BiLock NG (Next Generation) picked! 12 pins split between 2 sidebars, unmastered. Definitely deserves its place as a black belt.

  1. Nice! Congrats on the open. I've been told that finding the correct little slots in the pins is super difficult

  2. Thanks and agreed, I really wasn't expecting that much of a fight from it! I'll need motivation to get that one on tape lol

  3. Off-topic but does anyone know where you can get those rubber pads that go on those cheap harbor freight (& clones) vise heads? I lost a couple of mine.

  4. I would suggest to get leather instead (old belt or gloves in my picture). It holds super tight under pressure and prevent scratches.

  5. NG is the 2nd generation of BiLock (supposedly the hardest) and QCC is the Quick Core Change ability. The white key in the picture has 2 dimples drilled in it and it allows ball bearings to retract and pull out the lock from the mortise.

  6. Hm I forget who I talked to on Discord about them. He was knowledgable and explained most of what I know about them. I think, it's the interactive element but picking wise they are similar in difficulty. Something about the lastest generation made it the easiest of three to pick.

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