/r/longboarding's Daily General Thread - Jun 03, 2020

  1. I've got a dinghy that I recently bought. I was wondering if I could upgrade the bearings and make it cruise/hold speed better. I was looking at the Zealous bearings as I saw people on here recommend those. If so what's the size I need? I'm 6'2" and 180ish if that's important

  2. Not a fan of the dinghy but no component is complete trash on them. The stock bearings definitely do not need to be changed while new.

  3. If you just got the board getting new bearings will not make it any faster. Getting bearings wont ever make a board faster unless they are totally shot and no longer spin properly.

  4. It's just like normal griptape until it's worn down then you can sand it with a sander (no belt sander), unless you're doing dh it should be fine

  5. Plastic vs Wood i’m wondering what the main differences are between plastic and wood boards. what pros and cons do the different build materials have? thanks!

  6. Regarding Atlas trucks. I know they've got a bad rap around here but I was hoping to clarify whether they might have some value in certain applications.

  7. They are ok for cruising. They don't hold up to any other quality truck, but they aren't the worst. I couldn't set them up in a way I liked them, even for slow freeride. But they turn and thats all you need for a cruising board.

  8. People only seem to dislike them for higher speed stuff. Likely 25+ mph. The ball pivot gives the hanger some extra range of motion, so your stability can be more easily compromised by bad road conditions. Also they’re heavy, so they’re likely not the most appropriate choice for trick setups. I bet they’re a blast for slow freeride and cruising, similar to an Aera RF-1.

  9. I think they aren't that bad i didn't use them so i don't know what bushings they have but if you are going for cruiser setup you should get something softer

  10. You can try buying a cheap used snowboard and cut a longboard out of it, you'll get a durable board with a crazy flex

  11. Concave makes boards stiffer. Picture curving a pizza or piece of paper. If you’re looking for flex, try to make the concave very mellow.

  12. I’m having trouble breaking traction for heel side slides, especially glove down slides. Can I get any advice?

  13. Landyachtz Switchblade or Pantheon Nexus for a smaller framed female under 120lbs looking to get into moderate downhill? I am a novice that really wants to slide but still want a hybrid board that I can grow into overtime. When riding recreationally, I really enjoy carving. Open to suggestions!

  14. The Nexus sounds ideal for you. The switchblade is old news, heavy and use W concave + old school feet pockets. Bustin Sportster should be good too but the Nexus construction and design is superior. I personally find the Rayne Amazon incredibly fun but they are discontinued and somewhat heavy for a "smaller framed person"

  15. Definitely the Nexus. The Switchblade doesn't feel very comfortable to push on due to the W concave, and it lacks concave near the drops which isn't optimal for slides.

  16. What kind of bushings can you put an a dinghy? I tried finding bushing specs on the bear trucks website but couldn’t find anything, do you use normal skateboard bushings from independent?

  17. They gross, 0.95" wide seat, so you have to sand down the bushings to have them properly fit. Riptide is 0.975" and venom is a bit wider, so if you do not sand riptide is marginally better, however it does not fit still and is not good. Sanding will be the only good option. I have some 90a aps 0.4 and 92.5a aps 0.6 that i sanded i can sell as i do not ride my 155s. So short street and regular longboard is the stock fit with them, however the diameter is too small for that. I hope this helps some with that.

  18. Bears use a standard (.6") longboard truck bushing boardside and a street (not street short) size bushing roadside. Some folks have a difficult time fitting aftermarket bushings in Polar Bears due to how narrow the seat is, if you experience this issue you can round the edges of the bushings on your griptape to get a better fit.

