I've been lossing a lot of hair while brushing lately. I've recently switched my Shampoo to Ultra Doux. could that be the cause? has anyone used this brand before?

  1. It could also be the fact that you're wearing your hair curly. If you don't brush between wash days, a LOT of hair comes out while detangling on wash day and it's normal.

  2. This is the answer. I don't have long hair like this since I donated but I still only brush on wash days. It looks like a lot of hair fall but if you count the 3-4 days in between washes it's really pretty normal. On top of that length always looks like more.

  3. I find I lose a lot more hair at some times of the year compared to others. I usually lose a lot more when the weather changes compared to summer. Anyway your hair looks really healthy and thick.

  4. I'm so glad I read this - I've been noticing a noticeable amount more hair fall in the last few weeks despite not changing anything, and wondered if the season transition has anything to do with it.

  5. I scrolled a while to find this. What an amazing hair you have! The length, the richness, and I just melted to see those beautiful spirals at the end! (Flat haired medium, aspiring to long hair here)

  6. My doctor took one look at the thickness and length of my hair and said it's usually okay as long as I'm not noticing bald or thin spots. My stylist agreed.

  7. ooh yes! I should def start accounting for the length and rationalizing when I look at how much comes out. thank you, this was rather helpful!

  8. I don’t know that shampoo or what the ingredients are, but try switching back to the previous one for two weeks just to be sure.

  9. I may be a bit crazy but I'm totally gonna try counting them next time. you are right there are many possible reason if the problem presist I should try eliminating them one by one. Thank you a lot, this was very helpful!

  10. yes everyone seems to agree that it is. I'll try to keep track of it and see how long it last before I start worrying myself for nothing. thank you!

  11. 50-100 hairs a day is normal. if you don't pull out that many per day, then multiply that by the days in between. unless you're seeing bald spots or thinning, probably normal.

  12. I find more hair loss during autumn normally. Summer is great to grow hair. However autumn is when old hair starts to fall out. Then winter with hats is a mess.

  13. Well, it's nothing fancy. a shower 2 times a week, and I only brush then. sometimes I use coconut oil for an old bath before the shower. usually, I use off-the-shelf shampoo brands, never used a conditioner but I've been hearing lately that it's a must. other than that shower, scrunch into a very loose bun and let the water drain onto a towel for an hour and shake and let it air dry the rest of the way

  14. I actually lost a lot of hair a few minths after i had covid. It's coming back thick again. I didn't have a severe case. Just basically a headache and loss of smell.... and hair loss. My hairdresser noticed a lot of clients with new growth.

  15. I'm really glad to hear you have recovered, that must have been a hard time. hairdressers know a lot! if they are noticing this then I would trust that they are onto something

  16. Can be many things, like excessive stress, dieting, poor nutrition, and even excessive use of hair care products. Suggest removing everything from your hair care regime for two weeks, except a simple shampoo, and then making sure you’re getting at least 1500 calories a day of quality nutritious food and then desires, relax and get good nights sleep every night.

  17. stress. yes, I ought to look into that, it wouldn't have crossed my mind but I do have some important things I'm woking up that have got my nerves all over the place

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