Lee Zeldin's campaign says GOP candidate for governor targeted by antisemitic death threat

  1. Fuck Zeldin—he aligned himself with the Oath Keepers & helped promote the idea that Sandy Hook was false.

  2. At first I thought the vandal was trying to accuse zeldin of being a nazi, not make an antisemitic statement. But I guess that doesn’t make as much sense given the situation.

  3. The fact that he supported and took part in trying to over throw democracy in the US should get him banned from holding office. He was a congressman who voted to not accept the electoral votes in certain states without any basis. Funny how he never protested republican congressman from those states who where elected in the same elections. Just while trumps mob was trying to kill the VP did he vote to delay to give them an opportunity.

  4. Fuck Zeldin and his bootlicking Trump loving cult that supports him. Hochel is gonna destroy him in the election, the primary numbers tell you everything you need to know. I not saying she’s great but better than someone that has their nose stuck so far up a treasonous ex “president’s” ass.

  5. This guy is a Jackalope. What’s his angle? Slander and pander? I think he’s trying to scam his voters into lining his pockets somehow. His bid for Governor is a stunt. Even if you combined all the Republican candidates vote total from the primary, he still comes up way short of what Hocul got.

  6. This is like the 5th post about this in the last day is someone getting paid to drum up sympathy for this asshat zeldin?

  7. He has a less than 0 chance at governor. Zeldin can lick me. Don’t pull the “woe is me” card when you help instill hatred

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