The Path of Ascension 2 Out Today!

  1. And for those who are listening to audio I haven’t heard even one “cracked phantom armor” recording at all. We are saved.

  2. I asked the author on Discord about how skills were pronounced, he was really not a fan. He made sure it was changed for the 2nd book.

  3. If, like me, you started reading book 2 on RR after finishing book 1: they cut the really dark first chapter or so. I'm only on chapter two, but the start is much less jarring.

  4. Just finished the first audiobook about a month or two ago, loved it! My only complaint (and a common one from the reviews) was how the skill names were copied and pasted in a weird voice, any news of this is still the case for the second one, or did they kinda ditch that?

  5. I bought it and am currently listening to the audiobook. They did not do the weird voice for skills in this book. It definitely makes a big difference.

  6. This inspired me to read the first, and I loved it. I bought the second as well, and have pre-ordered the third. This really hit the sweet spot for me.

  7. I started reading the first one 4 days ago, yesterday I finished the second one, AND THEN I FOUND OUT THAT THE NEXT ONE IS OUT IN MAY?!

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