what can be improved in this logo? it is for a team called "the Cropdusters".

  1. I was just going to say, the stream of smoke against the circle in the background could double as a butt crack with the circle forming the cheeks with the ensuing chaos happening below.

  2. What type of team? Hockey? Soccer? E-Sports? Different things have different styles of logo so it's hard to tell what you're supposed to be going for. And 'cropdusters'? Really? You're going to be made fun of as the farting team so I hope that name isn't final.

  3. E-sports team ig for a mobile game called The battle of Polytopia. It's a simple strategy game we play in teams in a server of 1000 people. There are 8 pro teams. One of them is called The Jets. Each pro team also have a junior team. The Jets junior team is called The Cropdusters. The logo is for that. Do you have any ideas on how the logo can be improved?

  4. Not sure it needs the white O behind the plane/dust. I would agree on tweaking the purple. A little less saturation. A little more blue. The propellor is gonna get lost as-is, too, since the grey just barely peeks through even when enlarged. The dust doesn’t translate well either. Refine those shapes. The dust is also a light purple, but what dust is coming out of the plane is white. Go with one or the other, not both.

  5. I would do nozzles on the back of the wings and have the crop dusting come from that in small streams that combine to a big one

  6. I’d like to see what the plane would look like with more dimension, simply by making half of the plane a darker grey colour. And for some reason I feel as though the outer ring of purple should be darker.I genuinely don’t know if one or both of those ideas would make an improvement but I think it’s a great base, I love the way the shapes work together, it just needs more dimension IMHO.

  7. The clouds color is good but I would fine tune the intense purple of the circle. I think it's a bit too dark and too saturated. (Too intense basically.)

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