My journey for a belt starts finally, I know some locks are not in the right color especially the blue, but I am still organizing and sorting them.

  1. I went cheap and just bought it with out any accessories, but I did have a ring tensioner, I just moved so I have to find it again. I love it so smooth and fast on my cheaper locks.

  2. Thanks, I used to have a lot more but we moved from a house to an apartment so I havd to hack away at the number of locks. Check out my Instagram page rockycrocker #rockyslocks or the vid I submitted for my white belt if anyone is interested I would love feedback and any helpful advise or criticism . Watch "Locksport White Belt Submission w/Master Lock #1" on YouTube

  3. Nice collection. I'd love to pick up at least a dozen assorted locks for a decent price. Ebay I hear is good for that

  4. Ebay and visit you local locksmith, I told one on a trip that I would buy his trash locks or if he had any junk to sell as a lot, that has worked for me to get a few easy locks to practice on.

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