he's technically not a witch or a wizard. he's a ninja warlock

  1. Aussie here, thats one thing that bugged me in HWFWM, we dont directly refer to a person as bloke, only about a person. So "see that bloke there in the shirt?" "who was that bloke?" and "im seeing the blokes this weekend" are all fine but you wouldnt go up to someone and say "hey bloke", its weird and a big tip off that the author isnt an aussie

  2. Your right I'd like to see one with a super broad accent, you always see the "hero" as quite normal and put together, but I'd like to see them come across people like american hicks, strong Irish or glaswegian and literally have no idea wtf they're going on about

  3. It would be pretty damn difficult to do well, but the idea of a character with a brilliant internal dialogue that has an incredibly thick accent..

  4. There's a character like this in the Mage Errant series. Took me a while to understand what he was saying.

  5. Its a callback to old england where the upper crust of society spoke different from the unwashed gutter pesants begging at the gate. Nobility were usually educated. Essentially money made them better and they changed how they spoke

  6. I was listening to the Derelict series on Audible, and it kept throwing me off that the main cast was American and everyone spoke with a different British dialect.

  7. I remember seeing somewhere a very well reasoned and insightful argument that Dwarves shouldn't have Scots accents, but should be Australian instead.

  8. Thanks guy's. The name as a reference to a certain phrase gave me the impression that the series and the MC are super serious. (Which initially turned me off of it potentially) but you have given me hope it has the right amount of world building. Character building and comedy. (If it has a lil slow burn romance that doesn't seem forced, even better!)

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