Looking for Town/Shop building themed litrpg suggestions

  1. Small town crafter by Tom Watts was really good. Not a shopkeeper, but set in one town and satisfying slice of life.

  2. Light Online, Life Reset which has already been mentioned and are both very fun. I'd add Tallrock by Xander Boyce to that list, which I really enjoyed. Also you might like Battle Mage Farmer, Oh Great I Was Reincarnated as a Farmer, Beware of Chicken, Tree of Aeons, possibly Limitless Lands, Casual Farming I haven't read but looks up your alley.

  3. I would say that All Trades scratched that itch for me, the first book is called Master of None I believe.

  4. I would really recommend you to read My House of Horrors and Dungeon of Pride, Laplace. Especially My House of Horrors the first few arcs are really good.

  5. Wandering Inn's main character is an innkeeper and there is a fair amount of focus on getting better at that, because in many ways the MC does not have the appropriate instincts (although in other ways, they're perfect).

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