Personally, even with its ups and down, I’m very grateful that I get to work in London. Took this from my office window at ~7am this morning.

  1. I’m only in the office twice a week usually. Though with a toddler, my evenings are pretty hectic and knackering, so peaceful early mornings are very welcome and allow me to actually exercise.

  2. I used to work just the next building over. There are many different types of companies, shipping, media, finance, accounting etc. The post code is the important bit.

  3. I actually work in property marketing covering all their video needs, their head office is just off of Regent Street.

  4. I used to work for the company that basically owns Regent St, who had offices just above Bose (they’ve now moved down to Piccadilly). Offices were decent, lots of different companies based in the buildings

  5. There are lots of different companies on Regent’s Street, our office used to be on 271 Regents Street W1B for many years, one floor below Apple. There are also companies like Avanta to let out small office spaces

  6. I used to go to work at that time as it’s nice and quiet in the office, you get a couple of hours to ease into work, go through your inbox, chat the other early birds, before everyone rushes in. Then I’d leave at 5/5.30 and get home at a reasonable hour.

  7. I fucking love London. And yeah, I have all the normal reasons to be disenchanted with it that people are mentioning in this thread. Mid 30s, pandemic ruined my social life, career probably at a stage where it'd be equally viable somewhere more relaxed, yada yada.

  8. Yeah London is truly the best city in the world. No other city compares to the history and culture. There’s literally everything in London and your always discovering new parts of the city even after years of living there, there’s always something knew going on. It’s not perfect, but definitely a great place.

  9. I'm born and raised in London and absolutely love it still. Used to work on Regent St and think I took it for granted at the time!

  10. Such an odd take. Some people like to WFH, some people like the office. As long as nobody is being forced (as Stockholm syndrome suggests) why do the WFH camp find office based working so triggering?

  11. I spend a fair bit of time in London, and I think I know where that is. But I could quite easily be convinced it was Paris with the style of those buildings and their roofs. That crane in the distance almost looks like the Eiffel Tower

  12. I love this picture. So much promise and allure in a London street, the sun just starting to creep out behind the clouds. OP is ready to face the day.

  13. Love London too…first date was at Piccolino right there! Thought I was so cool and grown up hahaha!

  14. I live/work in France nowadays but I come home to London once/month to get my fix. Each weekend is usually packed in with pubs, theatres, exhibitions, restaurants. And these aren't even expensive weekends - Theatre £35, dinner/drinks in Soho £25, exhibitions £15. London is glorious and I love it dearly.

  15. I was looking to work in London, in an office, but I always wonder if a work to life balance can still be achieved….I live about 1 hour on train from London, plus an extra 45 minutes to get from the station, a grab to eat/buy lunch, and finally arriving to work, not to say, doing viceversa on the way back. Does anyone have a way to still have a balance? Or is this just a sacrifice you have to make?

  16. It really was a beautiful sunrise this morning. I was up very early, and the sky was gold with pink clouds.

  17. I used to live in London, but moved to Surrey 16 years ago. I don't miss it entirely, especially now days with the violence and what not (I know it's everywhere, but I do live in a small village now and rarely any violence). What I do miss though is the diversity of people, jobs and things to do. Where you are it does look great. I wouldn't stop staring out the window just people watching.

  18. When I managed a farm a few years back I used to sit on the roof of one of the sheds and drink my brew. You could see for miles and miles. You could watch pheasants, rabbits, deer all start their days pottering around in the field while the rising sun cast it's rays across the whole vista. Used to make me feel like the king of the world.

  19. Really? You took the exact same photo again? That’s impressive, because this exact same photo was posted not too long ago either on this sub or another sub, claiming to be taken that same day.

  20. Mate, if you enjoy sunrise in the city, you should definitely try sunrises in the countryside over the sea, gonna be mental: with birds waking up, sea breeze quietly touching leaves on trees, fresh air and silence all around, waves climbing onto the beach, jumping into cold water for a quick shot of endorphins - one of the best things you can experience.