  19. they use a regular barrel boardside and a short street cone roadside, its really annoying to try to find bushings that fit

  20. I’m a complete beginner and I want to try longboard dancing, but I’m not sure which board I should choose.

  21. the jig will be a better construction than the stratus, and the complete has better components, just get the jig

  22. Ye still waiting on some bush to get it dialed but ive got it on 135mm cronins. The actual deck feels amazing, super comfy front foot cave. I actually found myself flat foot tucking on it

  23. Does anyone have any experience with the Metro Spyder wheels? I found an old review that made me curious. And yes, I found out why I couldn't see the DGTs. I had somehow blocked the Automoderator

  24. Lol those seemed so odd at the time with the giant core. If it's the same thane as the metro motions then it's nice stuff. I don't remember if it was. I think they're wider than the motions and the core is definitely larger. I don't recall as many people riding those as the metro motions, which were popular for a bit. I still have mine.

  25. Here's the deal - if you want a cruiser that you can do street tricks on, the common consensus is that you may be better off with a standard street deck, then just popping some softer cruiser wheels on it.

  26. Does anyone here own a Whitewave longboard? It’s a small and on the rise long board company and great with bamboo, fairly local and only made my a married couple in a garage in Arizona

  27. Arizona dude here who was given one. The decks are about on par with the cruisers from any major brand. But the trucks, wheels, and bearings are all no name components. I had the drifter and just wanted to push around so I put some kegals on and it was all good.

  28. Well Prism received a ton of hate their first year because they stole a bunch of riders from other teams and the V1 boards has some construction issues (delam and warp). However, since then I haven't heard anyone complain and it seems since they join full circle their construction improved dramatically.

  29. Make sure you're turning your front foot to be parralel with the board when you push, and then turning back to perpendicular when both feet are on the board.

  30. A good way to practice pushing faster is by just standing on the board with ur front foot and pushing little bits so u gain speed slowly. Just focus on staying on the board and keeping ur weight in that foot balanced. It just takes time to learn to push confidently.

  31. It depends on your front foot placement, and if it’s not a busy street then sure! If the pavement is smoother then it makes it much easier, just watch for traffic and be safe

  32. DH bombing- Why many of the fast guys on downhill videos do wear no pads, only a helmet and gloves?? It looks scarry - is it much safer than it looks??

  33. I have fallen at 40+mph in gloves, helmet, and a bathing suit with no shirt. I don’t recommend it, but you see some of these guys fall with nothing but gloves and a helmet at significantly higher speeds and end up just fine. I landed in Superman position on my hands and ended up with super light rash on my thigh from initial impact before I got up to my shoes. I’m not saying not to wear more, but gloves and helmet are the most important, and spine protector would be next on the list for me, over knee and elbow pads.

  34. No it's still dangerous. Whatever level you're at, other than total noob, you have some sort of comfort zone where you can just hop on the board and you won't fall off, or if you do your reflexes are sharp enough to minimize damage, barring something odd or some freak accident. For them that's 45mph standies into sharp corners. Same as, barring something unusual, I can ride my bicycle somewhere and not fall off it. It's just not gonna happen by my own fault.

  35. Nope still dangerous as fuck. Not to long ago an experienced DH rider Candy got into a serious accident and had a spinal cord injury. Tough woman and a long road of recovery. That was with her wearing proper gear.

  36. After skating for a long time, you aren't likely to fall. I can count on my hand the number of times I've fallen in the last few months. So a helmet and gloves is all you need tbh - I think thats the logic.

  37. It's a trade off. I know many super skilled riders that send it without kneepads, and are confident in their own skills (or ability to fall). There's no doubt that you can progress to a point where falling through your own error is highly unlikely, but what concerns me and keeps me wearing pads is the falls I CAN'T control. For example being crashed out by someone, bailing to avoid a car blowing lane, truck/wheel failures etc. Highly unlikely stuff, but I personally am trying to keep skating as often as possible and ensuring I remain injury free is part of that. I've seen way too many skilled skaters get absolutely bricked from not wearing pads - it just takes one fuck up for serious damage to occur. Your call on whether that trade off is worth it.

  38. freedom of movement, hard pads restrict your movement and when you're skating fast with little room for error, that little difference can make you bail more and over all lead to more injuries. These riders can also save their bails and slide out on their shoes&pucks instead of relying on hard pads.

