Cultivation ~ Battle Mage Farmer Book 3 ~ Amazon/Audible!

  1. I'm just stoked. Just started another series but I've been keeping my on this one. Good thing I'm a natural speed reader.

  2. Been waiting for this!! The last two were epically good. Is epically a word? the story and the characters and the world you've created. Please keep going.

  3. Yay! Since I was enjoying the cheesemaking aspect of the first book so much, I was hoping John might think to extend his long lasting food offerings by using the whey left from the cheese. He could offer powdered travel rations with whey protein that is flavored and sweetened with various flash dried fruits.

  4. Six are currently planned, but I have a sneaking suspicion, there will be some other stories to tell in this world (Ben's grown up adventures, John's early days, etc...).

  5. These books absolutely slap. Well worth the read. They're not so short as to leave you wanting more from each volume but not so long that you can't binge read them (Which you're gonna want to do. They're entertaining af)

  6. Thanks for being willing to give it a try! No long stat tables. It's written to avoid that drag on audio.

  7. I just blazed through the first two and am now about 30% through the third. I really enjoy them. One small criticism I have is this: the author uses “haha” or “hahaha” in dialog. I noticed it first during the tea party with the plains warriors, because he uses it twice in the same paragraph of dialing. I didn’t notice this in the first two books because I listened to them, and Kramer just integrates the laughter into the dialog as intended.

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