  21. Very pretty, but for me it would never be worth the 1 hour commute to work in town. I work a 10min cycle ride from home. It's not a very exciting or interesting location, but it beats going on the tube every day.

  22. Dude, I work at this company! I worked in this very office for like 6 years! I’m in the US now, but still love coming back to this office when I’m back in London!

  23. Happy to hear this! About to move to London from the States for a few years. Internet seems to really rag on London, but glad to see a positive sentiment!

  24. London would've been a dream place to live in if it wasn't so stupendously expensive and if the crime rate wasn't as high.

  25. Not a fan myself. I believe nature is needed in order to survive. London doesn't seem to have factored this into the design.

  26. Seen a few comments like this. I added “this morning” to clarify it was shot today. Not 7am yesterday or Saturday etc. Likely wasn’t a necessary bit of information, but in my defence…it was 7am…

  27. I used to work on regents street. It’s great during Christmas and no excuses for not being organised for Christmas!

  28. Can't stand London. It angers me that all of my foreign friends visit London and then go home....that then being their only British experience. So many amazing cities in England and the UK.

  29. To be fair there isn't all that much else. Stuff like castles, countrysides, quaint little villages, etc. which is what people refer to when they talk about getting out of London can be found anywhere in Europe. On the other hand, staple cities like London, New York, Tokyo, etc. only exist where they do.

  30. The company I used to work for has its official head office very close to this location. It's only a conference room plus two secretaries, like Lord Sugar's boardroom you see on TV. The company employs over 40K people in six countries.

  31. I actually love trees and nature, but it seems I can’t simultaneously appreciate city visuals based on some comments here 😬

  32. I started doing morning walks at 6am twice a week and it’s amazing how much you appreciate living in this city. Sometimes i drag my boyfriend with me and our days are so much more productive and positive. We live in Notting Hill near Hyde Park and it’s a beautiful thing to see the city wake up.

  33. Do you work above Abercrombie? Always wondered what the upper stories of those Regents strewn buildings do, what does your business do? Can’t be cost effective to have offices there surely?!

  34. I used to work just off Oxford Street. On the one hand yes it’s lovely. But I was never that organised and disciplined back then so I spent a fortune at lunch time buying both food AND clothes lol

  35. Same here, so I'm grateful for being able to live in this city. I've lived in other parts of the country a while back, and London is the only place that I haven't had a racist comment directed at me so far (Been back for about a year).

  36. I really enjoyed my time in London, however brief it was, but I also enjoyed my time in the smaller surrounding towns n countryside. So much cool history, the transit was wildly awesome compared to basically anything in Canada, and I got to feel like a big spending buying a hardcover copy of a book at a high-street shop cause it had different artwork than the stuff over here.

  37. I used to work in London. I liked gazing out at the cityscape from the high rise office building I was in. Made me feel like a grown up. Like someone in a film. Now I’m unemployed. Don’t feel cool anymore. Feel sad and useless. Lolz.

  38. Nice part of central London, passed through on the Queen's funeral. What do you do if you don't mind me asking

  39. Plenty of people start at 7am especially in finance I used to do it finish at 15:30 which was great. Id hate to work I. The OP location though. Very difficult to get to for most people. Also much prefer to permanently work from home now

  40. I remember when that great London thoroughfare had only two thinish pavements either side, nothing on the road at all, a few black taxis, the odd bus and some horse and carts, few people, mostly in long dark coats just after the end of WWII, and everyone helped each other, with no rush and mostly genuine friendliness. Hope U find something of that still there ! Regards, Jerry

  41. Had the pleasure of driving and conducting Routemasters through central London. Hell after about 7am but before then, blissful. Watching the city wake up from the back of a classic bus is one of my life highlights

  42. The reflection of your office light in the window makes it look like there's a huge Truman Show style light in the clouds.

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