I am working on a VR heist game that's inspired by how heisting would work in reality. In this image I have a list of security systems I could think up that do exist, and means of bypassing them. Do you know of any things I missed that could be added to this list?

  1. I know this isn't strictly just a lock-picking question, however I was not able to find a subreddit that could be more knowledgeable on the matter that has more than a handful people

  2. Door lock, hydraulic lift or spreader. For some folks it is the most popular as it is near instantaneous.

  3. Servers/PCs are usually targeted remotely. If it's air gapped, like those systems running the centrifuges in Iran were, you could use a supply chain attack to get some malware into the actual system before it ships.

  4. The server/pc access in the case of this game would largely be used to manipulate various physical security systems. The idea is you're using a rubber ducky that either gives someone remote access to the system or just pwns it from whatever the payload was inside the usb.

  5. Well said, especially the social engineering. Just drop a few thumb drives in the parking lot and you have a good chance someone plugs it in.

  6. I mean, shaped charges are good at like, pretty much everything but idk if you're gonna have a loud option in your game. Just out of curiosity what's the name of the game??

  7. Does not have a name as of yet, it is very much in the early stages. I've made a prototype though that features basic lockpicking, safe cracking and alarm disabling (mechanics are not 1:1 to life, due to compromises to make it work well in VR). Those who tested it claimed to have enjoyed the concept

  8. I see you have included destructive means to open locks. I have seen several channels evaluating locks trying to stand up to 50BMG. 50 BMG takes care of everything. Lol.

  9. Many commercial properties have IR motion request to exit sensors than can be tripped with a can of keyboard duster (or a glass of whiskey if you’re DeviantOlam). Many also have crash bars than can be opened with a hook-shaped tool.

  10. Remembered about the crash bar bypass tool after seeing your latch slipping comment, forgot about the duster though, thanks again

  11. It is a bit of a mixed bag I think, cause some electronics can be not affected by it, others might die or trip, yet other ones can just go all weird and then return back to normal once you let it be. Definitely a wildcard

  12. If you use the signal jammer in short periods of time... under 20 seconds you avoid the security loop... usually the alarm company don’t receive any emergency signal and they treat any problem like a false alarm... look cases in my country (Spain) the criminals dig holes in banks and jewelry stores using signal jammer that block wifi,gsm, 4g -5g ... and cut the safes with thermal torches...

  13. So I did not include brute force attacks into things that could cause more problems if you just break them. For instance if you smash the server with a brick it will shut down and anything that might have been running on it, say like the security camera system, or the alarm pinging system. Which would send guards to investigate and things would escalate fast from there. Did I miss some brute force attacks that would not get you into a worse position?

  14. So for the 8th one down... The DoorKing telephony access system... (apartment gates) You don't need any of the items shown. All you need is the Doorking 16120 key (or you could pick the lock) to open the access panel (some panels have 1 lock on each side) and then a paperclip to bridge two of the terminals. Nothing gets unscrewed, or cut. No need for a magnet..

  15. The tools are there just as a list of possible means of bypassing them, just cause one tool can do the job does not mean we should suddenly remove all of em. So the doorking system is just a generic sample box full of electronicles, in the game the circuitry n such would be all entirely unique, so you would need to study how it works and how to bypass it. Sometimes you could do it with a magnet routine on a relay, other times you could not. The image represents a type of system rather than a specific system.

  16. I had to omit the tensioning tool for vr, instead it uses a trigger input to apply rotational force to the core. Not ideal, but it feels alright in vr.

  17. Would recommend wildcard equivalents of the locks that are just straight up not worth the players time and effort to pick/shim/break. Deciding when it's time to move on to another solution to the problem (or even give up and go back to the drawing board) is an important skill that is often untested in games because players are over incentivized into linear styles of play. Everything from complex environmental story telling to simply swapping an assets colors can provide players interesting choices and trade offs. Examples:

  18. A lot of brilliant design ideas there. Can you elaborate on the manhole thing? I'm not sure I fully understood where you're going with that one. Unless you mean sewers as an access point to the building's interior?

  19. if you haven't already checked out Deviant Ollam's videos on youtube, you should. He covers various means of non-destructive entry and door system bypasses (IR / body sensors, underdoor tools, hinge pin attacks, more sophisticated digital attacks) which may be of interest to you.

  20. I've looked at some of his stuff, but I should give it a second pass of youtube binging to make sure I didn't miss anything :D

  21. I understand this is a game but it seems you are trying to make it a little realistic and you seem to have a grasp of physical security (not everyone includes shake sensors in their games) but you have to also remember what a lot of physical entry looks like.

