Can anyone suggest some litrpgs with limited spells/ability slots?

  1. I was also imidiatly thinking "the wandering inn" as there is this backround discussion regarding a possible glass ceiling. However, not a sure hard limit yet like you said.

  2. Also, in Wandering Inn people don't have constant access to their system, its only when they go to sleep that they get a notification about a new skill and stuff, so there aren't big blue screens.

  3. The Grand Game. MC has to make careful decisions on what spells to assign… he can get more slots as he ranks up a particular aspect but has to work for it. He gets stronger but it hasn’t taken the LitRPG —> Dragon Ball Z route… at least not just yet.

  4. Jake's Magical Market starts with a very rigid 10-card system that is delightfully different and interesting.

  5. I’d suggest Beneath the Dragoneye Moons. It’s on Royal Road and it’s set in this really sweet Rome-but-with-dinosaurs fantasy world.

  6. Defiance of the Fall only has a few ability slots. Honestly, for the few abilities present, the author really makes the most of them, and it never feels like a hindrance to the story. Highly recommend DotF for adrenaline-junkie progression vibes.

  7. I've read dotf up till book 5 I think I do enjoy the stats go brrrrrrrrr in it :p the other one looks interesting

  8. If there are no Bees around, or other pollinators, self-pollination is an option. It isn’t ideal for the gene pool, but the seeds in the center of the flower can do this in order to pollinate. So having the ability to be both male and female at least ensures greater survival of the sunflower.

  9. He who fights with monsters has 20 skills per character with each skill having additional stuff per grade. Making the last part of book 3 an absolute chore to go through (5 characters getting all there skills listed multiple times).

  10. Beneath the Dragon Eye Moons. You get a class that has 8 skill slots, and you can change out skill slots, but doing so resets your progress if you ever retake a skill you dropped. you later get a second (and if youre really good, which the MC is, third) class, each with another set of skill slots.

  11. It's on a bit of a hiatus, but genesis wave has a limited skill system (although one of the class skills mc gets adds a small number of extra slots, and every x levels he gets more, so he had around 10 to 15 skills by the end.) It's very fun, mc can steal skills from monsters

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