actually have a life with universal Healthcare and less stress from society and all that happy crap but I STILL complain about LI to anyone who brings it up. But I miss and love it, still got to complain. Whats even more interesting and I really have only seen LIers go deep on this, is how positive things can be expressed through complaining. Two LIers can be having a convo thats going great and is happy, someone from TX or TN whatever can hear it and be like "man these people are complaing so much!" but to the LIers they don't even know what they are doing. Complaining is the life blood of LI, and I got to be honest no one can do a good complaining like a LIer. I miss it and always enjoy when I get to do it especially with another LIer.

  13. Yea, what you just said is spot on. A lot people outside the tri-state area don’t seem understand our communication style. I’ve had to tone it down a couple of times with co-workers from other states cause they just don’t get it, they think I actually have a serious problem with something. The job can literally be perfect and I can still find something to bitch about because that’s just who I am lol. Complaining is how we form bonds here on LI.

  14. Well if you’re coming from NYC LI is like everything that’s wrong with NYC lite. But as someone else in this sub said, I’ll talk shit about LI all day but if some pussy from CT is up here mouthing off we got problems.

  15. Born and raised on LI … traveled the world. Always return to LI. Currently sitting on deck on Fire Island with ocean breeze… hard to beat this anywhere else. - TJ

  16. Where to begin. Yeah born and raised on Long Island still live here, why I don’t know because people are basically assholes they drive like entitled pieces of shit, and to be honest it’s mostly people of “the upper echelon” that feel like everyone around them owes them something !! To be honest Long Island is rife with former city dwellers that make tons of money and come out here because they want “the Suburban Life” for their families, which I’m not saying is a bad thing, I’d probably do it myself, but you come out here and it’s KAREN fucking central !! Entitled beyond fucking belief ! Our Teachers are making insane amounts of money and retiring more comfortably than I ever will, our police departments are getting rich, ever drive past a police department parking lot and see what these guys are driving, and they’ll tell you “we put our lives on the line everyday” yeah you knew that when you took the fucking job !! Perfect example the cops now having to wear body cameras are getting an extra $3k per year in pay, seriously we have to pay these corrupt bastards $3k a year to wear a body camera to make sure they don’t break the law !! That’s thanks to the unions !! Big story, the off duty cop who rear ended a car almost killing all 3 occupants, 2 of them children, because he was drunk, obviously, and the other cops, in particular the POLICE UNION REP, drove him away from the scene so he couldn’t be tested, WTF!!!! Is this really what are high as shit tax dollars are paying for ? Not sure about anyone else but I cannot wait to get the fuck off this island, unfortunately just have to wait for that retirement age, which is so fucking close ! I’m sure there’s good parts but as a life long resident of almost 60 years it’s beyond ridiculous ! My father was a sole provider of a family of 6 at a basic job, it sickens me that this is basically a pipe dream these days on Long Island because it WAS a great place to grow up, great place to grow up that’s now too corrupt

  17. Cops on Long Island do not put their lives on the line every day. Nam the last time one of them died in the line of duty. It never happens. I think the last one was hit by a drunk driver, but that is an accident. No one targets cops out here. There are no shootouts. I think it's been 50+ years since a cop on Long Island was shot and killed.

  18. Our teaches and cops with their high salaries and pensions are literally bankrupting us. How much longer can we afford this bullshit. My school taxes alone are over 7k a year and they keep going up. With property my taxes are now over 14k a year. That means when I pay off my house which will prb never happen, I still gotta come up with close to 15k dollars a year just to live in a house I own, what kinda bullshit is that? And that’s if I’m lucky, my taxes will prb 20k a year by that time.

  19. The whole “my father provided for my family and look now…” blah blah is not a LI thing. That has changed everywhere. Not saying LI is cheap though :)

  20. I love it here but at the of the day it’s expensive as hell just for a single bedroom apartment. Property tax is insane and if you travel out of state you realize a lot of places are very similar without the cost and terrible roads. I have a lot of friends here but a lot of people suck here lol Also I think every one complains about where they live a little

  21. Traffic, taxes, cookie cutter generic homes built in the 60s costing $500k+, Trump fanaticism (especially in Suffolk county), the fact that many towns look like senior citizen centers because everyone who grew up there moved out of state. The list goes on and on, there is a reason that Long Island has some of the highest net emigration rates in the country for people born and raised here. I only know a handful of people from high school who still live here, everyone moved to Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, etc. And the ones that did stay are in their late 20s living with their parents.