  22. The simple methods of bypassing a lot of things will still be used, it would only be complimented by more complex setups requiring usage of fancier tools, cause as you said this is a game after all.

  23. The butane torch was there more of a representation of melting the lock. Would need to do a little bit more homework of how various burning devices look in portable variants, typical metal types used in locks and their melting points. Could however maybe be used as a means to weaker it for some sort of hammering attack. Just felt plausible enough to add onto the list for later exploration.

  24. Lockpickinglawyer defeated some zinc padlocks with a blowtorch, and that took a good 5 minutes IIRC. I don't think defeating door locks with a blowtorch is the most practical idea.

  25. Yes, it would be something more proper. The blue cloner just represents the concept/idea of the bypass in this case.

  26. Social engineering will definitely be the hardest to make realistic, but the most important aspect. You’ll have to create enough options for interaction to yield ideal ideal results, as well as a number of less than ideal results all the way to rejection, hostility and discovery without making it too easy or hard.

  27. Cyber security professional here. Not exactly sure what your game is but there are a lot more ways to hack a server than just plugging in a USB. Not planning on getting into detail here but their are ton of other subreddits for that one. Feel free to message me if you want to get into more specific.

  28. So currently digital hacking is restricted to using a rubber ducky. Not far off from a regular ol' usb though I suppose.

  29. One thing that could be an interesting take is if you do a "lockpicking through the centuries" where you start with some of the old time-y locks and as time goes on, you get more techniques as the systems become harder to defeat.

  30. Aircon - split units keep the noisy compressor outside. Stopping it from working will overheat entire server rooms

  31. Severs and pcs have so many potential software and physical attacks it's not even funny. Slow loris attacks for example to overwhelm a server with connections, usb "Killers" to physically break circuitry with overloads, cutting the electricity to the building, simply hitting it with a massive hammer will do the trick for most home computers

  32. Those are a little bit out there. So the Mylar is if its a thermal motion sensor, I believe it might have some difficulty picking up your thermal signature through it.

  33. Xray biometrics. I don't know if this is real or not but in a fiction spy novel I read one of the security systems is an xray wall much like an airport where the measurements of authorized personnel femurs and other bones were measured and used as a biometric to determine access to a vault for infectious diseases. That would be nearly impossible to fake I feel like

  34. Probably not easy to fake, but I've only ever heard of such a system once, and I can't say it was from a very reliable source. Could maybe be used as some sort of rare/exclusive protection system, certainly not a common thing though. Thanks for the suggestion, might come in handy

  35. Love the concept, but if you're trying to make it realistic, it would be nice to avoid destructive techniques. Like obviously you could blow open a door with C4, but unless you've got an assault team behind you, it would defeat the purpose of the game. If you use things like bolt cutters, angle grinders, or a torch, I would hope you'd include some obvious consequences (like where's my 50' extension cord, people popping their heads out to see what the grinding noise is, or not being able to conveniently carry around 32" bolt cutters).

  36. Absolutely. I want to give the users a way to be 'hulk smash', but with a very slim chance of success. Whether that be through an outlet nowhere to be found for the angle grinder or through a guard hearing you smash a window. Hopefully that will encourage the more classy approaches.

  37. Something else I’ve thought about in these scenarios is subterfuge. Picture a very hard physical obstacle of a some type, that even the owners of the building would have trouble accessing. That’s the decoy. You’re spending your time solving a puzzle that doesn’t have a payoff.

  38. I'm not sure I quite understood the point you meant to convey, could you maybe try to rephrase it somehow different?

  39. I was actually on the fence about this. On one hand it could be cool to add specific commonly used keys, but on the other it does add a lot of power without much skill required. Maybe there could be some kind of a repository of keys and the user would have to figure out which one to 'order', Thanks for bringing it up, I'll think more on how this could be implemented well

  40. As someone who is interested in both VR and lockpicking and physical security, this gets me very excited. Many people have mentioned Lock Picking Lawyer and Deviant Ollam videos, but someone else I think you should check out is the Not Co Civil Engineer (

  41. I posted a link to a early mechanics test for the game in some comment on this post, if you can't find let me know and I can send it to you again. Anyway, it is a tech demo that features lock picking, basic alarm disabling and cracking a safe. (made quick n dirty)

  42. Air wedges and hydraulic, canned air for Rex sensors, under door tool/double door tool, camera film for over door attacks.

  43. I saw the pc/server section was a bit lacking. Here’s a E.D.C. (every day carry) video by Cyber Sec person, Cole Kraten.

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