Hello, I'm here to learn. A good start?

  1. I find having the right tool makes learning easier, masters can of course use any crappy tool and make it work. The insides are almost more fascinating than the open.

  2. Not attempting to flex Spent the equivalent of 3 games. So far have had more fun, been more frustrated, and most importantly... Learning new things/ acquiring new interests and knowledge. I expect to continue this process for awhile so the cost seems low in the long run. [Maybe I'm wrong]

  3. Where is the best place to get a half decent normal pick in the UK. Looking on Amazon and they all look like quantity over quality.

  4. I love the catch on of the ssdev picks. I see a lot of people with them in their kits. I have three or four sets just for backups.

  5. The dark shift made it hard to get a high set behind a guard pin, a world champion designed hook set solved that. Highly recommended would replace in a heartbeat.

  6. Good job not messing around with the clear acrylic locks. Too easy and not worth the $. Those Sparrow's progressive locks are the way to go. The possibilities are endless.................

  7. only thing I would suggest at this point, to make learning a little easier for non padlocks is a vacu-vise from Amazon or harbor freight is where j got mine for like 18bucks

  8. Initially it was just the dark shift set and the revolver. Then the guts started to become fascinating. I can spend hours re-keying, and not even pick. In terms of entertainment 10 of 10 I was already digitally paranoid... now The real world is scary again. Plus socially every one is so nice!

  9. Haha, when I first started picking I went nuts buying too. I don't even use half of what I bought but I love my picks anyway. I took a very long break from picking and have just started up again the last couple of days. Excited to use my tools again. Congrats on your haul!

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