  39. So I use longboarding as well as walking and yoga as my main forms of exercise. I'm not into "body building" but I know it's important to keep some muscle symmetry. I have tried pushing mongo to solve the problem (with very little success). And I'm wondering how to keep from having a SheRa left quad and Hulk of a right calf?

  40. Thinking of starting longboarding with little to no experience at all and was wondering where to look for long boards

  41. Your local shop is usually a good place, or the buy sell thread here. I did get my first landyachtz switch from zumies, I know they're hated on but I didn't know anything.

  42. When i try to do a nollie shuvit, I always land in switch position (probably bc my mind sticks to pivots and you do a pivot at the beginning of the trick). Tips? Thanks!

  43. This seems super common when people try to learn any sort of shuvit. I've been trying to teach somebody. What they seem to be doing is spinning the board by twisting their hips and legs, spinning the board with both feet. To prevent themselves from spinning that way too, they rotate their upper body the other way, as physics dictates is necessary. Since we tend to go the direction out head and shoulders are aimed, they then do an arm wavy thing and rotate their lower body to match the shoulders, usually while the board flies away from them. It's like one of those physics problems except all the forces don't cancel.

  44. never owned one but tried a good couple before, amazing concaves, really nice to ride, their regular wood+carbon construction is not all that amazing(it's still nice, just not anything special) but LAF is amazing, probably among the best out there.

  45. Hey its been a very hot minute since I last touched a longboard. And last time I did I was terrible anyways. I was super scrawny, light and short when I started but now I'm pretty much done with puberty and now I'm not anymore. So alongside relearning how to ride and the shift in longboarding culture since 2014 what should I know, what board or setup would be good for a 230 lbs. 6'1 dude? I wanna be able to try and successfully ride around confidently and slide on hills. If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. I still have my 2013 landyachtz peacemaker that has butterballs and 50 cal trucks. But I feel like I outgrew it. I keep misplacing my footing.

  46. boards are only getting shorter and narrower at the top end of the skill curve so you probably don’t want to follow the current shift.

  47. My friend has them. They’re good! He says the response improved a lot with the spherical bearings instead of the riptide kore.

  48. I wouldn't buy from there, it doesn't support smaller shops number 1, and also I've seen a few posts of people getting used or broken boards from zumiez so thats always a possibility. A few websites are

  49. If anyone is interested in longboard dancing I just noticed it has it's own subreddit. Everyone should join so we can all dance around together haha.

  50. Favorite griptape? Looking to regrip my board, there's blood orange grip tape on it now and want to try something different/better. Just need grip that will keep me locked in for freeride and some light downhill (<30-35 mph). Thank you!

  51. Lokton and Cuei are the absolute grippiest and longest lasting. When Cuei came out, I gripped half a deck with it and the other half with Lokton. So far the durability has been pretty equal, with Lokton being slightly sharper and grippier. Cuei is way easier to apply (and remove), Lokton you'll wanna bake in the oven or use a heat gun for optimal flex and stick. I'm not the type that cares, but Lokton also gets way dirtier over time than Cuei.

  52. Lokton is amazing but terrible to apply. It doesn't wear, so you don't need to replace it often. Vicious is good initially but wears out very fast. If you have complicated concave or implants vicious is going to be 100x easier to put on. Cuei looks like the best of both worlds, but I haven't tried. I have seen Thiago claim that everyone who's tried cuei grip hasn't gone back to lokton, and no one rebutted this.

  53. Heyyyy, I'm feeling unsure re buying my first board. I'm looking for a good board for cruising/carving, and I thought I'd finally settled on a Madrid missionary-- I asked about it in the discord and folks were like "yeah it looks good" but now I'm reading elsewhere that Madrids are known for being priced high and shit quality; that they break fast and easy. Can I get some more input on this?

  54. My roommate purchased a board from LY website at the end of April I believe. I think it took about 2 weeks to receive a tracking number but that was after he reached out to them to ask about it. Overall it took about 3.5 weeks to receive his board.

  55. I havent bought from LY recently but I've heard their ship times are very long right now, but cant speak from personal experience.

