HWFWM essences and power sets, what would you want?

  1. Big fan of Northstrider from Cradle. Sage of the Hungry Deep is his title and I love the idea of devouring giant sea creatures in order to become stronger.

  2. I think it's Hunger+Might+Blood = Dragon for Northstrider. He doesn't use water abilities unless he stole it from his opponent.

  3. This whole thread just drives home for me how weird it is to have such a quirky power system (one that I find really interesting) and then to have it essentially not matter once all of a person's powers are unlocked. Like, you decide what path to follow when you're at the weakest / most boring part of your career and then just follow that same path up through godhood without further decisions or refinement?

  4. i mean, it's implied that there is a greater force guiding the power unlocks, not to mention rank-ups can radically change how a power behaves

  5. Yeah after listening to the books part of why jason is so op is is blood essence making him unkillable as long as he attacks. Not a huge fan of blood magic but in this universe blood seems to be a great choice for any melee.

  6. Of all the power sets we've seen in detail, I'd like Belinda's best. But I'm pretty meh on the Trap essence. If there are any "modern" essences that still give Charlatan or some similar confluence, that'd be my pick. Technology, Security, Sensors, Information, Computers? (Plus Magic, Adept, and Charlatan.)

  7. Humohreys sister who has the phonix essence is a companion specialist and jason has three which is also extremly out of the norm. He also has long range teleport whcih is even rarer, a looting power and a vault. He has like all the rare abilities and still is very good in a fight. He is the mc ;)

  8. Classical mage so clide would be the closest but i would switch karma with water for a little bit of healing. So magic, rune, water which i guees would lead to an empower confluence essence.

  9. First off I would never get the gun essence, that just seems boring. I don’t think John Wick would choose the gun essence. Second I would go for truly op shit, Transcendent essence, Space essence, Star essence. Something crazy like that.

  10. One of the MC's companions does a dragoon class in the Axe Druid series, I really enjoyed it, and it takes place in the same universe as the on Earth series by Christopher Johns, High Table Hijinks. Good series both. He also has one other series, Mephisto's Magic online, I think it's also in the same universe perhaps but in the future. It's a pseudo VRMMORPG but to say more would be spoilers...aw heck, if you want to ruin it

  11. Magic, technology, lightning could be fun. For more combat focused: myriad, dimension, sword seems like it could be a very potent combination of mobility, penetration, and ability to deal with multiple concurrent threats.

  12. It would heavy depends on my Racial abilities, if i know them that is. I will try to create build based around them.

  13. If I am honest I would want fate decide what I get and work my way up(adventure way). Not to engineer my power set. That’s a good way to be disappointed. But that’s just me.

  14. I would probably try to duplicate Jack Gerling's power set. He seemed incredibly difficult to deal with and he apparently only half assed his training until Jason motivated him. In the hands of someone with extreme Jason/Humphry level work ethic, I think his power set would beat most people we have seen in an even fight at the same rank.

  15. Myriad, Balance, Echo to some kind of cloning focused powerset, since doppelgänger seems more like replicating others. Maybe a Replication confluence?

  16. I'd want a portal ability, a storage ability, and to be able to breathe underwater. I'd love to be able to travel somewhere and then portal home. If I absolutely had to engage in combat, camoflage and long range attacks all the way.

  17. Yeah, other than my Multiple Man wish fulfilment thing, like I said at the top, portals would be must. Storage space would just be fantastically useful in almost any situation given proper planning.

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