  22. It is not just hating on Long Island, rather it is hating for what it has become. Traffic, among the highest taxes in the country, the Elites in the Hamptons, etc.

  23. I’m 42 and have been on LI my whole life. Traffic and high property taxes but other than that don’t really have any complaints.

  24. Good post. Don’t forget the revolutionary war history in my home area of Three Village. Washington fought the red coats here. The Setauket Spy Ring!

  25. Yes the lovely(/s) history and formation of of LI as we know it today. White flight from the city, lots of racism and redlining, and a not in my backyard attitude. Now we have the results of major quality of life gaps between areas with unequal schooling and all the other systemic bs that comes with that history. It's honestly a pretty appalling history when you look at it closely. But yeah....beachs, dead whales, bone entrances and pirates totaly make it better. /s Robert Moses sucked too btw, the person that is, the beach is alright as far as any LI beach goes, it's all the same gross water anyway.

  26. You are completely right. People here can't seem to be bothered to go 30 mins to something. It's sad. And there is SO MUCH history on this island. And Robert Moses does NOT suck. It's the most handicapped accessible beach in the state, and you can see the lighthouse's beacon at Hofstra up in the tower dorms. Moved here not knowing that I have roots going back to the 1600s out in East Hampton. Researched it over the years. Makes sense as to why LI and the city just instantly felt like home. Only myself, my mom and her dad were born off the island. And I came back in '99. Ain't leaving. LI/queens/bklyn/manh all have connections with my family.

  27. When you have to get a Ring camera to stop your NEIGHBORS from putting nails in your tires and smashing fruit on your windshield because your daughter parked her car in front of their house a couple of days a week ( we only have one space in front of our house because of a hydrant) was never asked to stop doing it they went right to this extreme

  28. It costs a stupid amount of money to live here, traffic is dog shit, and I just passed a Trump rally driving home so theres that

  29. Where else is cheaper? I grew up and lived in some of the boroughs and rented before buying a place in LI.

  30. This may be unpopular, but I believe a lot of the hate stems from people who can’t afford to live here comfortably or at all. Its a way to comfort themselves.

  31. Sure, but affordability weighs into how much someone likes a place. No one can say Long Island doesn't have great amenities, but they can be hard to enjoy when you're worried about keeping up with rent or your mortgage.

  32. I love Long Island but I also accept it’s faults. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My husband keeps telling me we have to leave when we retire and we need to look at North Carolina and Tennessee. Are you kidding me? I’d rather live in Alaska than live down south.

  33. This is a big one to me. I originally lived a bit upstate, where it’s definitely more red, and even there people didn’t feel comfortable coming out with the shit people on LI do. When someone says something gross and I(a white guy) tell them it’s wrong they act like I’m a race traitor that wants to give their guns to gay black Chinese Trans women so they can steal their houses and rape their kids.

  34. You should learn the details about the history of redlining on long island and how that has created incredible wealth disparities and how it has lead to people living in million dollar properties with people living in poverty just a few blocks away. You said you know about the old laws, but it doesn't seem you have a good understanding of how those old laws and practices still impact residents in certain areas today (poorer schools, worse infrastructure, more pollution and industrial buildings near homes etc). You say just move to a wealthy area to avoid "trashy" people, but those old laws and the way the development on LI happened is one big reason why you can move a short ways away and have a completely different lifestyle and living experience than those people down the road (only if you have money though). As far as this place being a bubble, that's reinforced here because many people have the privilege of never needing to live or work in a less affluent area on LI. They can literally just ignore the poverty that is a short distance away from them (and they can ignore the history that lead to those disparities and poverty because its eaiser to ignore that you are benefiting from the history of racism and redlining that drew town lines by race, town lines that have largely not broken down or changed in any significant way). When you never have to leave your comfortable affluent or upper middle class environment it's very easy to put bliners on, so people do.

  35. As long as I've been alive and lived on long island, people complain about it but put up with it. The taxes are always high. The cost of living is high. And the traffic sucks. But thats the way it is. Some people leave, some people come back after leaving since they hate it more when they leave.

  36. I grew up in LI, I've lived in CT, FL, and came back to LI. I don't understand why it's so expensive but is filthy, full of potholes, why do people move around like NPCs, and what IS that smell? But I do love a lot of it so I'm trying to stay. I'm getting priced out though

  37. I've lived here nearly 50 years and I can honestly say the only things about Long Island I hate are the roads, the politicians and the people. Everything else is fine.