  56. New to this sub! Anyone know where I can buy a Loaded Bhangra right now? Sold out everywhere I’ve checked. Or anyone selling?? Don’t care if it’s v1 or v2 but need flex 2. Had a rayne killswitch a few years ago for DH but want to get into dancing.

  57. Also open to suggestions for other dancing boards. Im looking for Bhangra bc upon a couple of hours of research it’s what came up as best for dancing. For reference I am a 5’7 135 lbs. maybe something lighter? Or cheaper (lol Loaded y u so expensive😭)

  58. Does anyone have advice for which longboard I should get? Preferably a Canadian brand but not a requirement 🙂

  59. Zenit is a Canadian brand that makes some nice dancers. You could also look into dancing on some of their freestyle boards that might fit your size a bit better.

  60. Especially if you prefer buying something Canadian landyachtz is a great brand and they have a awesome selection of boards on their website that would be good for dancing

  61. If you're going to be using your board solely for dancing, a big board won't matter - it'll just mean you have a bigger dance-floor! If you're going to be commuting on it a bit as well or taking it places, might be good to look into a more freestyle oriented or dance/freestyle board, they'll be slightly smaller but still big enough to dance on.

  62. Not sure about better, but you could probably get something comparible for cheaper. If price isn't an issue then go for it, that's a nice board.

  63. Anybody pretty familiar with C7 trucks? Wondering what kind of bushings are in the C7, and if they can be changed on the front truck.

  64. Hi, I’m looking for a smaller longboard that would work well for riding to class and stuff. The one I currently have is just too big to be carrying around in my college classes. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  65. Depends on what kind riding you do, but there's plenty of small free-ride oriented boards out there. I love my Rayne Darkside 34 - has a kicktail and not too much bigger than a street deck. Moonshine Sidekick is also similar.

  66. Hello, I am getting into downhill longboarding and am looking for a good full face helmet. Any recommendations?

  67. tsg pass, pricey yes, but also very comfy, pretty cool(relatively) even in 20C weather, and good visibility,

  68. I'm looking to get a drop down longboard (blank) and design it myself. Any good recommendations on where I can buy one? It doesn't have to be pre built, all I need is a blank longboard. Again, I don't care if its built or not. Thanks!

  69. A lot of it has to do with leg/back strength and balance. Once I started using a balance board and stretching regularly it was waaay easier to stay stable

  70. Practice. Just riding will make you push easier, and no matter how good you get you will always have those times where you push weird and wobble

  71. New to longboarding...learning how to get over the fear of going over bumps and cracks in the road. Just don't wanna wipeout.

  72. Just gotta commit. See a crack in the pavement? Push a little harder and stay put - the board should carry you over. Once you've been skating for a while, you should be able to eye cracks and bumps and know which ones you can go over and which ones you can't - it's all trial and error and you may fall a bit in the process. Most of the time though longboards can make it over more bumps and cracks than you think!

  73. It's been a while since I have been in the longboarding game! I've got an old board I need to get some new trucks and bearings for. What are the industry standards these days? I have an old Landyachtz Evo with some old Bear Grizzly 10mm trucks. What are some good ceramic bearings as well? Thanks for your help!

  74. I don’t know much about DH, so I can’t really recommend any DH gear. Although I would not recommend ceramic bearings. You can get Zealous steel bearings for really cheap. The roll really good and have built in spacers. They are also really cheap.

  75. Had a nice sesh on the hill that started my speed addiction. Hadn't been back in almost a year b/c I needed a spotter before I could slide properly, as it's a blind 3-way with a stop sign. Anyways, just rambling and happy that the hour I was out at sunset practicing standies went great, getting the hang of consistently getting all 4 wheels sliding at 15-20. Any tips on slide shuv-its? Finding it hard to commit, although I've gotten regular 180s down pretty OK by now :)

  76. I have successfully gotten rid of all my extra skate stuff and built up my boiis to a legit crew. I challenge eveveryone here to help or help upgrade at least 1 homie before the end of this year.

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