  38. I moved here from NJ and can not stand Long Island. The only way off the island is through the nightmare that is NYC. I have to drive extremely early or late to avoid traffic and not sit in hours of traffic if I want to visit anyone outside this place.

  39. It's Karenville around here, suburban white life is forking boring and you need a car to get everywhere all the time.

  40. There’s an entitlement that comes with being a native long islander. And the police are everywhere, at least 4 police cars for a fender bender accident, I once counted 11 police cars next to a house on the side of a main road, blocking up traffic, 11 police cars.

  41. It’s a beautiful place filled with terrible people. It’s got everything you could ever want in a place to live but unfortunately it’s filled with selfish a holes that value money above all. Zero respect for their environment or others around them. Huge pockets of right wing fucktards, living next to huge pockets of red line-esque poverty zones. Great amenities, great segregation. You can find the best food in any town but you may have to travel through areas that have been horribly disenfranchised and underinvested. Those same areas will be defined as “bad” because there are less white people.

  42. Im tired of some older white people trying to have racist conversations with me just because I’m also white. “Have you seen what’s happening to the town since ___ moved in.” Just stop man, this happens way too often.

  43. I love LI and as we watch the rest of the country morph into something unrecognizable I feel lucky to be here as NY and a few other states may become refuge’s of sanity.

  44. I lived there for 51yrs & I loved it!! Raised two amazing adults there as a single Mommy!! My daughter for 10yrs is a competitive CrossFit athlete who has competed here & other countries. My son is about to buy a business for himself to run!! I could never say, I hate it!! You are surrounded by beaches & bays, it’s beautiful there! I lived in Suffolk County which is more or less in the center!!✨💖

  45. Honestly I grew up there and didn't know how much I disliked it until I left. Coming from the city though, I can see why you'd like it. Living in NYC definitely would suck ass. The change for you between going from NYC to long Island is probably like leaving long Island and going anywhere else in the country other than california

  46. Local Governments that are incompetent, actively malicious, made obsolete by post WWII suburbanizaion or just scamming money from people who want lOcAL CoNtRoL.

  47. We moved to LI from Syracuse in '87 and moved to Philly in '95. Best. Move. Ever. It's crowded, have to go thru NYC or get on a boat to leave, they speak oddly there, the landscape is ehh, people are rude and selfish, there's a lot of white nationalists, and no one I knew that lived there were worth going back to visit.

  48. Because stupid Serena Williams made me sit in 4hrs of traffic today lol. No I don't hate our island, just many of the people that occupy it.

  49. My racist neighbors harass me everyday, I contact the local police department however they refuse to do anything about the situation since the husband of the woman harassing is in that very same police force

  50. So sorry to hear this. You should reach out to a local newspaper or media outlet to get your story out. I can help you find someone if you want, dm me.

  51. I moved here from NYC last year and I love it as well. I have no idea why people born and raised on LI hate it. Yes property taxes are high, but where I live you get what you pay for. NYC property taxes were half of mine and you got absolutely nothing in return. They would leave your garbage if they didn't like something about it. On LI they pick up ANY garbage I have and place my pail back over my fence. Nicest thing in the world. Everyone greets me in my neighborhood and tells me good morning. Some don't probably cause of my race but it's whatever cause no one tells you a word in NYC. Everyone isolates themselves there. I find people here so much nicer.

  52. Same story for me. Lived in Queens forever and the taxes you pay in NYC basically get you back nothing. Schools especially from middle school and up are terrible. If you're a higher-ish earner (let's say 200K for a married couple, not totally unreasonable for 2022), you're paying $7500 in NYC tax living in NYC. So moving to the island you can end up paying 50% more in taxes and get far more in return. That's just my unpopular take but there's a reason why a lot of people in their 30s and 40s flee the city to move to the island.

  53. moving there next month! I visited for the first this march and effing love it. been there 5 times since, just to get a feel for off/on season. The driving does suck, but I don't plan on doing much, train gets me to work and everything else is 10 minute walk or less, not really different from brooklyn in that regard. so excited.

  54. Anyone anywhere is gonna have bad shit to say about where they live if they’ve lived there long enough. I’ve got plenty of shit to say about LI, but I wouldn’t live anywhere else personally

  55. Lack of Walkable infrastructure, the suburban sprawl, the feeling cut off or trapped when being on the island cause its a pain to leave. Outside Long Island there is so much more and so many more beautiful places Long Island almost feels like its sheltered in comparison to me

  56. Property tax, school tax, and village tax.. Red light cameras everywhere.. Segregated just not as bad as most places in our country..

  57. Living through the Trump Era on long island has made me realize that long island was always full of racists who are proud to let everyone know that they're bigots. Not everyone, but it's unavoidable.

  58. I hated every single thing about it, except maybe the bagels and pizza, when I lived there. Now I live in Brooklyn and I kind of miss Long Island.

  59. I grew up on Long Island. Got away as quick as I could and I’m glad I did. There are some pretty parts but for the most part LI is the worst parts of the USA distilled.

  60. I moved here from California some number of years ago. The prices are comparable, but almost everything (with the exception of Italian food) is worse here. Obviously that's just my personal opinion.

  61. We don’t hate Long Island we hate the prices to live eat and breathe also winter’s suck snow is tough but from their we good we love Long Island

  62. I'm #StrongIsland for life 💯 Fuck the haters... Shoutout to my city #Copiague Shoutout to the upside down pizza from Albert's 🥰 Shoutout to Jones Beach 🥰

  63. I mean, you kind of like it because queens is even worse. I hate congestion, and the lack of being able to take a road trip anywhere without having to account for hours of nyc traffic. If i didnt get a good job when i finished college i would have ran out of this state so fucking quickly i would have left skid marks.

  64. I make fun of my brother because he’s an idiot. If you make fun of my brother, then I’m coming at you. That’s the best way I can describe it.

  65. Everyone hates everything NYC taught them to hate until they try it. I always thought the DMV was horrible everywhere until I lived in Atlanta for a little bit and was in and out in about 15 minutes. NYC folks just think everyone else has it even worse because at least NYC comes with the city convenience factor and amenities. In reality, the grass CAN be greener on the other side, and they don't realize that NYC suffering is actually a very unique living standard.

  66. Reading this sub sometimes is what makes me depressed living here . So much shit talk about where you all live. Just bad energy

  67. I moved here about 5 years when I got married. I personally love it. Great neighborhood- 10 mins from the beach. People are pretty cool minus the Bellmore train station whackos bitching about a 2 year election. Traffic does kinda suck but that’s more of a queens cross island shit but the restaurants are pretty good all in all I really like it. The market here is insane.

  68. Please stop with the jumping to “liberals this and liberals that”. Being civil is enforced both ways. This comment is very low effort and only divides.

  69. I thank my lucky stars I was brought up and raised my children on LI and they all have houses here... much worse places to live and not worry about rampant crime and homeless defecting on the sidewalks

  70. Miserable people that don’t represent the actual population. You’d think this place was a socialist haven if you only read this sub

  71. When you say Long Island, here in CT it's like stuffy nose Long and Island is pronounced like it looks rather than the s being silent.

  72. Lots of frustrations about living here. It is a bubble. I moved away in 1991 bought a town home on a golf course in VA IN 93’ for 90k 3 bedroom 3 bath. Bought a 4 bedroom home with three bath in 03’ for 160k and had property taxes of 1200 a year. Moved back to Long Island in 05 bought a smaller home in 06 for 530k I go back and forth if I made the right decision moving back. But you can’t beat a deli, pizza, diners, Rangers, giants, and Yankees oh and the Chinese food stinks every place else.

  73. Cuz we live here some of us born and raised and see every flaw it has. We love it but we hate here we want more for the island and everyone here but at the same time we at odds. But our harsh criticism is a form of care.

  74. You love it for the same reason immigrants love it, it's a step up in life. Just one step. That's enough for them even though there are several more steps to be had.

  75. It’s not just Long Island, it is NYS and it’s policies/laws. Highest taxes, crappy roads, mediocre schools for the money we rent the land from the government for. It’s an insane way to live your short existence on this earth.

  76. Crowded like a mofo here. Everything is very expensive and nothing but traffic everywhere you go. Unless you drive between 12-5am, then the roads are a pleasure.

  77. I moved here from NYC and while there’s things I miss about the city, those things are less important now that I have a wife and kid. Moreover, it does feel like the pandemic and crime have sapped the energy out of NYC nightlife. As a friend recently put it, “the city sleeps now.”

  78. It's an internet discussion board. A lot of internet communities tend to skew on the negative side because people like to vent. There's plenty of people who like it here but people don't tend to go online just to say that.

  79. The traffic is horrible and the taxes are ridiculous. Other than that it's decent for the most part. The people can also suck but that can be said for just about anywhere in this country(or the world)

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